Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Lucy ~ So Three ~ So Cupcake!

cupcake princess!

Well we made it through Lucy's very first "friend" party!
And I do think it was a success. Cupcakes were the theme and
lucky for me I got away with not having a party at my house.
We went to So Cupcake and had a little tour of the bakery,
decorated cupcakes, sang to the birthday girl and opened presents.
Lucky for Lucy, Blake and I have some really great friends who have
really cute kids who are now Lucy's bff's.



Brayden & the birthday princess


fingers in frosting - handfuls of m&m's - tastes of sprinkles
all make for a successful party!

John & Eli - our neighbors from WX we miss so much



Do you notice a theme here with all of these
handsome little boys?! Lucy only had one girlfriend
at her party and rest were sweet little gentlemen.

my cup-y cake girl

Dakota & Luce - divas

little bakers in little aprons!

bakery tour

thank you all so, so much!

Happy birthday Lucy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keep on, marchin' on!

It's time again for the Salt Lake March for Babies. Yes, year after year we are planning on participating in the march, raising money and in some way giving back to an organization that helps fight prematurity and in cases such as ours when prematurity is necessary, helping aid in education, research and medicine to help early babies.

I'm really excited about this year's march. Last year the location wasn't the best and we got rained on but this year the date of the march has been pushed forward to hopefully insure a beautiful day. The location of this march sounds fantastic! It will be at This is the Place State Park. If you haven't been here before this location is across the street from the zoo, nestled in the foothills. Not only will March of Dimes be providing entertainment and activities after the walk but the Park itself will be open for all participants until 2:00. They have a train and other activities that will be free for us to use. Typically an admission to the Park is $9. for adults and $7. for children. So not only by joining our team to walk you will be helping the March of Dimes but this will also be a great family activity to spend the rest of your morning.

Last year we had a great team! We'd love to have more participants and our overall team goal is $2010. This amount represents our current year and that we'd love to have Team Lucy Bug! have a great showing in 2010! If you would be interested in joining our team please register either yourself as an individual or if you have a family and just want to register one of you that's fine too. Just be sure and let me know if more people will be walking but not registering so we'll have an accurate count. If you have walked with us before (thanks!) you can use your previous login information and if you've forgot it you can have it sent to you from the March for Babies website. If you are unable to walk but would still like to support our team you can click on the sidebar and make a donation. Any amount is so helpful and greatly appreciated!

Okay, so here are the details:

March for Babies Salt Lake: Saturday May 15th - 10:00am - 3 mile walk

Location: This Is the Place State Park - 2601 East Sunnyside Ave., SLC

Team: Team Lucy Bug! Join the team HERE or make a donation HERE

This will be our third year participating in the march and I'm so excited! If you haven't walked with us before and are not sure here's some more information. There is no entrance fee to participate. If you would like to fundraise then you can register and set your personal goal amount. A goal of $25. can be achieved by making a personal donation to yourself or asking 5 people for a $5. pledge to your walk. If you do not want to set a personal goal you can make a donation to the team amount (if you would like) and still show up and walk with us. Whatever you prefer works...all of the money goes to the same cause...helping babies! If you walk with us you just show up - take a bunch of pictures with the team (memories!) - walk the walk - get some freebie promotional items - and enjoy the rest of the morning with treats provided by the March of Dimes and enjoy any activities. This year March of Dimes will be raffling prizes for registered walkers so there's a chance you could even walk away with a prize!

Thanks again for any way of helping...anyone who reads this blog knows how important this cause is to us and we are so grateful for your support!

Friday, March 12, 2010

disney date

Last night Lucy was treated to Disney on Ice with her gammy & poppa -
she's been counting down for this night for about a month and it sounds like all the waiting was well worth it.

We heard a big part of this show was with the Pixie Hollow gals and even though Lucy has her halloween Tinkerbell costume we thought an all pink 'Rosetta' ensemble would be fun
(courtesy of my love, target).

Lucy couldn't be anymore girl -
it's all pink, frills, sparkles, drama, lip gloss, painted toes, bows, twirls
at our house.

She had such a fun night - thanks gammy & poppa

Thursday, March 11, 2010

cookie of the month!

My Dough Girl is a very delicious cookie shop near downtown SLC.
Their cookies are pretty unique and each is named and described with a
"girly" name. Last month all of my family about died over their (limited red velvet-cream cheese frosting cookie.
In the first few days of March my sister must have been obsessing a bit much
because she was lurking on their site and found out the cookie for March
"Lucy our flavor of the month. A lime dough with a cheesecake
center, topped with lime curd."
Yes please.
I was so excited that there was a Lucy cookie AND it was the flavor of the
month during Lucy's birthday month!
(i'm easy to please)

Today Lucy and I headed over to Dough Girls when I got
off work and the cute girls inside gave us samples of everything.
"Lucy" did not disappoint - sweet with a bit of tangy-ness!

