Thursday, May 31, 2012

good-bye preschool

For the last day of preschool we let Lucy have her favorite treat...hostess crumb donuts.  This is probably the most she's eaten for breakfast all school year.

 Last Friday was her last day of preschool and they had a little performance in the sanctuary at the church.  I've been so sad about preschool ending.  Lucy has grown so much this year and preschool has been the best experience.  I've loved her school, Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool, and her amazing teachers.  They have done so many fun things this year and she has learned so much.  I only wish she had gone a year earlier because we've loved this program.  

But it's time to move on and get ready for kindergarten!  Lucy is sad about not seeing her friends (one in particular...) and her teachers but she is so excited for elementary school and so I need not be the downer mom feeling sad and nostalgic about moving on.  But it's sad!!

Her class sang two darling songs and at the end of the second song they all yelled "we're off to kindergarten!" Tears...

Lucy and her dream boat.  She had a frenzied, sparkly look in her eye as we waited in line to have her picture taken with him.  He looks equally excited.
He is a cute little boy and it's been funny for me to watch her have her first crush.  They're going to different school though so hopefully she'll take a "falling in love" hiatus for a few years.

Her darling and wonderful teachers Miss Christy & Miss Lora - we will miss them!

Gammy came to watch too.

A bucket of treats and summer goodies to help fill the gap.  The other day I got overly ambitious and with the help of some pinterest ideas came up with some summer "theme" weeks.  We are going to try to take a weekly field trip or outing to make sure we don't get stuck inside watching tv all summer (that could be awesome if Lucy was into shows on Bravo!).  So if you're interested in joining any of our outings text me or email me and I'll let you know what our plans are each week.  I've tried to come up with some affordable or free ideas so hopefully it will work out.  

Lucy's teachers put together these binders of their projects through the year and included a lot of pictures of Lucy in class, with her friends, on field trips.  So many fun memories for my big girl...with many more yet to come!

Here's to snowcones, lazy mornings and fun summer nights!

Friday, May 11, 2012

key biscayne

We've been back from our getaway for over a week and the vacation blissed-out feeling is just about gone.  It's good to be back and home with Lucy but an 'all expenses paid luxury vacation' is something I could really get used to.  Blake really down plays any success or recognition he receives from work but he's received a lot lately and in my eyes is quite the super star.  His star quality got him the prestigious President's Circle award and sent us to the Ritz-Carlton at Key Biscayne Florida where we lived the high life for a few days...what a treat!

I have to admit although I was so excited to find out we'd be going to such a beautiful place I did have some anxiety.  We'd be leaving right in the middle of our bake sale, we'd be leaving Lucy for almost 5 days, we'd be all the way across the country from her (not just in California or something) and the strongest concern...the flight.  I really do not enjoy flying and have accepted that I'll be okay to never visit some exotic countries just because I'd have to fly.  

But Lucy never misses us and we had a free MIAMI so I had to get a grip on my flight anxiety and go with it.   Lucky for me we had smooth skies on all of our flights and once we settled in our seats  with some ginger ale and season one of the O.C. (heeey!) I was able to relax and enjoy.every.minute!

We got into Miami super late on Saturday night and after a lost not-planned drive around downtown Miami for almost an hour we finally made it to our Marriott and crashed.  We woke up on Sunday morning to a full-on monsoon.  I tried to be optimistic and found a little breakfast place around the corner from our hotel and we decided to be brave and run over there in the rain.  We apparently aren't great at directions because 'around the corner' turned into blocks away in a full downpour.  We were both beyond soaked and lost...and hungry.  We made our way back to the hotel only to run into the restaurant accidentally and it was closed. 
So...we saw el cartel across the way and stumbled into deliciousness.  We had a cozy Columbian breakfast and I didn't even freak out and blame it all on Blake.
Once we checked out of the Marriott I made Blake drive by so I could document.  We had plans that day for a boat cruise around Miami before we checked into the Ritz but that wasn't happening.  Miami almost got 3 inches of rain that day!  So we called for an early check-in and I guess every wish is granted at the Ritz because they said we could come right on over.

We checked-in and despite the weather I was in awe of the beauty of the hotel.  Gorgeous grounds, beautiful classic furniture and the most amazing sweet smell.  In the lobby this huge vase of roses is replaced every week - always with pink.  We were directed to our check-in area to confirm activities, meal choices, get our room keys and load up on a huge array of snacks and drinks.  

Our room was beautiful and much to our surprise had a large balcony with chairs and a perfect view of the Atlantic.  I had no idea we'd have such a supreme view and more importantly the sound of the ocean to hear at night.

After dinner each night we'd return to our room to gifts from Fidelity.  Our first night we both had new flip flops waiting for us.

I happened to be in the room getting my phone one night during the turn down service and the maid loaded me down with waters and chocolates.  I must have looked thirsty...or the type of person who was taking full advantage of everything free.
The service at this hotel was nothing like I've ever experienced.  Granted, everything was already paid for - even gratuities were covered but the service was supreme.  Every person we encountered was so accommodating and friendly. And the first two days with all the rain they kept assuring us that things would change or that the sun would sneak in soon.

Monday we woke up to more rain.
Blake had meetings in the morning and I had a massage.  We ate breakfast together and then went on our way.  After my massage I settled into one of the huge comfy chairs in the lobby.  A lot of spouses/guests of the employees were wandering around looking out at the rain looking pretty sad.  It was a downer but I couldn't let it get to me.  I mean, you're staying in this beautiful place for free!  You can still see the ocean! You're not at home...or worse at work!  And there's a full room of free snacks and diet coke down the hall!
So I settled in with my glass of d.c. and my kindle and enjoyed the dark rainy morning.

