Sunday, April 24, 2011

bunny magic

We started the Easter weekend with a hunt at Wheeler Farm. I really envisioned this Easter (being so late) with lots of sun and springy clothes but still...winter coats!

Poor Lucy. In the race to get to the 9:30 am hunt I forgot her basket so she had to use one of our reusable bags from the back seat of the car. Usually I would see kids like this and feel so bad that their parents wouldn't bring them a cute basket...not my finest.

Easter morn! So on Christmas we had to wake Lucy up to see if Santa came but for Easter she was racing in our bed waking us up at 6:45 to see if the bunny came...and he did. That sneaky bunny hopped in, filled the basket, hid the eggs, ate the carrots and milk and left a note for Lucy.

As quick as we were done at our house Lucy said she was sure the bunny stopped at Gammy's so we called and woke my parents up so we could have a bright and early hunt there too.

The rest of the afternoon and Easter dinner was at my grandma's house. I have the best holiday memories at Nani & Grandpa's. We'd do the traditional plastic egg hunt with money and each of us grandkids would have their own color of eggs to find. I had a mini breakdown during the week that Lucy would miss out on this memory - no siblings, no cousins. But by the magic of the bunny Lucy had her own plastic egg money hunt - and she didn't even have to fight off any cousins. (actually for me that was the fun part - so come ON someone and have a baby!)

Sandy, Tracy and the girls are so artistic! They did the most amazing eggs I've ever seen. This one above was Tangled - just for Luce - and by far her favorite.

I'll share my cousins with Lucy until she has her own. It was such a lovely Easter and even though I didn't get to see all of my family (C&B - San Diego C&C - Alta) it was a fun day! I really don't know what we did before Lucy on the holidays. All of my excitement that I had when I was a kid has come back with her and it makes traditions, family, memories and holiday so special.

haylie, meg, lucy & aspen

Friday, April 8, 2011

Team Lucy Bug!

You KNOW you want to be a part of this cool team!!

Salt Lake March for Babies event is in 5 weeks! Saturday May 14 at This is the Place Heritage Park. The walk starts at 10:00 am. After the walk the train will be running for free rides and there will be many other activities for kids. Or if you have a busy Saturday you can make a quick loop around and do the march with us and then be on your merry way!
If you are interested in joining our team you can register HERE or if you'd rather not register just leave me a comment, email, text letting me know if you will be able to show up and support our team.
You can also click HERE to make a donation to our team - $5. makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!

In just 4 weeks we will be having our 2nd annual Team Lucy Bug! Bake Sale!
Saturday May 7, 10:00 am
On the corner of 1300 South and 1830 East
cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, bars, candy and other sweet treats!
Including a 'Lucy lemonade stand'!!

If you are interested in providing a sweet treat for the bake sale please let me know asap!
(Ferguson girls - we want your treats!)
Send me a message with what you'd like to make and how many you will be able to provide.
Kim and Alisa are doing an amazing job running our bake sale and need to know what we will be selling so they can prepare tags & pricing now so leading up the the bake sale they can just bake! Please know anything you plan to bake can be picked up by me a day or two before the sale - no need to worry about getting it to us.

And if you're like me, better at picking up baked goods instead of baking them, PLEASE plan on stopping by May 7 for the most unbelievable display of goodies!!
With all proceeds going to a great cause.

Thank you.
(and thank you to everyone who has donated, registered or has let me know they will be supporting us and Team Lucy Bug! - we love you so much!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my four year old!

After the little bug party with Lucy's friends I gave into her endless requests for a Tangled party. On Wednesday March 30 we celebrated our sweet little miracle's fourth birthday! Unfortunately Lucy was struggling with a yucky cold but once the family party started she was able to enjoy herself.

Rapunzel and her locks all over the cake - you'd think the idea of this might disgust me enough not to eat it but no - Dick's Market cakes are the best.

It was a small gathering with gammy & poppa, Caitlin & Brinton, Coleman & Calah and Lucy's great-grandma 'Nani' - after the gifts inside mommy & daddy took Luce outside for her 'big' gift!

Her reaction...squatting?

And then a run in her wings and rain boots to her new playhouse!
When I first saw this in the store I kind of started to cry. I wanted this more than Lucy - because I've wanted one for almost thirty years!
Blake and his brother Brad put this all together in only one Saturday afternoon. Once the weather settles down we have BIG plans and Lucy's going to have a third of our back yard to herself!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday baby -
we love you so, so, so, so much!
Thank you for being ours.