Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy six months baby girl!

Wow! I cannot believe Lucy is 6 months old. To celebrate her birthday we are using a new blog. Babyblogs was more of a temporary site and I had limits on how many pictures I could add and I couldn't include video or much else. I considered wrapping up the blog because we initially intended it to just be an update source while Lucy was in the NICU, but by popular demand we've decided to keep going for awhile. So if you're still interested bookmark this site and hopefully I'll be a little better at updating! I might throw in some other posts now and then about other things than Lucy. Blogging has really been therapeutic for me and occassionally I have some other things (can you believe it?!) on my mind I'd like to post. So hope you all enjoy!

So my baby girl is six months. We still have to go by her adjusted age of 3 1/2 months when looking at her developmentally but we'll go by her actual birth age for everything else. Lucy's birth seems forever ago in some ways and just a minute ago in others. Lucy is the best thing in the world to happen to Blake and me and we couldn't love our precious girl more. So the cute things the bug is doing now is talking a lot. At first it was quiet cooing and now she almost yells at times. She is blowing bubbles and raspberries and she thinks she is so funny. Lucy loves to be read to lately and her new favorite activity spot is her swing. I think it swings too fast for her so I try and slow it down with a blanket to lag but Blake says she prefers to swing high and fast and I guess maybe she does - my overprotective instinct is starting to kick in now that Lucy is moving around more. This little bug will NEVER be on a trampoline!

I know Lucy loves our new weekly routines. She is so cute and sweet the two mornings we get up early for work. She will let me get her all cutesy for grandma's with a bow and socks and binky. We visit in the car for a bit but by the time I hit the freeway she's back to dreamland. Usually the minute we're in my mom's house she wakes up and is usually up her whole visit. I think grandma is just too fun for Lucy and she doesn't want to waste any of her visit sleeping. I really will have to have my mom do a post "a day in the life at grandma's" to give the real scoop on Lucy's day.
We love our sweet pea so much and we are so blessed she came to us. Every day with Lucy is a gift and we treasure each one. We've realized she is getting to a stage where she is changing more often. I'll do my best to document and share those changes with everyone who loves her.

The bug sucking her thumb in the swing - what a relaxing day!

I posted this just to show the difference in hat size! This picture was taken over 3 months ago right before we left the NICU. We tried it on yesterday (the picture up above) and it fits but it's a very tight fit.

Reaching out for dad

Asleep in the stroller...but still with binky!

Funny girl - happy 6 months!