Monday, April 27, 2009

We did it!

Team Lucy Bug! was once again very successful in this years March of Dimes' March for Babies.  Thank you all for your love, support and donations!
On Friday morning I received a call from J-Lo!  Yes, it was prerecorded and yes I think she 
prefers Jennifer Lopez now but anyway she expressed the need for last minute donations 
and lo and behold, Saturday morning an hour before the march we hit our goal of $1,500!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Aspen & Cody

my sister Caitlin & Leslie

Sabrina & Rebecca

Lucy showed off her freak out skills for all of the participants.  She
was doing her fake sob because she wanted to get out and walk the 3 miles herself. 
We let her walk the final stretch.
Alisa, D and uncle "Binton"

Lucy's poster for Ambassador Ave. - aka my one "scrapbook" page of the year!

Sabrina, me, Rebecca & Heather - thanks ladies

It's all about the bug!

Can I just say I have the MOST amazing, wonderful, loving, supportive, funny, committed group of family and friends.  Lucy is way beyond her prematurity but it will always be a part of her and us.  She's doing everything I was afraid she would never do, she says her ABC's and 
counts to 20 and makes me laugh everyday.  She has no idea that's she's 
far from being on the growth charts but she doesn't care - and either do I.  
She's perfect and she's my daughter.
My pregnancy sucked.  Not because I was uncomfortable or my back hurt or because I couldn't
find anything to wear.  It sucked because it was too short and I missed out on the good parts:
feeling her kick, Blake feeling her kick, visibly being pregnant and having 
fun putting together her nursery.
Lucy's nursery was done when she was in the NICU and we stayed up late painting while I
prayed to myself she would come home soon to see it.
But that's in the past - over two years now.  But some days it still seems so fresh.
Lucy is over it and I don't think she has memories of it.  But I do and so does her feet.
Little tiny white scars on her feet and the top of her hands from iv's, blood work, too many 
pokes for my little girl - but day by day we're past it.

Prematurity and the March of Dimes came to us - not by accident but by a crappy placenta and umbilical cord.
But I'm at the point where I accept what happened and I will continue to do everything I
can to help this cause. It's hard not to accept and move on when I have a living, breathing, healthy, smart, funny miracle in front of me everyday reminding me we're okay.

Thank you for walking, supporting, loving or donating to us and our cause.

Monday, April 20, 2009

we love us some spring

(and I love her more than anything)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

hoppy easter.

at my nani's for her own personal egg hunt

our hunt in our back yard

and yes, she's in halloween jams

let's pretend the sun squint is a wink!

lucy and her poppa

our fam
(notice Penny the pup and Lucy in a stare down!)

Beautiful weather, yummy food and lots of family - the best type of day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Summer Concert Series

So I think everyone is ready for full-on spring.
Later, warmer nights and sunny blue-sky days.
I'm really excited for Easter this year and by the looks of the forecast
we might have some decent weather.
There are 7 million different reasons I love the spring/summer and
one of them has to be concerts!
Whether it's free, park concerts or over-priced stadium shows
there are usually more concerts during this season than others 
and this year Blake and I really lucked out!
So far, this is our summer concert series lineup:

Britney Spears - next Tuesday (Caitlin & me)
Keane - May (Blake & me)
Taylor Swift - May (Nikki & me)
Death Cab - July (Blake & me)
The Wallflowers - July (Blake & me)
Depeche Mode - August (Blake & me)

I think the only show Lucy has a chance of attending would be The Wallflowers - 
but she might be too embarrassed of her parents rocking out!

Happy Spring ~ Happy Easter ~ Happy Concert-Going!!