Thursday, June 24, 2010

happy place

About a month ago we started with a table full of
treasures (actually, this table was filled about three different times)
and we planned, potted and planted
to create our cozy patio and porch.

I really love our house. It's small, cozy, quiet and just us.
There's still a lot we need and want to do inside but our favorite
place is outside so we decided the indoors can wait for the cold weather
and we started working on our outdoor rooms.

This porch area is my favorite part of my house/yard.
You can find me there first thing in the morning reading the paper,
in the afternoon with Lucy reading books or browsing magazines,
and late into the evening chatting with Blake or just
sitting alone with quiet.
Truly a happy place.

I'm still working on the details/accessories of this
piece. The magazine basket is a must-have and on the middle
shelf is a potted succulent masterpiece created by Blake.
It's so much cooler in person - the details of the plants he picked
are so unique and it's doing really well in this location.
The basket on the side holds a throw for some late nights
or early mornings with a chill.
I really want to find some fun unique flea market type
items for this shelf. Everything has to be able to withstand
some of the outside elements. The porch is covered but our goal
is if there is a windy downpour (which we've had some of those) that
we don't have to run outside and bring everything in.
If it gets wet...oh well!

mini bird bath - the dogs are using this more than the birds

Probably hard to see but a little birdie is always on our gate
chirping away. Every time I'm on the phone with my mom
she asks if I'm on the porch because she can hear him singing.

Speaking of birds...I'm embarrassed to admit how much money I'm
spending on feeding these I won't!

Lucy loves the birds too. She checks our feeders and
can spot the tiniest hummingbird way up high.
She and I should probably start using the birdwatching books
so we can identify who we're feeding.

I can look at Sunset magazine and other outdoor decorating
magazines forever. I know that there are such amazing outdoor
rooms and cozy nooks that far surpass our place -
but this is our little happy place and along with our home we've
made it our own. I love that at the end of the day we have a spot
all to ourselves to unwind, talk or just sit.
I'm sure with time we'll add and do even more but
for our first summer here - I couldn't be happier.

a Dutch door is something that I really hope is
in our future. Every house on Balboa Island in CA
has a Dutch door and it just makes the house. It may not be practical
for Utah winters it would be the perfect addition to
our outdoors.
We'll see.

courtesy of Country Living

Sunday, June 20, 2010

farm livin' is the life for me

Aside from the farm chores and the distance from Target
I think I'd totally live on a farm.
Well maybe not...but our day Friday at Carvers Cove was so much fun
I'm all about farm living (or I guess farm life).

During the month of June is baby animal days at the farm
and it's so worth seeing baby piggies, horse, calf, goats, sheep, bunnies,
kittens, and all sorts of animals that are a lot cuter in tiny form.

Speaking of 'tiny' this little girl of mine proved to be quite the big girl -
riding a full size horse all by herself. I thought I should help hold her up there
but literally had to let go and she rode alone.
A tear was shed but luckily the great girlfriends I was with totally understood -
any mommy would.

No hesitation from this one - she took her ride very serious.

strawberry blondies - Dakota & Luce

what a lucky life for this farm dog

the baby kittens were a hit...
why do they have to grow up to be cats?

baby bunny - once Lucy held it she would have taken it right home

kid carriage
We had so much fun with our group of kiddos.
Everyone got along and had fun exploring and playing together.
After the farm we had a picnic in the local park and the kids
played even harder on the playground.
I think everyone had a nap this afternoon!

The farm is located about 90 min northeast of SLC in Eden.
I don't know if it was the perfect weather, green valley, good friends
or darling animals but this was such a fun day for me
and hopefully everyone else.

I know she had the time of her life!

a long day on the farm

father's day

happy father's day!
We celebrated with my dad last weekend because my parents
are on vacation in Alaska.
So today it was just the three of us.

We had brunch at grand america -
very delicious!
We spent the rest of the day home together
enjoying the backyard, napping, watching a movie, running through sprinklers
(oh wait - that was Lucy and me).
Blake worked in the yard ALL afternoon.

Thank you for being such a wonderful daddy to our baby girl ~
we love you so, so, so much and we'd be lost without you.

