Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis the Season

...for all things spooky!

Lucy is having a love/hate relationship with Halloween
this year.
She talks about it non stop and is interested
in every halloween thing she sees out and about
but just when we think she's comfortable
and excited for skulls, spiders and spooks...
she freaks.

So we are trying small doses of halloween.
She asks all day during the day to hear "Monster Mash"
but at night when I played it during dinner she said
"turn it off mommy, it's scary."
She'll carry around a small skull at home
but got spooked watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
with my parents.

It will be interesting to see how the actual night is...

We've done a lot of fun Halloween-y things this season and it couldn't
make me happier.
As I've mentioned Halloween is my FAVORITE and last
year I was dealing with back issues and eventually
surgery on the eve of Halloween -
so needless to say, we're making up for things this year!

Last week we went to Red Butte Garden's
it was so darling and I highly recommend it for anyone.
Thank goodness for us we went opening night when it was
chilly (but not snowing like today)
there are still two more dates so if you feel like braving the cold ~ go!

We went with my parents and my brother Coleman
who had just returned home from Africa the previous night.
Coleman's girlfriend Calah works at Red Butte and Lucy knows it so
she kept asking for she was our first stop.

Calah, Coleman & Lucy

painting her pumpkin with poppa

making a potion necklace with gammy at the apothecary

digging in haystack with daddy

broom preparation for broom racing!
She did it all!!

They really did a wonderful job on this event.
The garden was decorated to the max and two huge illuminated Halloween
treats were on the hills surrounding the garden - a bat and pumpkin.
This is definitely on the must-do list for Hallowe'en!

On Sunday we realized time was running out for
pumpkin we went!

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the trip

"the happiest place on earth" -

We've had this family trip to Disneyland/Southern California planned
for about a year. Planning is half the fun for me.
And all of the lists, itineraries, countdowns,
anticipations and longing was worth it...
we had an amazing trip!!

We started out our first day in the park with
Minnie & Friends breakfast with my parents.

Watching Lucy meet Minnie and various other characters was possibly the highlight of our trip. Something about that breakfast in the beautiful Plaza Inn on Main Street U.S.A. was the perfect start to our stay.

Both parks are decked out for Halloween this October and since Halloween is pretty much most of my family's favorite holiday we were oohing and aahing over the pumpkins, fall colors and characters dressed in Halloween garb!

Every turn was a Halloween surprise - the Haunted Mansion decked out in all its Halloween/Nightmare Before Christmas glory, Mickey Mouse caramel apples (to die for), the scariest ride ever Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, jack o' lanterns peering out the windows on Main Street...

I wish it was Halloween all the time!

The villains of Disneyland were all out...and she fit right in!

Lucy with her Minnies!

I think these two only wondered why they married into our family just a few times.

my candy corn girl

Tinkerbell, Fawn & Luce - having her dreams come true!

Okay, so I know Princesses are a big draw and everything but this was
a tad ridiculous. We got in line to see this Enchanted Princess Faire or something
and the line didn't look all that bad. Well about 15 minutes in I ask Blake to
check with a "cast member" on the wait.
An hour.
So, the crowds weren't that bad at Disneyland that day and I figured
we could do a second Haunted Mansion trip, Big Thunder Mtn Railroad
and possibly another churro in the same amount of time.
But we were there for Lucy - mostly.
You don't know which princesses will be on the other side of this
excruciating long line but we took our chances.
My family bolted when they heard the wait time but
Blake and I were responsible parents and waited it out.

As we walk in we see the first princess is Sleeping Beauty -
Lucy walks right up to her and says "Where's Belle?"

Then the next princess was Jasmine (met her the day before) and the
last was Ariel. Who was cute and did tell Lucy they could be sisters
with their red hair...but she still was asking for Belle (from Beauty and the Beast).

We never saw her but Lucy will have to get over it because we're probably never standing
in that line again.

but knowing her charming ways...we probably will.

