Friday, November 30, 2007

8 Months!

Wow! Eight months seems so much older than seven months. Baby girl woke me up at 5:00 am this morning. She usually sleeps until seven or eight on the mornings I don't work but this morning she wanted to start her day early. She never cries in the morning, just grunts or babbles and EVERY time I look in her bassinet (yes, yes, I know, I STILL can't put her in her crib in her OWN room) she looks up with the biggest smile at me. This morning I changed her and fed her and then put her on her boppy in bed with us. Usually she is back to sleep that early but this morning she wanted to play. So we read a little in bed and then she noticed Blake and his thundering snores. Lucy would look over at him with a concerned, curious face and then look back at me. I gave her a surprised "what in the world is that noise" face and then she started giggling. It was the cutest thing and it went on for quite awhile. She was so interested in the snoring and then once she saw I was okay, it seemed hysterical to her.

This might be an "obnoxious mom" moment for me. Maybe you'd have to be there, snuggling in bed with my precious big girl on her 8 month birthday and see 400 emotions go across her face with the soft lamp light on her face, to really appreciate this moment. I am starting to go on and on about Lucy now. And I can really say you can't appreciate some of these stories until you are a mom. I know before Lucy I would smile and nod as people I know would tell me about their kids and a morning mishap or a sweet story that happened over the weekend. But I really couldn't or didn't appreciate it that much at the time. Now I've turned into one of those moms. That's probably why I get so excited to go to work, I have a bigger audience to tell about all of my cute bug stories.

Happy birthday sweetheart! (this weekend I will try and catch up with some new pics!)

Monday, November 26, 2007

ready for the holidays?!

Well I guess I was just a little too excited for Thanksgiving dinner. Last Thanksgiving I was pregnant and puking pumpkin pie (ahh, alliteration!). So I guess that explains why I was preoccupied and forgot the camera. Lucy tried some mashed potatoes and didn't really love the texture so she gagged and then she tried some of my mom's orange cold creamy salad and was in LOVE! She grabbed the spoon and licked it clean. It was so cute and would have been even cuter if I had a picture. Oh well.

Our next event was Lucy visiting Santa. Blake and I had been back and forth on this one. He was skeeved out by germs and said she could just write him a letter but I wanted my baby girl to sit on Santa's lap for her first Christmas. So we agreed to go early in the holiday season and I was armed with wipes and Purell. We went to the mall with my parents and Caitlin on Sunday first thing to see the guy in the big red suit. While we stood in line Lucy got so excited! She was smiling and almost giggling. As we got closer she seemed a little more curious and quiet. But we got to Santa and she sat on his lap and was the happiest girl. She smiled and posed and was the cutest thing ever. I think I was the only mom in tears and Blake had some watery eyes too. Everything with Lucy is just such a joy! We are so emotional because we are so appreciative and grateful for every moment. I was lacking in the prepared parent role again, the camera had no batteries. So we bought pictures from Mrs. Claus and Caitlin got some good shots too.

my picture of a picture with Santa

waiting in line, wondering if she should try for the pony

Who eats stinky socks? Lucy does!

After I had Lucy and was still in the hospital my aunt & uncle Sandy & Tracy and the girls (Haylie, Aspen & Meg) came to visit and brought Lucy a bunch of darling gifts. This onesie and skullcap was one of them and I loved it so much but I was sad because it seemed so big and I thought she'd never fit into it. But to my surprise we pulled it out on Saturday and it fit perfect and was just as cute as I remembered. I love dressing Lucy up and it's so exciting that so many things fit now - and a little sad that so many are now too small for my big girl.

beautiful girl

Caitlin got some more cute shots of Lucy with her visit with Santa - so if you're interested check out Caitlin's blog (she has some fun stuff too of she and Brinton)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm thankful for...

God for bringing me this beautiful baby girl and for giving me the strength to make it through the past year.

My wonderful husband for loving me during my freak outs and for being the best dad ever. For making me laugh during the hard times and for being positive and optimistic throughout.

My mom and dad who comforted, loved and supported me through my emotional roller coaster ride of a pregnancy. Who stayed with us in the hospital and comforted me before surgery and who visited the bug every single day she was in the NICU. Also for being the best parents ever and amazing loving grandparents. I'm so lucky to be their daughter.

My sister who is my best friend and someone who I look up to.

My brother who I admire for following his passion and having no fear, and for being a great uncle!

My brother-in-law who left a card on our porch after "the worst day of my life". I cried for an hour after I found it and read the message.

All of my amazing extended family.

Blake's family for their love and support.

Primary nurses (Natasha, Melanie & Donna)

Medical technology

My friends from work - I shouldn't call these girls work friends because they are my closest friends and we don't need a job to stay close. Thank you for everything.

