Sunday, September 9, 2012

the dog show

Any excuse for a party...

In May when we were making our "everything fun we should do this summer" list Lucy said, "we must have a dog show!"  I wrote it on the list but figured along with camping (not in our backyard) it  would be one of the "fun" things we'd probably skip.
But once that girl gets something in her head...
week after week she'd obsessively bring up the dog show and instruct me of the details...
a party with the family and our dogs
we eat hot dogs
dogs eat puppy treats
games, competitions and costumes for the dogs

So last Friday we hosted our first annual dog show and aside from costumes it pretty much fit the bill!

Of course it was raining an hour before the party and I started worrying about mud, wet dogs and the weight different between Penny my brother's dog and Missy, my grandma's 2 pound poodle.  

Lucky enough the weather gods smiled down on us and it was a beautiful night
...oh, and those 7 dogs were on their best behavior!

Coleman, Calah & Penny - the star of the show who swept the competition.  We had to be fair and not cause any hurt puppy feelings so every dog won an award.  Penny won best trick...because she had a dozen of them!

Brinton, Caitlin and their sons Winston and Niko
true gentlemen

dad, mom & Marley - who probably should have won happiest because he lives to socialize

Nani & Missy - Missy won best dance but didn't dance

Lucy as master of ceremonies

The Fergusons all came but sadly left Wrigley at home...even worse they missed out on a family picture with the guaranteed winner of "best smile". perfection according to Blake.  
Their love affair is borderline creepster.

It was a fun end of summer party.  The people seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the dogs who were the true honored guests.  But getting a picture of the crew together was five minutes of sweating, screaming, laughing and growling.  The best way to end an evening!

Friday, September 7, 2012

kindergarten queen

Well, it happened.
I have a kindergartener...a school-aged kid.  

I cannot believe how fast the past five years has gone and now we've moved onto a new chapter...homework, reading, schedules and for much fun!

A week before school started we met with Lucy's teacher and she had her kindergarten assessment.  Her teacher is a dream and the classroom is perfect...everything you'd want in a kindergarten class.  We saw her desk and cubby and I started crying just walking around the room knowing this would be where she'd grow, learn and spend three hours a day for the next year.  On her own and growing into her own little person.

When the big day came there was excitement and nerves for all three of us.  After two bites of breakfast Lucy got dressed, had a mini photo shoot in the front yard and we all walked to school.

The first person we saw at school was Lucy's friend from preschool, Phoebe.  She is so excited that they are at the same school!  They are in different classes - there are two morning kindergarten classes - but have so much fun playing before and after school.  Sixteen girls and six boys in Lucy's class this year...dramarama.

The week leading up to school I had a few emotional outbursts but her excitement and curiosity made it lame for me weepy and sad.  I'm just so proud of Lucy and how far she has come.  The night before school I remembered how I prayed while she was in the NICU that one day she would be healthy and strong and walk herself into school.  I envisioned a tiny but strong little girl who laughed and ran with the rest of her friends - nothing holding her back.  Friendly and smart and confident.  Those long days in the NICU that vision seemed so far away but deep down I knew it would happen.  And here she is now - fulfilling every dream, hope and prayer I had.  

The most petite in her class (but a few within a couple of inches), friendly and interested.  Running, laughing, trying to remember new friends names and so excited to line up when that bell chimes.  She has brought home work sheets filled with her writing, pictures she cut out and glued with her own hands.  Stories about the school art gallery, singing class, computer class and teaching us about bullying.  

We've sent her off (if just for a few hours) and I'm so proud of who she is and what I know she'll become.  As hard as it is to let go a's so exciting to see what's yet to come for this superstar!!