Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yeah, it's Wednesday. But last weekend was fun and relaxing and I have a few cute pictures, so here you go!

Finally! Temperatures warm enough for sprinklers.

We visited a new perennial nursery from my aunt & uncle's recommendation and got a few more goodies to add to the yard.

Friday night we paid $9. to take Trax to the Arts Festival. We could have driven there in about 10 minutes (for free) but it was my grand idea to take the train. Oh well. We found Brinton volunteering in the face paint tent and Lucy was a (kind of creepy) red cat for the night!

They had a lot of really cool free activities for kids and Lucy did them all. We wandered the booths, bought a birdhouse from a guy whose pottery studio is in Long Beach, ate some yummy food, people watched, introduced Lucy to a 'port-o-potty' and enjoyed a perfect night in downtown SLC.

On Saturday night Lucy had a sleepover camp out in Caitlin & Brinton's back yard. Blake and I had a dinner date night on the patio at Rino's with a little shopping afterwards and then finally watched The King's Speech (we've only had it on our kitchen counter for about two months). Lucy had the time of her life at Caitlin's house. She stayed up late and woke up early and I'm sure was annoyed with me checking in on her.

It was a great weekend and hopefully we'll have just as fun this weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a very merry unbirthday!

June 16 ~ four years ago on this date we were finally able to bring our baby girl home!
After 79 long days in the NICU - her bedroom, jammies, puppies and mommy and daddy all ready and waiting.

I remember Dr. Fox calling early one morning - always a sense of dread and panic when the NICU phone number showed up - he said it was time. We had been at the hospital day in and day out for almost three months and for me it had turned into a comfort zone. So a small part of me felt like maybe we weren't ready - but Lucy was and that's all that mattered!

Lucy's latest obsession is everything Alice in Wonderland!! I mean, obsessed. So I guess that means a trip back to Disneyland is in order...we'll see.
But in the meantime I decided to celebrate her 'coming home' day we would do a little family dinner, just the three of us and celebrate Lucy's 'unbirthday'!

I was excited to cook something special for Lucy's dinner but no one around here seems to think I can cook so when asked what she wanted to eat she asked for Chipotle. Okay - easy enough for me.

Nothing special to anyone else ~ but special to our girl!
Her favorite things ~ flowers, balloons, fancy dishes and cupcakes.
And a special night for the three of us to spend together and remember how far our sweet girl has come and how thankful we are for every sparkly speck of her!

Monday, June 13, 2011

southern utah

It's been a week since we returned from our little southern Utah getaway. I've been pretty lazy enjoying summer (finally) since we've been home but this trip was a success and needed to be documented. About an hour after Lucy's dance recital we were on the road to St. George.

Our first night we had tickets to Tuachahn to see The Little Mermaid. Our cute friends the Nance family had tickets too and were staying the night in St. George before moving on the next day to Disneyland - yeah jealous. We got to chat at dinner before the show and Lucy and Dakota got in a mini playdate.

Lucy and cute Flounder after the show.

I thought the show was a-mazing! I loved in more than Blake (tired) and Lucy (scared of Ursula) but I think overall they both enjoyed most of it. Does anyone want to drive down and see Grease?! I've never seen anything at Tuacahn and was so impressed.

Waiting for breakfast at the Bear Paw - peanut butter pancakes are worth the wait.

We took advantage of the splash pad - wading area. It was Sunday and pretty empty so I put my paranoid-of-rotavirus concerns aside and let Lucy be four.

Monday we were up bright & early and in Zion National Park.

She looks like a natural but prefers pretty pools, nice linens and a fun restaurant...just like her mom (and who are we kidding, just like her dad too).

No, we all really enjoyed ourselves and I didn't complain once about our mini hikes. It was a beautiful day and Blake and I even wanted to stay in the park longer - but Lucy said she was hot - and I think it was 78 degrees....
So this is the oddest but so cute new thing Lucy's been doing. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago. At home, restaurants, she would put her hands together like this for just a second and close her eyes and then eat. She doesn't say anything and it lasts a split second. I hesitated to ask what she was doing - religious practices are kind of a personal thing - but finally had to know. She rattled off some weird OCD explanation about how she's cleaning or calming (she's said both) her hands before she eats. So maybe it's not a prayer like I thought but whatever it is it's adorable.