After Blake's meetings he said Fidelity had to cancel some of the scheduled activities because of the weather but they wanted to come up with something else so they bought baseball tickets to see Marlins that afternoon.  I thought I'd rather sit inside and read than sit in the rain and watch a baseball game.  But lucky us the Marlins brand new stadium had a retractable roof!  

We loaded onto the bus with lunches, drinks and spending money.  They put that outing together so fast and it was so appreciated by people who were starting to go stir-crazy at the thoughts of spending all afternoon in a hotel room with their spouse.  That may have been Blake...

Look how fast and eager people are to get on a bus and get the hell out of there!

The game was a lot of fun and totally unexpected.  We picked Lucy up a pink Marlins hat and I (as usual) got teary-eyed watching people see themselves on the jumbo-tron.

After the game we got back to the hotel with enough time to get all dressed up for the awards dinner.  I really can't remember anything being that hysterically funny during dinner but I did enjoy a few glasses of wine...

After accepting his award.  I'm so proud and so happy to be his +1!

The formal night was all about thanking the spouses/guests/partners so I of course bolted back to the room to find my gift.  Kate Spade bracelet!

Tuesday morning brought beautiful blue skies and sun!
Blake had meetings again and I had a manicure/pedicure.  I spent the rest of the day alternating between the pool and sitting on the beach.  It was a perfect day and everyone around the resort seemed to be skipping and wearing giant, goofy grins on their faces!

Blake was even able to go out golfing that afternoon so his dreams came true too.

Adults only pool.  Lucy would have been annoyed.

Our final night was the farewell dinner and concert!  This was before heading down to dinner.  I'm rocking the lobster look because clearly I still don't know my limits with the sun and Blake is rocking his "sober" look...which didn't last long.

We got to spend some time with Blake's co-worker and his cute wife.  It was fun to have someone to hang out with and chat and realize neither of our kids missed us!

The concert was some guy and his band who does Billy Joel covers.  We're not big fans of the piano man but really, when you've had a couple of drinks and almost every one around you has had A LOT of drinks...and this saxophone player is dancing on's really hard not to sing along and dance to "Only the Good Die Young". 

Blake was holding out for "We Didn't Start the Fire" but the band switched to a bunch of '80's covers and I'm proud to say "Footloose" is what got us to the center of the dance floor.  Who knew how fun that song is to dance to with a bunch of grown adults.

We woke up Wednesday and had a leisurely breakfast and spent our last hours taking in the beautiful surroundings.  Leaving the hotel was sad but we both really missed Lucy and were anxious to get home to her.  

It was such a fun trip and so nice to get away as a couple.  I told Blake it would be so perfect to do this each year.  A super nice vacation away just for the two of us...for free! Now after being on the trip and hearing about what it actually means and what he had to do to receive this I realize it's a lot harder than just doing his job.  Blake worked really hard for this and I'm so grateful for all he does for us. I'm also so happy he works for such a great company who recognizes their employees.  They provided a wonderful trip for us and really treat their employees well. I still think he has what it takes to win again next year.  And if he does...

I can promise him I'll always be willing to be the 'guest'!

*A huge thanks to my parents for watching Lucy.  If it wasn't for them I don't know how we'd do these getaways.  Lucky for us (I guess) she never misses us and can hardly take a minute to say hi when we call.  So that makes leaving (and enjoying ourselves) much easier...thanks gammy & poppa.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Once again we had another amazing year in the Salt Lake March for Babies!  Team Lucy Bug! had an excellent showing of team members and as of now have raised over $2,000 for the March of Dimes.  It was a chilly start but once we started walking we all warmed up a bit and had a nice morning together. Thank you again to all who supported, contributed and walked with us this year...nothing but love!

The pink gorilla in all his glory
Nick & Sabrina
Julie, Brad & baby Everett

cookies on the walk

Brinton wasn't hired to appear at the March for Babies 

Kim, Jamie, Crosby, Lucy, Alisa and Jig (Lennox)

Coleman & Calah

The pink gorilla got a lot more action than the hired Salt Lake Bee mascot, BYU cougar mascot, Spiderman or the creepster magicians.  So if you have a summer event that you'd like a pink gorilla to attend...just ask!  He'll be there free of charge for the ENTIRE event.

Lucy's Ambassador Avenue sign for 2012

Team Lucy Bug 2012!

Monday, May 7, 2012

bake sale 2012

Yummy treats, a perfect blue sky morning, friends and family...
what could be better for our third annual Team Lucy Bug! bake sale.  
Many, many thanks to my aunt Kim and cousin Alisa who are the ring leaders of this event.  They pull this off like champs but I can only imagine all of the work it takes to produce so many tasty treats - not to mention planning, packaging and having their lives be nothing but bakery workers for awhile.

We had a bunch of other delicious bakers this year and I want to thank them all for their contributions.  We made over $1,400 this year to give to the March of Dimes organization!  This money will go towards research, education and support for premature babies.  

Thanks to everyone who came out and bought some treats to take home and say hi and lend your support.  I know Saturdays are crazy and everyone has busy lives so the fact that people took time out to come and see us and support this cause really means so much to Blake and me.  We talk about it a lot and are continually overwhelmed by the love and support.

This year to show my thanks we bailed out before the bake sale was even over to jet off to Miami!  Thanks guys - have fun taking down the 20 signs around the area!

No, we felt awful to leave in the middle of things but we had to and of course we knew that everything would be taken care of...because that's just who we're lucky enough to have in our lives!

Superstar...and lemonade peddler

takin' care of business

Many thanks to all!