Thursday, April 29, 2010

team lucy bug!

The Salt Lake March for Babies is just over two weeks away! Thank you so much to those who have donated and/or are participating with us this year. The event this year is going to be great and I'm really excited for our team to have a strong showing.

If you haven't registered but are planning on attending please let me know - comment on the blog, email, text or call. For this year's walk we have to have wristbands to enter the event and I need to know how many wristbands to grab for our team. It's not too late to join us! The walk is being held at This Is the Place Heritage Park - normally there is an entry fee for for the park but the entire park is open and no entrance fee. There is also no entrance fee to participate in the walk. Last night I got a list of some of the activities (in addition to a leisurely 2 1/2 mile walk): all houses and activities held by This Is the Place will be open, balloon artists, face painting, blow up slide and obstacle course, princess photo op, free food, live music, prize drawings and more!

Check-in/registration will begin at 9:00 with the walk beginning at 10:00. We'd love to have all of you there by 9:30-9:45. Blake or I will be near the entrance with your wristband and can direct you to our team. Remember - wear PINK or GREEN - Team Lucy Bug's colors. After the walk all of the activities, food, etc. will be available.

For any more information or to donate/register, please visit: or email me with any questions. We're going to have a great time!

p.s. This Saturday (rain or shine (or snow)) is our bake sale:

May Day Bake Sale: Team Lucy Bug!
Saturday May, 1st - 9:00am-12:00pm
Corner of 1830 East 1300 South in SLC

Sunday, April 25, 2010

golf girl

Last Sunday evening Blake's dreams came true
(well one of them, I think)
his little girl became a golfer!

For Easter my parents got Lucy real, legitimate, Lucy-sized golf clubs.
They're pink and perfect.
Lucy had practiced a few shots inside the house but last week the
three of us went to Bonneville and spent a perfect evening on the links
(is 'links' the right term?)
anyway, even though my only purpose seemed to be providing snacks I had a wonderful
time watching these two bond over Blake's favorite past time.

Lucy seemed to be a natural.
With her shades on and standing off to the side with her putter she would say
"nice shot daddy".

I think Blake is a really great golfer and starting at age three hopefully Lucy will do well and enjoy it as much as her dad. As long
as I keep bringing snacks I hope they'll let me continue to tag along -
and maybe one day I can get my own clubs...

Monday, April 19, 2010

happy birthday dad!

My dad turned 60 over the weekend!

That's quite a milestone birthday and surprisingly I handled it well. I have a really
hard time with people getting older but I guess if they're cool with it I should be too. Anyway, sixty when I was like thirteen, seemed A LOT older than it does now. I mean my dad is far
from senior living. He's even going to the Kings of Leon concert this summer.
I love my dad so much and I'm so happy we're so close. My dad is one of the most laid back guys ever and one of the things I love most about him is how much he enjoys the simple things in life...a nice weather day, a cold Peps, a hike to Dog lake, working in the yard and his family.
My dad always is optimistic, friendly, a hard worker, a great poppa to Lucy and a dad to look up to. His love for yard work and landscaping has luckily been passed down to my sister and I (and by default our husbands) well actually Caitlin doesn't do yard work but he has even got Lucy into digging and planting.
My dad didn't want a lot of fanfare for this big birthday so the 7 of us went to Midway for a delicious brunch at the Zermatt Resort. Unfortunately my brother and his gf Calah moved to Alaska for the summer so they missed out. But our group had a great meal and beautiful weather to celebrate our dad - happy birthday!

Lucy can spot a carousel anywhere

Lucy giving poppa the mug she made

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bake sale!

So my amazing aunt Kim and cousin Alisa came to me last week with the idea of a BAKE SALE to help raise money for Team Lucy Bug! I couldn't be more thrilled (especially because, hello, baked goods?! And these are WONDERFUL bakers we're talking about) and I love that they care about supporting such a great cause.
Bake sale details:
May Day Bake Sale: Team Lucy Bug!
Saturday May 1st
9:00am - 12:00pm
Corner of 1830 East & 1300 South, SLC

Seriously, if you haven't yet joined our team you should really consider it! I'm confident our team is going to be one of the best at this year's March for Babies. Each week I hear more details at planning meetings and the event sounds like it will be great. It's normally about $8. for adults and $6. for kids to get into This Is the Place Heritage Park and there is no entry free for the walk and all services (including trains!) will be available to participants. Not to mention bounce houses, free breakfast, Creamies, face painting. So if you'd still like to join PLEASE do and if you can't ANY size donation would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much to those who are walking, who've donated and those who are helping make this our best walk ever!!
Register HERE
(if you're a couple or a family you don't all need to register - just one of you can if you want and if you'd rather not register but want to show up and walk send me an email!)