We finished off the trip with a stop for squeaky cheese and cow watching.

It was a fabulous trip!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Lucy's dreams came true when Miss Julie announced their spring recital would be Tangled! Since I don't sit in on her dance class I wasn't even sure if it was true for awhile because Lucy has been OBSESSED with Tangled forever. But she was right and I've been looking forward to the spring show for a long time.

Lucy with her Tangled curls. So right before Lucy's first number (and the first dance of the whole recital) she said "I might have to pee". I asked if she could hold it and she said yes and scooted herself on stage. Well the girls were standing up there as Miss Julie welcomed the audience and recapped pretty much all of the Tangled story. Blake and I were sitting on the floor up close with video and camera rolling and Lucy starts dancing around (not in the tap and ballet sort of way) and then my favorite moment - starting holding herself. I just prayed the music would hurry and start. I figured once she started dancing she'd forget about it. Well the story of Tangled was running a tad long and Blake said "I'm taking her - do you know what it will do to someone if they pee themselves on stage?!" Uh, no, but maybe he does?! Good daddy that he is he ran on stage, grabbed Luce and told Miss Julie (in the middle of her speech) they were out of there.
Well according to Miss Julie - the show must go on! She told Blake to put her back on stage and told Lucy (over the microphone) that she had to go to the bathroom too so they'd both have to hold it. The whole audience laughed and Blake reluctantly plopped her back to the dance line. Yikes. I so didn't want to have to clean up pee in front of a packed house.
Luckily our little rock star held it and danced her little heart out - what a dramatic intro!

This show, costumes, set and music was by far the cutest of all of Lucy's performances - we love ourselves some Rapunz & Flynn.

Lucy and her dance bestie Amelia.

"The show must go on!"

So proud of our girl!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

this girl

Sometimes I blog about the lamest things. TV shows, plants, pillows. This blog started because of this girl and wanting to capture every little thing she did in some sort of journal. But over time life happens and her 'first time eating sushi' or her 'stage of spitting' isn't documented and we just laugh about it and live in the moment - and then I come home and do a post about how I could live in pottery barn.

I hope when I finally getting around to printing 'the blog' and Lucy grows up and reads it she won't wonder why every post on 'lucy bug's life' wasn't about lucy. I hope she'll have 50 gazillion fun memories and even if I slacked off on documenting everything - her cute little photographic mind will remember the rest.

I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic because she's growing up so damn fast. Lucy wrapped up her last lesson in dance class today - another year down. Dance this year was the first time I dropped her off with someone else for an hour. This fall that one hour will turn into three when I drop her off for preschool - and I really don't know how I'll handle it. Lucy is so beyond ready for school and a fully-booked social calendar. She is four and needs friends, teachers, learning and I guess a little time away from me. She will be so ready this September but I won't. I had a mini panic attack in bed the other night realizing that once I get through preschool then the next year she'll be gone EVERY SINGLE (week) DAY. Doesn't that seem a bit much?! Five years old and going to school five days a week!

Ugh. The hard part of this is that the three of us are all so close and Lucy is a child-spy (like I was) and can sense any emotion, anxiety or unsettledness. Blake and I can be having a conversation and we think she's completely immersed in her own little activity and then she comes and recites word for word what we said (of course, adding in her opinion too). So I guess I have to drive up the canyon and cry and scream and freak out to not upset her.

Part of this anxiety could be because I probably will only do this once. That's another blog post altogether or possibly one that will never get published but Blake and I really like having our one perfect girl so it's not like I have 6 other babies in diapers I can focus on. My one perfect, delicious, amazing baby is growing up - and that's that.

I hope this is just an emotional phase I'll get over but it's bittersweet. And a little more bitter than sweet today.