Monday, May 23, 2011


This Saturday was our first non-planned Saturday in a long time. So what did we do...
set our alarms for 6:30 and headed to home depot of course!

It started Friday night on our 'family date night' which consisted of dinner out and a legal pad full of notes, ideas and plans. Thank goodness for the leapster explorer because Lucy's not too interested in yard chat. After dinner and a lot of big ideas we made our first two (with a total of 5 over the course of the weekend) trips to scope out some trees. Saturday morning we knew half the city would be at home depot because it was the first sunny day in forever and well, it was possibly the end of the world and who doesn't want to enjoy some gardening and projects on your last day?! So that's why we took two cars and got there bright and early.

Our tree purchases!
We left h.d. with three full carts of stuff and some really annoyed customers behind us waiting to check out with one tomato plant.

We decided we might as well get everything for our projects at once...
first up is working on our carport area. We have a garage and attached is this carport thing but I would take out a wall if I ever tried to maneuver a car back there so last year we utilized it as a play area, grill area and some random seating. While you're using this area it doesn't seem so horrendously ugly but these pictures...yikes!
So our first plan was to paint this brick wall, paint the ceiling and the ugly brown wood slats and install light fixtures.

Do you like that I only have 'befores'? Well we might have been overly confident in how much we could get done in one day of sun.

We are still trying to determine how all of that space will be used. Part of it will be a play area again but we'll see what we'll do with the rest. My idea of this scene from pottery barn is probably not in the budget:

In the middle of projects we decided to take a break and head to one of my favorite nurseries J&L Garden Center in Bountiful just to make sure there wasn't something we were missing.

Lucy was not as enthused as us.

This is my table of goodies so far.

The rain started in again on Sunday so instead of making progress on projects or getting some things planted we drove north again to see what we could find (and this is why I'm choosing this blog title...) the Costco in Ogden has a pretty big garden center with good prices. Unfortunately we didn't find anything we had to have this visit. So we headed to Valley Nursery in Uintah (near the mouth of Weber Canyon). This is my favorite nursery of all and Lucy found a lot to do here.

Blake spied an AMAZING Japanese maple at Valley for a screamin' deal. We were contemplating picking it up but then realized we had no way to squeeze it into our car. As we wandered away two guys came speed-walking into the green house making a beeline to the exact tree. I freaked out. It's one thing for me to pass up a tree but if I feel like someone else might get it panic sets in. We watched and eavesdropped on this happy couple and when they went to find an employee to get the tree I told Blake he HAD to grab it! They haven't claimed it yet! I would find a way to make it fit! It was meant for us! And blah, blah, blah - ca-razy-town!

Sadly Blake wasn't about to fight someone for a tree and I guess we really didn't have to have it - but it didn't stop of from staring (and taking pictures) like sad saps as they tried to load it into their (much smaller than ours) car.

Addicted I tell you!
But a lot of fun.

(p.s. hopefully 'after' pictures will come soon!)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank you!

Over 65 team members who showed up and walked - over $5,000. raised -
thank you all so much!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

bake sale bliss

Front and center.
The very first sight you saw as you stepped onto bake sale grounds (after Brinton accosted you in your car on the drive in) was Lucy and her lemonade stand. Healthy, happy, with friends, laughing, running - thanks in large part to the work of the March of Dimes.

Ten weeks early, over one pound, tiny lungs needing extra help.
That is why we walk, raise money, give back.
And give back we did! The bake sale last year was an amazing inaugural event - we fought the rain and cold and still managed an impressive grand total.
This year we had quite a few extra tables of yumminess, sunshine and very generous customers. But who knew we would TRIPLE our amount from last year?!
Well, we did and it was a truly wonderful day.

Lucy's lemonade stand was a darling hit. My mom made her cute stand and apron and some of those .50 cent lemonades turned into 5.00 lemonades!

My favorite pink gorilla...ever!
Brinton really outdid himself.
Dancing, somersaulting, high five-ing cyclists - he was kind of the hit of the event!

So many wonderful treats - made by many fabulous and generous bakers.

And friends...
one gift Lucy has given me since she's been born is crying at the drop of a hat.
As I would see familiar faces walk up I just got tingly and teary-eyed. Thank you all so much for your amazing support.

The two busiest bakers, my cousin Alisa and aunt Kim. They are the bake sale queens! I hope they both know how much all of their hard work means to us.

Creeping on customers.

No wonder he was so exhausted after the event - lounging takes a lot of work!

Until next year ladies...
(thank you, thank you, thank you!)

It was such a success because our amazing friends and family who continue year after year to support us and this important cause. Thanks to all of the bakers, packers, Steve and his awesome printing skills and donation of flyers, raffle donors and packers (mom), Caitlin's cupcakes, D, Crosby and Lennox for sharing Alisa and letting us take over your house and yard, the gorilla and every single person who stopped by - we love you!!

As of this morning we are $1,000. over our goal with a total so far of $4,377.00!

for those of you great Team Lucy Bug! members who will be walking with us on Saturday...
I found out today the actual March for Babies program will START at 10:00 - with a few speakers and announcements. We will be the last speaker and then they want our team to try and make our way to the start of the pack and lead off the walk. There will be a lot of us so if you can't make your way to the front we'll regroup a few minutes into the walk.

The gates open at 9:00 but you really don't need to be there until 9:45 or so. We'll be near the entrance gate into the park. Wear your pink and green and make sure you get a wristband from one of us or from the registration tables.

After the walk we want to get a few team pictures and then feel free to leave or hang out for a bit. There will be food, bounce houses, face-painting, train rides and more!

See you Saturday and call Blake or me the morning of if you can't find us!

Friday, May 6, 2011


The forecast tomorrow is 70 degrees and the smell of sweets in the air!! All the bakers are busy - kneading, frosting, stirring and baking their buns off! Please stop by tomorrow and I'm sure there will be a sweet treat with your name on it! We're starting at 10:00 so be there early to get your pick of the freshest most delectable treats!! We will also have a raffle with some great prizes - tickets are $1.00 each and Lucy will be selling her delicious raspberry lemonade.

The bake sale is located at a house on the corner of 1300 South and 1840 East in Salt Lake. Look for the signs and there is plenty of street parking. Every dollar we make will be donated to our March for Babies Team Lucy Bug! and will go to the Utah Chapter of the March of Dimes.

We're so excited for tomorrow and hope to see you there!!

p.s. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to everyone baking today!