Wednesday, February 23, 2011

front page news

We've had some really fun experiences so far being the March for Babies Ambassador Family. Last Friday we received our local 'Sugarhouse Journal' and look who made the front page! The article is HERE - so fun to see and the paper version had an extra picture on the inside.

This is from our very first Roller Derby we attended a few weeks ago. Wasatch Roller Derby is a great organization that donates most of its proceeds to charitable organizations. The derby team contacted the March of Dimes and wanted us to speak and attend their event. I had no idea what a huge following roller derby has. I asked Blake if he would do the speaking and figured it would be the team and 20 or so other people but there were easily a couple hundred people at their event at the Salt Palace. Blake and Lucy did great and 40% of the night's proceeds went to the March of Dimes!

A week after the derby we were invited as guests to the March for Babies Corporate kick off breakfast event at the Sheraton downtown. I collected a bunch of photos of us in the NICU, at past walks and plenty of her 'superstar' pictures over the past (almost) four years which was presented in a slide show. I spoke to the audience of corporate teams and sponsors and held it together pretty well. I kind of thought Blake would take a picture during my big stage debut We met a lot of great people who do so much to help the March of Dimes - it was a great event to get us pumped up for May!

Lucy helped the MOD staff with the raffle.


Our next event will be a radio interview this Friday February 25 at 3:30 pm. Blake and I will be interviewed on the Person to Person show on AM 630 K-Talk. This will just be a quick ten minute interview but we're excited for the opportunity to spread the word about the march. If you find yourself randomly tuning the AM dial Friday afternoon - tune in - but just don't make fun of us if we sound like chumps. I'm nervous but Blake lovingly reminded me that probably only like 9 people will be listening.

I am so excited for this year's march and it sounds like we're going to once again have great support from all of our family and friends. Again, if you want to register with our team you can join at and click on 'Walk with Me'. If you'd rather not actually register just send me an email letting me know you are planning on walking so I can include you on Team Lucy Bug! emails. If you would like to donate to our team click the sidebar to the right. We are also planning our 2nd Annual Team Lucy Bug! bake sale and if you are interested in contributing something to the sale let me know. The bake sale is a couple of months away but my aunt Kim and cousin Alisa are already planning and we'd love to know if we'll have any other contributors and what you will plan on making! We really appreciate your support!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sparkle ears

My baby is so growing up. Last Wednesday we were at the mall and she told me it was time. We had talked about piercing her ears a few times but it wasn't the right time. I decided I'd wait until she asked on her own to do it...and she did.
She didn't cry at all or even flinch. I was the one sobbing and asking random strangers if I was making a mistake. Luckily the random strangers were super sweet and (probably awkwardly for them) my support system. It was done and Lucy wiped my eyes and we were on our way. Oh, my baby.

She loves having earrings and I have to admit they look adorable!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy hearts!

We've had such a fun time celebrating Valentine's this month. I decided to do a '14 days of Valentine's' for Lucy this month and found a perfect little mailbox from PBK to hold her little prizes. Each morning Lucy would find a treat, movie or little toy to celebrate. The first few days she asked who was delivering the surprises and I hadn't really thought that out so I never really answered. Blake then started calling it a 'Valentine fairy' so I guess that works.

I love Valentine's day. Some people don't like it but it's always been one of my favorites. I tend to prefer the "sub" holidays with a ranking of 1) halloween 2) valentine's 3) easter. When we were growing up my mom always made Valentine's so cute and we'd always have fun gifts to open. Lucy has loved it this year too. Her new line is "Isn't this DARling?!" So we've heard that all month!

On Saturday we celebrated our "family" Valentine's. I had signed Lucy up for a Valentine tea party at Pottery Barn Kids. That store can get outrageous on prices but just like Pottery Barn it's worth it (sometimes). They do everything up just right. Cute pink sugar cookies, punch, Fancy Nancy stories. Fun little projects and crafts to take home. I guess that's why I had to register well over a month ago and received a confirmation call the day before.
I've gone to a bunch of the classes offered at Pottery Barn and most of them have been really worth going. They offer decorating, party planning and other classes early Sunday morning. It's clean, quiet and smells wonderful. This activity was a little noisy and got messy with glitter glue but Lucy loved it.

Lucy's choice for dinner and she picked Spaghetti Factory IN the trolley.

On Sunday we made and delivered some cupcakes while Blake golfed for 14 hours. Loved the sunny warmer weather!

My Valentine!

On Valentine's night Blake and I are going to the Sarah McLachlan concert (4th row center!). I'm so excited we actually have a date/plans on Valentine's. I hope you have a SWEET day!