Walk details:
March of Dimes March for Babies
Saturday May 15
Check-in: 9:30 Walk begins: 10:00
This Is the Place Heritage Park
2601 East Sunnyside Ave, SLC

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter weekend

Well I had high hopes for this Easter: spring-like weather, Easter dresses worn without
layers and cover-ups, outdoor hunts and everyone feeling well.
But...that's a lot to ask for.
Blake was lucky and had Good Friday off. So the first day of our 3-day weekend
Blake and I woke up with full on colds & sore throats and being stuck at home
all day while a new heater was installed. Luckily the heater wasn't a surprise.
He wanted to take advantage of the tax credit
and knew the 25+ year old heater would conk out some time and better it be replaced now than say, Christmas eve or something.
It's good to be proactive but as the workers filed in out and of the house I felt
myself slipping further and further away from visiting the Mouse anytime soon.

Luckily Lucy being sick on her birthday was just a day long thing and she escaped the sniffles but Blake and I were homebound Friday and most of Saturday.
Lucy was rescued by her aunt Caitlin and uncle Brinton on Saturday and the three of
them ventured out in freezing conditions to the Eggstravaganza at Thanksgiving Point.
She had so much fun even though she froze and was treated to In N Out and Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery afterwards...lucky girl!

her cute paint-face she came home with and didn't want to wash off

Like everyone else in Utah we woke up to this on Easter...

But the Easter bunny still found his way into our house and
did a pretty lame job at hiding eggs...but he might have been sick too.

Lucy found them all in about two minutes so then
she moved on to her basket.

By the time Easter afternoon rolled around Blake and I were feeling a little better and were
pretty ready to get out of the house. We went to my Nani's for a delicious dinner and a fun
visit with family.

Lucy's ensemble was altered a bit due to the weather but she still looked darling
(and she was delighted again for an escape from her parents)

My aunt & cousins are cute and talented and made this cupcake veggie garden
...I just chop fruit.

And my sister is a fab cook and her red velvet cupcakes
were AMAZING but she left a 'napkin warning' next to the tray.

Before we left, Caitlin's friends Leslie & Kyle came over
with their newest addition...a baby bunny!
So at the end of the night Lucy got to finally meet the Easter bunny ~
and her excitement made us forget all the yucky weather & stuffy noses
and realize we did have a great Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

3 years!

Happy birthday my three year old girl!
Lucy, I don't know if any more love, attitude, personality,
goofiness, sweetness and perfection could be in your little body.
To say you are three is incredible but at the same time most days I
feel like I'm having a conversation with a teenager - a very smart teenager.

At three years old you still love books and reading - a love I'm sure you'll always have.
You are great at coloring and could spend an afternoon with stickers.
You've been telling me daily you wish it was summer so it can be
warm and we can play outside and have picnics.
I promise warm weather is coming Luce. I think.

You love the disney princesses (particularly Cinderella), Fancy Nancy,
dancing and all things girly.
Lipgloss, curls, ballet slippers & dresses
and you're set.
But you also love your daddy.
Every Wednesday at dance you get to take two suckers from the candy basket
and you make sure to grab one for daddy. Every day you wait for him after
work and want to hear about his day and who he talked to.
I hope you two don't abandon me this summer with all of the golfing plans you're making!

Baby girl, we love you so, so, much.
I love your soft hands and the smell of your hair.
I love that you make us all laugh.
I love that you're mine and I'll never let you go ~
happy birthday Lucy!

Well thank goodness Lucy felt great at her friend birthday party because she
woke up less than stellar on the actual day. She had a fever and was not herself.
I had to work so I took her to my mom's and despite not feeling great
the two of them had a good day of books and snuggling.
By the evening Lucy was feeling a little bit better but not fully herself.
We had a nice little family party and Lucy got some really fun gifts.

By the end of the evening Lucy was tired but acting more herself. My mom got her this little mini apron that is the cutest thing ever. She also got her this cupcake play set and Lucy
played a darling pastry chef.

The next day Lucy was back to her normal self so we packaged up some cookies
for her girl friends and headed to dance. Every time at dance the girls
start the class by throwing some magic (sparkle confetti) to get things started.
When it's a girls' birthday Miss Julie asks the birthday girl for permission and then
they sing a birthday chant and then throw the magic on the special girl ~
this is Lucy accepting all of the magic.
(and if Miss Julie spots any magic left of your clothes or hair it's means you're a REAL princess...I love Miss Julie)

So despite not feeling great Lucy had a grand birthday. Of course the day of I can't help but think back to her actual birth day and replay the course of events.
I was so afraid that day and I never even saw her on the actual day she was born.
I had Lucy around 6:30 in the evening via c-section and she was whisked away
to the NICU. My parents and Blake got to see her that night but I was still recovering so I
just had a little polaroid picture.

I'm so blessed, and so thankful for my little girl.