Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ladybug bash

On Saturday our 'buggy' had her ladybug party with all her little friends --
and I do believe it was a success!

We met at the Sprout House at Red Butte Garden and started with smocks and painting pots.

ladybug balloons

ladybug earrings

followed by a lesson in ladybugs

then the hunt was on for aphids in the garden

8 of our bug friends - 3 must have been exploring

once the aphids were found and pots were dry it was time to plant

present time!

and as each present was opened the kids moved in closer and closer!
So cute to see all of them so excited for Lucy to open her gifts.

My favorite part of the party was seeing all of the kids in their ladybug masks! All through the garden little ladybug faces would pop up.

I just have to say...this group of kids was so fun to be around. Without siblings, cousins or school Lucy has met most of her friends through our friends. And these are the most adorable, funny, smart little kids. It was such a joy to see them all play so well together and I just love all of them. Blake and I are lucky to have some really great friends and now Lucy is just as lucky.

a happy, happy girl who has some lovely 'bug' friends!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

tea time

Last Sunday my mom invited Caitlin, Lucy and me to Afternoon Tea at Grand America for our March birthdays - and it was grand!

Lucy held onto her invitation all week asking if we would
- have pink tea
- use spoons
- use sugar
- have tiny cakes
and lucky for Lucy she got to do all of that and more!

Caitlin got all three of us sweet little gifts for the occasion.

We opted for the couch seating instead of the normal tables so Lucy could be within reach of everything and pick her own items (only two broken glasses!). We started off with fruit, crackers and cheese, choice of tea and champagne (only for Lucy and me). Next was mini sandwiches and scones with fruit spreads and cream.
We pretty much devoured the three tiered tray and it was little awkward when the waitress asked if we were finished...and all that was left was a lone green olive slice and crumbs.
Maybe at tea you're supposed to leave a little on the plate...

or not!

The dessert tray came next and it was delicious! We were seated right next to a harpist and Lucy was thrilled. She kept saying "oh I love this song."

After tea we had to check out La Bonne Vie Patisserie - we wished we lived there!

Very appropriate birthday hats everyone should have.

It was such a fun afternoon, thanks mom!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the birthday bowl

I'm not sure what the best part was of Caitlin's bowling birthday bash:
- finding out my parents haven't bowled in 40! years
- the pizza factory bread torches
- 3 of us talking about past back issues and all secretly hoping for no injuries
- watching Lucy's dramatic sing and dance routine when Justin B.'s "Baby" came on
- knowing that we only were playing one game

We really had such a fun night and I think some of us might opt to start picking activities for our birthdays instead of my snoozer senior citizen birthday breakfast at little america.

(Coleman was up to bowl during this pic and Blake disappears when I have my camera)

Happy birthday - bash sister!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

princess makeover

On Saturday Lucy's princess dreams came true!
I actually let her out of the house in princess garb (Rapunzel to be exact)
and we met our girls Angie and Dakota for a full princess makeover.

The stylists at the Paul Mitchell school used their brightest blush, pinkest gloss and created a fog of hairspray to please these princesses.

The presentation...

Lucy especially liked the manicure with a lovely deep purple hue that still hasn't come all the way off.

Rapunz & Belle

After princess overload Angie and I were in desperate need of some caffeine and lunch so eventually we found a place that was open but walked in and they sat us in the dark. Well, the whole restaurant was dark - and empty. The staff acted like nothing was wrong and Angie and I both went into mini panic attack mode when we heard there was a major power outage in the area. We're both nervous like that but once the chips and salsa came we enjoyed our afternoon eating in the dark. It was an odd but very, very fun afternoon with two of our favorite friends!

Friday, March 11, 2011

whole foods

Is it odd to sign up for free tickets to 'tour' a new grocery store? Probably. But it might even be more odd to blog about the tour. Oh well. We don't go to Disney on Ice until 7:30 tonight so in the meantime this is about as exciting as it gets around here.

Since the beginning of the year the three of us have really made an effort to eat a bit healthier and move a little more. Blake and I aren't getting any younger and we've both tried to commit to some healthier choices (do you notice how I'm using the words: effort, a bit, little, tried - those words aren't the best choices to use). We've worked HARD, we've moved A LOT more than ever and are not trying but DOING what we've planned.
(there, I'm working on being more positive too!)

So being more mindful of what we're eating prompted my interest to sign up for tickets for a preview tour of the huge new Whole Foods store at Trolley Square. Lucy and I headed down this morning for our 10:30 tour for samples and to view this beautiful new store. I've been in Whole Foods a few times but never really shopped there. What I learned today is that even though it can be pricey I would feel a lot better about our food choices shopping Whole Foods. The store has a great florist shop inside, amazing seafood department, produce that sadly had items I didn't even know existed and a whole side of the store devoted to an in-store pizzeria, sandwich shop, sushi and coffee shop.
The tour guide had a lot of interesting information about the company and the products they use. For one, their florist shop only buys flowers from growers who pay fair wages. That's not something I would normally think about but we were told so many flower wholesalers pay unfair wages and make workers work in unsafe conditions. Although we don't see those workers and don't know the history of the flowers we buy I personally do not want to support or pay into anything like that. So I guess the lesson is to be more aware of what you are buying and where it comes from. I know that's easier said than done but I guess little steps.

So many yummy cheeses...with all of the samples Lucy thought she could grab and start eating everything.

Freshly made subs.

Lucy spit out the salami but devoured the veggie sausages. I think her palate prefers Costco samples but some of these she enjoyed.

Delicious green veggie pizza - I'm learning to like vegetables.

Our sweet swag bag!

So we probably won't do all of our shopping at this store but it is good to know there are many healthy, fresh choices ten minutes away. Since we've been eating healthier it seems all we do is grocery shop. Costco for produce, some meats and dairy and eggs, Harmons for bread and a few other things and Target for all of the aisle items: peanut butter, cereal (movies, Tangled toys, magazines and cute seasonal stuff) :).

Now I must add this disclaimer that being more 'mindful' of our eating doesn't mean we're the epitome of healthy eating - not by a long shot! So don't judge if you see me eating a Dunford chocolate donut. And we're not giving up our Hires burgers anytime soon.
But making a few healthier choices has really improved how I've felt lately - I no longer have a drip of diet coke into my bloodstream but actually am drinking water (with only about one diet coke a day). I wore out a pair of tennis shoes and needed to get new ones. And have tried a few healthy recipes in place of a run through a fast food window. So like I said earlier, little steps!

And nothing is healthier than being out in this beautiful sunny day!