Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So not much has happened around here lately to warrant
a full blog post for one topic so I thought I'd post a potpourri or mixed bag
of some
of the little things...
Lucy has mastered the art of a temper tantrum!
I knew she could do it if she put her mind
to it. And boy did she ever last week
at the mall. This wasn't a freak-out, this was an insane-o-
time to call super nanny - gargantuan temper tantrum.
So if you saw us walking down the
middle of fashion place with me getting slapped in the
face with both of Lucy's tiny hands
and blood-curdling screams...
thank you for turning away and not saying hi.
Blake and I saw Depeche Mode on Tuesday -
it was a good concert.
My only gripe is people who "film" the
entire concert with their iphones.
I mean I understand a few pictures and recording
a song or two but are you really going to go home and watch
the whole concert again - just enjoy it while you're there.
Blake's gripe - texting - but that annoys him all the time.
Last weekend my parents, sister and brother-in-law
took Lucy to the zoo and Blake and I finally saw a movie
together. We saw (500) Days of Summer and it's
very cute - but not as good as Julie & Julia which I saw
the week before and love, love, loved!
Speaking of movies, if you haven't seen the trailer yet
for The Lovely it HERE.
And if you haven't read the book -
do it.
I am BEYOND excited because yesterday
I registered Lucy for dance class! Yes, our
tiny little girl will be starting dance in two weeks
and it's all I can think about.
Now the hard part is finding tap and ballet
shoes to fit her tiny piggies.
But rest assured, there will be plenty
more to come (with pictures) about this new endeavor!
I saw two (and enjoyed one) pumpkin food items this week...
it's coming!
Blake and I have a new obsession: In Treatment.
This series is from HBO and I caught part of Season 2 a few months
ago and got hooked immediately.
So we joined Netflix and now (most) every night
after Lucy has gone to bed we are up with
our bowls of 94% fat free popcorn chomping
away and being swept up into this show.
There is no other word for it but
So a lot of little stuff, even more rambling and
proof that we're not the most
"happening" fam - but
i love us.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

can you feel it?

there's a little crisp to the air this weekend.
Enough that it's got me a little too excited for fall.
Summer has been lovely and 
we've really taken advantage of warm days, 
summer events and outside living.
But this weekend has a crisp that 
has given me the bug...the fall bug.

This morning we went to see my brother-in-law 
at the finish line for the West Valley triathlon.
Getting ready I was digging for sweatshirts, 
long pants and socks for Lucy
(we never found the socks).
We saw Brinton come across the finish line in a 
downpour and we were shivering like a late September
early October morning.

go Brinton!

Lucy made a sign to cheer Brinton on to the finish

After arriving home this morning we've still had lingering 
rain so I couldn't resist opening the windows
to let in the cool and with all of our trees and the dark clouds it 
was cozy enough to light some candles....
mmm fall!

I switched my iced mocha to hot this 
morning and finalized most of Lucy's halloween costume.
Yes, this is our most favorite time of year ~
(except Lucy maybe - yesterday after seeing some 
spooky decorations at Michael's she informed me
"i don't ike hawoween").
Well, we won't jump too far ahead of ourselves.  We still
have this to count down to...

So we'll enjoy some warm, sunny
days ahead and not wish away summer. 
But it's nice to know you're right around 
the corner Fall ~
we'll be waiting...