I don't know if Caitlin and Brinton wore the same shirts to make
it easier to find each other...or what.
They got Lucy her ears!
Pink princess with her name on the back - of course!

the disney-crazed look

and Brinton's still wearing that hat

kind of dark...but you get the gist

Really, Disney knows how to do it!
The Halloween fireworks were narrated by the beloved Jack Skellington
and they were incredible!
California Adventure had giant candy corns everywhere
and harvest themes right and left.
Everyone helped out with Lucy so
Blake and I could ride everything and it's a good thing
because I'm
sad to admit I was so excited to ride teacups
that when I went to park the stroller...
I left Lucy in it and dashed for the line.

We'll be back soon Mickey!

Next on our trip was the relaxing part of Newport Beach!
We had the most glorious weather and
great beach conditions.

She is an official beach bum.

One of our days we parked our car and took the ferry to
Balboa Island.
I think this part of the trip resulted in the worst fight -
bash sisters!!
Caitlin and I both think we know the ins and outs of California and
on this particular morning we both were bruisin' it up.
I'll spare you the details but I think we'll just agree
that Caitlin IS the queen of Corona...but I know Balboa.

Seriously, this was the worst of it and it wasn't bad at all!
We got over it quick and we're back to co-captains of the
trip later that afternoon when we guided the family truckster
to the delicious Sprinkles cupcakes right before closing.

mom & dad in Balboa

Lucy having a hangry (hungry/angry) moment

Blake got really hungry so he stood at this open window and watched people eat.

Kidding - he was watching the Dodgers - probably lose.

Caitlin and Brinton took a kayak ride while
the rest of us opted for a narrated bay cruise of expensive homes
(duh, who made the wrong choice in this situation)
But while our boat was setting out C & B
paddled by in their kayak.
This really odd, loud, older woman stood up
and saw them and yelled out "heeeeey Malibu!"
Um, okay.

That made it to the top 10 list.
The list of top 10 funniest things said/heard/seen
on the trip.
Brinton made that list by his comment while in line for Space Mountain
"sometimes when I see the time 60 minutes - I think it's two hours".

I know, I'm easily humored.

love my family

and my Luce

we're thinking when we're done renting we might look into this house
but I don't know if I'd be comfortable with touring boats going past everyday.

everything about this trip was the best ~
thanks family for making it the best

and for not throwing my planning binder out the window!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 2, 2009

wee witches!

October 2nd - let the halloween festivities begin!!
Today we had to the most spooktacular day ~
with some darling ghouls!

My friend Angela and I met in high school - we became
such close friends and spent many hours laughing,
chatting and procrastinating deadlines on West high yearbook.
For the life of me I don't know how we lost touch but
thanks to good old facebook (which I previously knocked)
we reunited almost a year ago and were both overwhelmed
at how much time had passed (over ten years) and how
much we had in common.
Our best thing in common is our two little girls - Dakota
and Lucy are about three months apart - they would have
both been June babies but Lucy just had to come in
March to share her birthday month with me :)
These two are such cute friends and when
they play I get bonus time with Angela,
such a sweet, genuine, funny girl who I'm so glad to have reconnected.
We went to the first annual Breakfast with a Witch at
Gardner Village. This was such a fun activity ~
witches, music and a yummy breakfast buffet.
After breakfast we headed out to the village
to see pumpkins galore, festive activities and
of course some pumpkin fudge!

It is Wee Witches Weekend at the Village and you
shouldn't miss it!
We had fun in the photo booth,
made beaded necklaces, face painting,
halloween purses and
arrived at such a prime hour that we missed
a lot of the UEA insanity.

These girls made it through about 4 hours of
activities! Such troopers ~ but with so much
fun it was hard to stop. After the Halloween
and witchy stuff we headed for the harvest activities ~

Ang & Kota

Lucy's first non-freak out pony ride!

petting zoo time

baby calf - these sweet animals don't seem to mind

starting the hay maze ~

and they're off...

Such a perfect day.

p.s. same time next year Ang?!