Wednesday, September 21, 2011

11 years!

Eleven amazing years with my bestie!

Blake brought home pretty fall flowers for me. And just because he's that great of a husband and daddy he brought some home for Lucy too.

We had a family date night out to dinner and to the Bakery for desserts outside. Such a beautiful fall night. We told Lucy all about our wedding - how it rained but stopped long enough for outside pictures, our wedding cake that would have been taller than her (or two of her) and how we went to California for our honeymoon. She was pretty disgusted we didn't stop at Disneyland. Then she asked, "was I just a tiny baby at your wedding?"

Earlier today I got probably the coolest gift from my friend Angie. She left a sweet happy anniversary message for me and mentioned an Earth, Wind & Fire song that has the lyrics "Do you remember, the 21st night of September". I thought it was some obscure song but cool that it had our wedding date in the lyrics. When I looked it up on youtube....seriously?!!?! THIS is the song?! I've had many a shimmies to this song and never did I know (and no one EVER told me) it had these lyrics! Seriously, the best news ever. We drove home tonight with the windows down rocking out to this song. Now I want to renew my vows just so we can have a dance party and bust this out along with some Redbone. Thanks Ang - this kind of made my day!

*try not to have a seizure watching this video.

'I thank my lucky stars, that you are who you are'.

I love, love, love you so much.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


One of my favorite days of the year is when we caravan to Perry and the infamous 'fruit way' to buy a bunch of pumpkins, eat a lot of rolls at Maddox and wrap it up with typically the first fall drive of the season. This year did not disappoint.

Pumpkins were out in force and we spotted a few orange and yellow leaves on the mountains.

My sister is kind of obsessed with me so she dyed her hair red on Saturday afternoon and then invited us all over to her back yard forest for yummy food and time around the fire pit.

I should have a picture of Caitlin's cute hair but Lucy seems to be the only subject of these photos.

Brinton & Caitlin's back yard looks amazing. There's a zillion little twinkle lights and mason jars with candles. I would totally steal this idea but Blake doesn't do well with heights or electrical projects. Brinton has worked so hard and their whole yard and garden is a cozy woodland retreat.

Lucy slept over and kind of couldn't wait for us to leave and have her night begin.

Suk and Wedge had kind of a traumatic day at the groomer earlier in the week. Our regular groomer is not available so we've been on a search to get these mangey mutts groomed. Blake found a place but when I dropped them off only big dogs were around - like pit bull type dogs. These little boys were terrified. Well, almost nine hours and about $100. later Blake picked up the boys. Wedge was handsome as always but my poor baby Suk had all the long hair on his ears cut off and any hair he had on his stump tail was gone (when we bought him 10 years ago for our first anniversary he was discounted because of his stump tail). My poor Suk. He was embarrassed for a few days and he's still shivering so we took them to the party to cheer them up.

Pit-bull ears.

My favorite month of the year!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The first day of preschool was a success all around!
The night before I admit (if you didn't read my post below) I was kind of a basket case. I was nervous, sad and doubting if I would be able to be there for the drop-off in the morning. But we all woke up excited and happy and all of the uneasiness from the night before was gone.

Lucy was literally squealing about school. Blake and I both took the day off because we both wanted to see her walk into her class and hear all about her day when we picked her up. Blake made Lucy a yummy breakfast but with all of the excitement she only had a few bites.

We got to the preschool and it was so quiet. I expected madness but mostly it was a lot of nervous/excited kids and parents taking pictures.

Lucy gave hugs and walked right into her class. She knew from the open house to get her name tag and to wash her hands. We stayed a bit in the doorway (with ten other parents) to spy and make sure she was fine...and she always is.
She looked so big in her classroom. I mean, hello, she did make it onto the growth charts last month for the very first time - 1st percentile!!
She seemed older and very ready to be where she was.

Blake and I had almost 3 hours for a Tuesday morning date - so we went to Costco and Target.
And I guess Blake 'coupons' now...

We picked her up and she kept saying "it was so fun!"
Lucy loves Halloween (of course) and it's practically the middle of September so for her first day of school gift she got a giant Halloween coloring book and Halloween-ish/Pirate pajamas.

Blake and I handled it much better than expected. I teared up a little walking into the preschool but it was mostly because of all of the excitement and emotions from the parents and kids you could feel in the fall-ish air.

Lucy did amazing but I didn't expect anything less.
Here's to a happy school year!
(and a couple of free hours to browse as many "boring" stores I wish!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

practically perfect

To use a term from Mary herself, that was exactly how our weekend was, practically perfect!
We've been counting down to this long weekend for quite awhile and it didn't disappoint. We spent some time shopping, lunching, picking up dance shoes for a new season, packing the backpack and having as much fun as possible to wrap up the summer.

On Sunday afternoon we checked in to one of Lucy's favorite places, the Little America Hotel. We thought it would be fun to have a little family overnighter downtown before we step into this new chapter. Preschool may not be a huge deal for some but for us (Blake and me) it's a huge deal sending our little girl to preschool and we wanted to do something special.

After checking out the room we went to swim and lounge by the pool. We ate and then Lucy and I got ready for Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theater. Blake wasn't invited to the girls' night so he played chauffeur. The musical was amazing!! It's over 2 1/2 hours and Lucy was mesmerized every minute. If you have a chance, see it! Even if you don't really care for the movie the musical is so entertaining and way above anything I expected.

After the show we went back for treats and snuggles in the hotel. Our sweet little girl was so appreciative and kept thanking us for her special night.

Unfortunately I've been using my camera phone for everything lately so things pictures aren't the best...

ready for the show

in the elevator with her new Mary Poppins bag - mini version

sleepy girl.

It was such a fun weekend and a nice distraction. I know I'm overreacting but I have so many mixed emotions about preschool. We went to the parent orientation the other night and as we sat in the chapel (her preschool is at a Presbyterian church) the Pastor was giving a blessing to the students and the school year and I got so emotional. I know that Lucy is ready for preschool, friends and to be away from home a few hours a week. But it is hard letting her go. I guess it is hard because I know it's a step to so many more things. Kindergarten next year is going to be a doozy...
I have full confidence that we're doing the right thing and I know she is going to the right place so that does make it a little easier but it is incredible how fast time flies. She is growing up right before my eyes and I'm afraid to blink.

But I'm sure the melancholy will last for a few days and then her excitement and stories about preschool will outweigh a lot of these feelings. It's so ironic because one minute I feel like I need a break from the zillions of questions, picking up messes and being a personal butler but now the idea of her starting school and her venturing out into the world soon has me absurdly considering home school.

But just for a second...that would be punishment in Lucy's eyes and well, I can't even really do long division.

Tomorrow will be hard for a minute. Sending my little baby off to her two teachers (who pretty much already seem like angels) and off on some new adventures to meet new friends, learn exciting things and take a mini step of, so bittersweet.

Sitting at her bedside in the NICU I prayed to God to have these moments. I prayed for her to stand tall, be brave and have the most amazing life ever imagined.
I wanted it all for her - and she will do it all.
I just have to be okay with letting her go...but just a tiny bit for now.