Thursday, February 25, 2010


we're home...finally.

Not unpacked and decorated and settled but I'm so in love with our cozy new cottage
that I feel like we're home.
We put an offer in about a month ago but I guess we (blake) didn't want to jinx anything so
we (blake) hasn't blabbed about it too much or blogged about it. But on Monday we
closed and now it's ours.
It's so cute and cozy inside and luckily for us who can really only paint -
everything has been updated. Our only change is painting the kitchen from a super dark
red to a creamy-honey-warm-something. That's what we (blake) have been doing since
yesterday and tomorrow is when we haul all of our items inside and nestle in.

We're in our dream area, good schools, tree-lined street, 2 minutes to my parents,
close to work, 5 minutes to the zoo...most of our requests.
It's crazy that if we lived in another part of the valley we could probably
buy a house at least double the size of this one - but for us it really is
location, location, location.

One day when I unpack and find our camera I'll take some pictures!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


maybe it's the red hair...
but we LOVE Shaun White at our house!
Watching him last night win the men's half pipe was crazy -
he is amazing and so genuinely excited!
We were cheering him on last night
and of course I got a little teary-eyed after he won...
how can you not get emotional with the olympics.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

strawberry love

Our little strawberry-haired girl is really all the valentine we need!

We had a fun day of heart-shaped waffles, baking chocolate cupcakes and visiting family.
Lucy made some cute valentine's this week and we made some deliveries
along with her red-sprinkled cupcakes.
Her gammy & poppa spoiled her with a gift box of all things
Strawberry Shortcake!
Yum, don't you love that smell??

Then we had an early-bird dinner at Red Iguana - just the three of us.
And happy valentine's to me - the season premier of Amazing Race AND olympics
both on tonight!!

Hope you had a sweet day!

(and even though I have got sucked into watching Toddlers & Tiaras and Little Miss Perfect...
I don't make Lucy wear bows to bed - she got these jammies this morning and wanted to be in them by 6 pm - and she added this giant spectacle all on her own)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my funny valentine

she's all mine...

Lucy is miss independent these days. She wants
to pick the music in the car (Weezer & Taylor (still)), pick the movie (Mama Mia - non stop),
she wants to pick her clothes (and she really wanted to veto this pink hat but I won),
she wants to set the mood for the day and usually it's great but some days...
well, we all have those days.

The other day we strolled through trolley square obsessing over things
in both pottery barns -
I found a bedding set I loved and I asked
Lucy if she liked it "yes, get it mommy" I told her it was
too pricey (not that she understands the target vs. pottery barn price difference)
but with her hands up to her sides and in a "duh" tone she said
"just buy it - just buy it".
Over and over again.
My sweet little shopping partner can get me in trouble-
even though Lucy's a very wise almost three year old I didn't take her advice.

Speaking of almost three...
I'm not ready.
She's moving out of toddlerhood and into "preschooler" -
I'm not ready for preschool yet either but I think Lucy may be.
Registration is starting now for this fall and two of the schools
I'm looking into seem to fill up quick so I guess I better decide soon.
Any advice on preschool for a three year old? I need it!

This week Lucy received a valentine in the mail from her gammy & poppy filled
with heart stickers. I was out of the room for about 8 minutes and when I
returned Lucy showed me our new decor!

happy valentine's day!

Monday, February 1, 2010


please, please come to the slc

(u.s. dates announced in march!)