Now Lucy's off to nap...she has a big date tonight with gammy & poppa - disney on ice!

(yes, these are photo booth pics on the macbook - i still can't find my camera cord)

Monday, March 8, 2010

ramblings to inspire...myself

Disclaimer: no pictures of Lucy - no house pictures - nothing much of interest just some ramblings in my head because it's late afternoon, I'm lazy and need to clear my head...

So we're moved in and I love it. There's still a million little things to do but I really love this house. It feels comfortable and us and like we've been here for awhile. But it's new and fresh and can I just say I'd be lost without plantation shutters!

I'm sick of shopping...and eating out. (gasp!) Last Friday I had a mini breakdown (more on that later) and realized I can't put this whole house together in a week. I've been to Home Goods more often than I'd like to remember. And even though they have one of THE best playlists playing in store and some of the Bosnian workers know Lucy by name I'm really sick of it. I think I've been to Pier 1 about a dozen times the past two weeks and I can't think of anything I've bought there - but we have been there enough that a worker called OUR HOUSE today and said "Lucy lost one of her bows here - it'll be here behind the counter when you're in again." Pottery Barn has gorgeous stuff but Lucy's been banned from there so I save those trips for myself and Target, well I can go there everyday and not get sick of it so I can't include them.

As far as eating out, I think I've told Blake before I'd be happy to never cook or eat a meal at home but when you do that for almost a month it gets old. We've been to most restaurants in the valley at least once and Lucy is turning into a mcnugget. So today I finally went grocery shopping and have meals planned for the week. I'm sure by Friday I'll be ready to eat out again.

So my meltdown was due I guess. Blake came home from work ready for a marathon of stores to visit and I unloaded all the guilt, frustration, anger, guilt, tiredness, annoyances, guilt I've been bottling up. I'll just admit - I've been a sucky mom the past few weeks. I've yelled too much, had zero patience, been through too many drive-thrus, ignored, all in all just been an awful mom. I've felt horrible for how I've been and then I wonder why Lucy's been a acting up. Once she started telling ME to "watch your attitude" I knew things had gotten bad. So on top of feeling like a crappy mom I've just felt so chaotic - boxes everywhere, every damn drawer in this kitchen has a safety tab (and I keep forgetting they do), I'm the queen of indecisiveness on rugs to dishes to laundry baskets to shower curtain hooks. This is when Blake made me realize we've just been here a week and things take time. I just felt so out of control. But this is when Blake is perfect for me. He told me I'm a good mom and we're in a temporary chaos. Things will calm down (and they already have) and I need to stop beating myself up and comparing myself to others who I think have it all together. Seriously, sometimes I look at 10 blogs and combine everything those people have done together and imagine it's one super person doing it all (yeah, I'm nuts like that). So Blake has give all of us a new word to use "letigo - let it go!" In the chaos of this move we lost Lucy tap shoes - she was starting to get anxious and freak out about them and when I saw her taking on my nervous tendencies I felt sad so Blake had a talk with her and told her we'd find them or replace them and to letigo! So now I'm trying to take a deep breath, not sweat the small stuff and letigo.

After all of this freaking out I had a birthday. Saturday I turned 32 and had a great day. Blake took all of my family to Red Iguana. Then we came back home and I opened such fun and cute presents. Blake got me a MacBook - which I love but find confusing because we've had more than a few "conversations" about my time spent in front of the computer. But since I can have this in bed and tote around the house it doesn't keep my locked away in the office zoned out to the world. My brother gave me a b&n giftcard that I can use on all of the decorating mags I've been buying, Caitlin and Brinton got me new roxy flip-flops, summer toe polish and yummy gift certificate for dough girls. My parents gave me a pedi gift certificate, pottery barn g.c., earrings and a darling candle holder. I love birthdays.

So today is spring-y and a fresh start and a great thing about being Lucy's mom is that she forgives. I've promised to try harder and be better and even though that little toadstool is only almost three she gets it and hopefully we can both letigo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


...I think not
my sister can easily put away two hires big H burgers at a time
(with a side of fries)
and doesn't have an ounce of 'extra' on her body.
Oh well, lucky for her she is funny and nice
or I might have some real issues with her.
She and Brinton were asked to be models for a few photographers
and look at these amazing shots!
seriously? have kids already and make some money on that
combined gorgeousness.