Understanding employers

Perfect babysitting situations (thanks mom)

The parent support group at the NICU

My ob/gyn and other doctors who knew when it was time

Prayers, love, support, phone calls, emails and cards during the hardest times and even the happy times

Puppies who cuddle when you need them the most

Most of all I'm thankful for Lucy. My sweet baby girl we've all been blessed with. I cannot imagine my life without you sweet girl. You have fulfilled my life and my purpose.

Happy thanksgiving!

And to get the holidays off to a fun start, I'm very thankful for this:

Monday, November 19, 2007

the bug likes...

Reading! Yes, Lucy cannot talk yet but she loves her books and loves to be read to. I try and read to her often because I know it is good for her development but Lucy makes it so easy because it is one of her favorite things to do. The hard board books are the best because now Lucy turns the page for me. Sometimes I have to hurry on each page because she turns so fast - it's hard to speed read while doing funny character voices! Last night the bug and I snuggled in bed and read a few of her favorites - about 5 times each. She has such a good attention span and looks at each scene on the page. I always loved reading and books as a child and I'm so happy the bug does too!

Walks! Yes, I think everyone knows Lucy loves her walks. Every nice day I've been home with Lucy we try and make it out for a long walk. On the next street over from our house is a little park with a big walkway in the shape of a long oval. That is Lucy's favorite place to walk in our neighborhood because there are so many birds and one end there is a field of cows and sometimes they are close enough to the walkway to hear moos! Lucy caught a yucky cough/cold last week (yes, the day after her synagis shot) so we've been in the house most of the week. But today she feels a lot better and it is so warm out we took advantage of possibly our last day of nice weather for the year. We had a nice long walk and then we parked in front of the porch so Lucy could look at our aspens that still have some golden leaves - another of her favorite activities. When Lucy goes to grandma and grandpa's the walks there have much bigger trees so it's a lot more entertaining for Lucy. There is also a squirrel in the back yard they always have to look for at the end of the walk. I guess now that the walking season has come to an end she'll just have to look for that squirrel from grandma's window.

best friends

yes, it's almost 70 degrees but we have to keep those ears warm!

enjoying the warm breeze and flickering leaves

Monday, November 12, 2007

just because...

Lucy bug went to get some shots this morning and once again I am awed and amazed by my sweet strong girl. No one likes a needle poke and Lucy doesn't either but she only cried for a minute and then when I was cuddling her I asked for a smile and sweet baby girl gave me one - with tears on her cheeks. This baby girl is my treasure! Lucy had to have her second round of flu shot (she's done now for the season) and her first shot of Synagis. This is a shot that will help prevent RSV (respiratory syncytial virus - resembles a severe cold but can be very dangerous to a preemie). It won't guarantee she won't get RSV but it will really help prevent it. She had to qualify for this by birth weight and gestational age. The shots are administered every month of RSV season (usually Nov-April) so we have to go once a month just for a shot - yuck! But the bug girl can handle it and if it can help keep her healthy and not get coughies and colds its worth it. Synagis is a weight-based drug so that means once a month we'll get weight checks and today sweet girl was 8 lb 3 oz! I was solo to the appointment today so I couldn't get any pics but these were over the weekend, just because...

she's beautiful

she's dramatic (and I love it!)

she's a fashionista (and she loves it!)

she's a silly girl who loves to make faces and blow bubbles

she's a snuggle bug who I can watch sleep for hours

but she's not afraid to let us know she needs her alone time too!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Lucy's first Halloween was a great success. She looked darling in her bug costume and everyone loved seeing her at my mom's yearly Halloween party. My mom does such a great job at her fun party. The house is decorated so cute and spooky carved pumpkins greet everyone at the front door. My mom makes her signature clam chowder with bread bowls and lots of other yummy treats. Everyone is always invited and encouraged to be in costume. Although this year Blake was a hallo"weenie" and wouldn't dress up and my attempt at a butterfly costume was quite lame. I think Caitin and Brinton have inspired everyone to go all out for next year though! So watch out everyone - I'm deciding now we'll have a best costume competition next year.

This is the bug girl as a lady bug - she looked so cute in her costume for her first Halloween!

The dashing Devil (my brother Coleman)

Marie & a Louis (C&B)

Britney Spears (aunt Kim) and the bug - we all know Brit can't be around kids anymore but we let her hold Lucy for a minute as long as she put the super big gulp down!

These two Zeppelin groupies came wandering in and my mom let them in because the chick was 'with child'. Love you D & Lis

The "weenie" and a finally sleeping bug

Every year my dad is a Scotsman and my mom had to lose part of her costume because she was busy in the kitchen - thanks for a great party that we forced you to have before your 6 am next morning flight!

I'm kind of obsessed with Brinton's shoes - this is his second use of them. They premiered two Halloweens ago as Peter Pan.

Lucy was such a party girl this Halloween. She only took one mini nap during the party because she didn't want to miss anything. Lucy loves my mom so much and at the end of the night she was still entertaining us with my mom.