(and I promise there's a post soon about all of your backyard masterpieces!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer concert series 2010

It really is summer. Even though on Saturday when I was putting out a few 4th of July decos it was 52 degrees and raining - it is summer. Time for the summer concert series lineup. Last year was tough to top but I'm excited that we have a few shows to look forward to -

Jack Johnson
(summer staple - Blake/Me (only us because my lame sister/Jack lover will be in Spain)

Natalie Merchant
Norah Jones
(very excited for these Red Butte shows and they better be worth it because a few months back I stood in line for three (yes 3) hours for tickets - Blake/Me (Lucy can come to Natalie Merchant)

John Mayer
(Caitlin & Nikki & friend - lawn 4-pack=best deal of the summer!)

ABBA tribute band
(Lucy is OBSESSED with Mama Mia so live ABBA songs outside - we're there!)

Still debating -

Jakob Dylan
(but it's next week - on a week night - and I'm feeling old)

James Taylor & Carole King
(my parents are going and after watching a PBS concert the other night I really think we need to witness the ultimate easy listening event)

Probably not happening but I'm starting to worry it'll be a massive mistake to miss -
Paul McCartney
(but having to file bankruptcy over my least favorite Beatle is kind of lame - $250 tickets!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

candy smile

Spring Recital...
music from Princess and the Frog
the new favorite around here
(movie that is, Cinderella is still the #1 princess)

Waitress costumes for the tap dance and song "Almost There"
and darling light bug outfits (with real light-up bums)
for the ballet dance and song "Evangeline".

These pictures are not the best...
so if you have a spare ten minutes come over and watch the video.
Or you can see it live in our living room...
we have the songs and the costumes and a very willing performer!

Dance class has been such a joy for everyone in the family!
Miss Julie is wonderful and Lucy's dance friends have been fun too.
We're sad for a summer break but as long as we have the ipod going everyday
there's plenty of dancing going on!
candy smiles ~ dancing arms ~ and go!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

petticoat junction

The girliest girl...ever.
And although I love all of the twirls, pink, lipgloss, eyelash batting,
singing, dancing, bowing...
it can be exhausting.

Lucy's latest thing is she "thinks" she will only wear skirts, dresses or tutus.
This has caused some major wardrobe arguments and I shudder to
think what will happen when she's...oh I don't know SIX...because at three this little girl has her mind made up.

On Memorial Day I was so excited for madras shorts and yellow Chuck's but Lucy
went ballistic and sobbed "this is a boy's outfit - these are boy shoes!"
I really, really don't know where she got this thing about "boys" but she's using it for everything
"only boys sit in high chairs", "only boys take naps."
After a little talk (and a bribe to wear her Cinderella dress later) she
found a way to wear her horrendous outfit.

This may be coming across as obnoxious but I promise it's not
(well, sometimes for me it is).
Lucy is the sweetest girl ever and just wants to live everyday as a princess.
29 times a day she asks for lipgloss.
I can no longer plop her in a chair to watch cartoons at Gymboree -
she has to be picking out dresses to try on.
She asks if we can go to lunch with Cinderella.
She needs a bow that "matches".
Maybe if I was this girly I would get it - but I'm not
and I really have to be patient and let her be who she is -
a real life Fancy Nancy.

Today was Lucy's last dance class of the year and it was emotional for both of us.
I'm really going to have to get creative to entertain her this summer because a couple weeks of
swimming probably won't cut it.
Dance class has been so fun for both of us. We couldn't have found a better class or teacher.
Miss Julie is a pure delight for Lucy (much more girly than me).
She has learned so much and has been able to spin and twirl to her heart's delight.
Lucy will start classes again in the fall but today was the last class that I got to sit in on.
Once she's in the next class we drop off the girls and pick them up an hour later -
all on her own.
I'm sad I'll miss her looking at herself in the mirror, watching her giggle with her
friends and running to me for a hug at the end of a dance.
But she's a big girl and she'll do just fine.
And even though I'll sob when I leave I'll be okay too.
Thankfully we have a full summer before we have to deal with that
(and possibly preschool - but that's another thing).

This was the face I got when I told her she couldn't wear her pink tutu and her new
costume tutu at the same time...I'm mean.
Lucy's recital is this Saturday and we're beyond excited. All songs are from the new
Princess and the Frog movie and the costume for Lucy's group are amazing!
Stay tuned for that...

yes, she's a princess but we wouldn't have her any other way.