Friday, January 30, 2009

22 months!

Lucy is 22 months and in 2 months she'll be 2 - whew!  I can't believe what a little girl Lucy has turned into just within the past month.  She's getting further away from being my little baby and closer to being a miss independent little girl.  The crawling days are officially over - except for stairs - and most of the time she wants to take off into a full run.  Everyone told me as soon as she starts walking I'll wonder why I was so eager for it.  She is a little speed racer but I'm enjoying most every minute of it.  To see her wander in and out of rooms, carrying her toys and books around and just having the freedom to have a little more independence makes me so proud.  

in some pics Lucy looks SO much like my brother Coleman - good thing he's cute!

In addition to her busy-bodying around her vocab is unstoppable.  Most of the time she's using multiple words:  "I don't want that" "come on, mom" "Elmo watch now".  It's very cute and so fun to communicate through the day.  I'm trying to offer her choices and I can see the excitement in her face when she makes a decision.  She's just growing up.  

yes, this is the look I get if I dare interrupt her from her show for a picture

We usually carpool (blake and me) on my work days but Tuesday we had to drive separate.  Blake was picking Lucy up at my mom's and I made the quiet drive home alone.  I decided to call my mom and see how Lucy's day was; she had a surprise for me.  She put Lucy on the phone and as clear as day Lucy said "I love you".  Oh!  The best thing in the world.  

Baby girl, we love you so much and you are such a fun person to hang around with.  I love your funny personality and how we can just exchange looks and we'll laugh at each other.  I love hearing you call for me and when I ask you how your sleep was in the morning you answer "good" in your cute little voice. I love driving around doing our errands together and having you sing part of the words to the Taylor Swift cd.  You're growing up so fast and part of me really misses that snuggly tiny girl - but another part is just so happy for you and the little girl you are becoming.  Kisses forever baby girl, love mommy.

Lucy's first ponytail - we were very excited!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling SAD??

Whenever we get this yucky inversion I always diagnose myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder, or this disgusting inversion is covering the sun and I don't care if I go into debt I'm booking myself a sunny trip the hell outta here!)  It's very gross and unhealthy and when you know the opportunity of a sunny, blue sky day is just a few hundred feet above the gunk it makes me SAD!

Anyway, thanks to a Monday off we decided to get above it and headed to Alta.  The weather was bEaUtiFuL!  The temperature on our Tribeca said it was 48 degrees out and the sky was the bluest blue.  My brother works for Alta Ski Patrol and even though I don't ski I'm quite envious that he gets to wake up to such beautiful scenery every morning and work all day in it. 


...jealous of the scenery and blue skies Coleman works in but not of the scary mountains he skis in the dark every morning doing avalanche control...yama hama

We stayed as long as we could and tried to take as many big breaths before we headed back home.  On the way down the canyon look what greeted us...

bleh, I'm counting down to spring (or at least San Diego next month)

Friday, January 16, 2009

random recap

1 - The biggest news of our week is that Lucy is -thisclose- to graduating from Early Intervention.  She has received services since just a few months after being discharged from the hospital.  The main service she has received is physical therapy.  We knew we were getting close to ending services because the only thing they were waiting on was her walking.  Well, (when she wants) she's walking everywhere!!  The PT came on Monday and said Lucy's walking looks great and that she doesn't qualify for any more services.  She said they will come back in 1-2 months to make sure her walking is progressing and improving and if it is they will have to "graduate" her from Early Intervention!  Lucy's pediatrician and the folks at Neonatal have always expressed to us they didn't really think Lucy needed the help of EI because her delays were not really helped with therapy.  It was just a matter of waiting for Lucy and her little body to catch up in its own time.  But the peace of mind to have someone come into our home once a month to check on her and show me some tools and techniques to help has benefited me probably more than Lucy.  So this is a big achievement and hopefully she will "graduate" before her 2nd birthday!!

2 - A week before Christmas Blake and I took Lucy to the movie "The Tale of Despereaux". It was pretty much a bust.  The movie was dark (in color) and there were no songs or funny lines.  This was Lucy's first movie theater experience and she didn't really enjoy herself.  But today since it's cold, inversion-y and we're sick of the house I thought we'd try another movie.  We saw "Bedtime Stories".  It's very much a kid movie but Lucy loved it!  We had the theater to ourselves and I brought plenty of snacks and a juice box.  She laughed at the jokes I'm pretty sure she didn't understand and loved the cute little hedge hog.  Maybe she's just anti-animation like I am. I really liked the movie too and I think Blake would have loved it. This could become our new habit as long as there are cute kids' movies and yucky air out there.  

3 - Elmo.  Really nothing more needs to be said.  Lucy's so in love with him it kind of makes me jealous.  Every time he comes on tv her face lights up and she squeals (yes, even if she sees him numerous times a day).  The two of us went to Toys R Us last week and there was a wall of Elmo products and I thought she would hyperventilate.  Well, today I booked "Breakfast with Elmo" at SeaWorld for when we go next month.  We'll be sure to have the camera and video camera ready because she will probably go cuckoo.  Oh, Elmo, you're kind of growing on me too! 

4 - (my boring recap).  I got a Sigg water bottle from my brother Coleman for Christmas and it's probably one of my best gifts.  I hate drinking water and have always struggled with getting in a decent amount.  Well, I don't know how but this water bottle is doing the trick.  We all know how bad plastic water bottles are for the environment so we've tried to stop buying them and using reusables.  But my Nalgene wasn't even doing the trick.  Bleh.  Well this supreme-o Sigg keeps water cold ALL day, it has the perfect size opening and doesn't leak when it sloshes around in my purse, work bags or the front seat of the car.  I'm kind of in love with it!  The colors are so cute too.  Mine is silver with snowflakes and I think I'll ask for a cute spring one for my birthday.  Yes, I'm blogging about water bottles, who cares - it's helping my diet coke addiction!!

Happy weekend and try not to breathe too much unless you can get yourself above and out of this yuck inversion!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lucy Love

(just because)

Luce had a check-up this week - everything went fine except for having to get a shot.  I think it's harder for me than her.  Luckily Blake met us and remained the good, calm parent as the needle made its appearance (as I recoiled in the corner).  No more immunizations until kindergarten!  And yes, it was reaffirmed Lucy is a tiny, healthy, perfect, speaking-genius, beautiful girl!

this is what can happen to improperly maintained curls - believe me I know

last night the sunset and clouds were so pretty and pink - we watched from Lucy's room as it set and she kept saying "ohhh, wow, pretties"

mmm, love you bug