Wednesday, July 27, 2011

arts & crafts

When Lucy had her last dance recital in June I worried what would keep her busy or entertained over the summer. We've done a lot of fun things but she needed a class - something to look forward to each week and give her a break from home. So she started a summer art class in June and it has been the best thing ever!

A cute friend of mine helped put the class together (her sister in law is the teacher) and it's saved Lucy this summer. Each week she goes to Annie's house for an hour and a half (plenty of time for a Target run!) and learns about a new artist, has a story, a little snack and brings home plenty of AMAZING pieces of art!

Before this class Lucy would color a little bit but now she is an art master. She's doing elaborate drawings, paintings and her imagination can go crazy on the canvas. Her teacher is truly wonderful and so good with the kids. I can't believe how much Lucy has learned about each of these artists and styles of art.

This was yesterday when I picked Lucy up from class. They learned all about Georgia O'Keefe, studied flowers, made their own magnifying glasses and Lucy ate gobs of watermelon. I swear, sometimes I struggle with getting her to eat but every week at Annie's she shovels in every snack put in front of her.

When I pick Lucy up from class this is usually what I see. Paint hands, huge smile and begging for me to come back and pick her up "in five more minutes." She's in class with one of her besties Amelia and even Amelia will say, "Lucy's mom, we're not ready for you yet." Over the summer we've practiced a lot of writing and recognizing letters and numbers but I also think having more artistic time has helped her writing. Sometimes I'm too uptight about art messes so it's been nice that once a week she can dive in, get messy and be creative.

All of this new original artwork started to take over my fridge so it prompted me to work on a new project the past couple weeks. We've had a playroom downstairs that has been very neglected. Hopefully I'll take care of the finishing touches this weekend and do a post with the playroom makeover.

Lucy's had such a great time in art this summer so I know that preschool will be her dream come true! I'm taking the whole "back to school shopping" a little overboard but it's just as fun for me as for Lucy to pick out a new backpack and cute school shoes. We have just about a month left before she starts and it will be hard in the beginning (for me) I'm sure but seeing how much she loves being in a class, learning and being with friends it will be so worth it.

p.s. if you have any interest in fall art classes let me know and I can put you in touch with Lucy's teacher Annie. She is an accomplished artist and I can't say enough about how amazing these classes have been. She is planning on doing a series of classes in the fall - her house and art space is located in the avenues.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

book worm

My genius.
Well she's not reading yet but she earned herself her very own library card. We've been working on writing numbers and letters this summer. Lucy could practice all day so it's not much of a thing to 'work' on for her but she's done so well I thought this would be a fun reward. Last week we went to the library for the puppet show (still can't decide if this is a hit or miss) and then Lucy got her card, 5 books & movie.
The librarian was so cute with her and when she asked for her name Lucy stood on her tippy toes and in her clearest voice said "Lucy-Cate-Schreck".
My big girl.

Between her bedroom, playhouse and playroom things that don't belong to us are sure to get lost so all library books have to stay in a separate space. I probably should use this same strategy on redbox rentals. I could have bought Barbie Fairy Secret for as many $1 nights we had it before returning.

This last picture was from my phone one night when we drove up Millcreek. We walked as far as this trail marker and then I felt creepy crawlies on my legs (or possibly a breeze) and it was time for me to get back in the car. But I just love this picture of Lucy. Eyes closed, long curls and those red pants!

Lucy was finally able to get out for a legit hike this past weekend. Lucy, Blake and her Poppa hiked to Dog Lake bright and early. I heard Lucy was a champ but it's a good thing she can still fit into the hiking pack because she needed a few breaks.

In between the summer fun we've had some lazy pool days, movie days and backyard pb&j picnics. Ahhhh...the thick of summer!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

the 4th is fun

She only wore them for about 20 minutes but I was able to squeeze Lucy's (sock free) feet into these boots for one last wear.

Lucy's big into holidays so we've been talking about fireworks, bbq's, America's birthday for weeks. Finally the day arrived and we headed to my grandma's house for 'grand old flag' party.

Hmmm, who here likes loves holiday costumes?

A backyard "march" is one of my favorite family traditions. My grandpa started this years ago. He would bring out the bag with all of the hats and flags, CRANK up the patriotic music and lead the march around my grandparents' backyard. Oh I miss my grandpa.

But we brought out the bag of hats, grabbed a flag and again cranked up the music! I was so happy to see my Nani march around with us. Just weeks ago she was very, very sick and in the hospital. She is doing much better and I'm so glad she was willing to let us have our party once again in her backyard.

After a couple of loops in the backyard this impromptu (and kind of odd) circle was created. We all just kept marching in place with big, goofy grins across our faces! If that wasn't awkward enough we all decided to take this performance public and head to the front yard.

I love us.

Bobbing for apples. This year the event was timed and Blake and Brinton tied for 2.4 seconds. They were going to have a bob off but after all of our faces swimming in the tub they wisely decided against it.

Coleman! This is the first summer in years he has decided to stay in Utah. Usually he's off to Alaska until the fall but lucky for us he and Calah are local and get to participate in all of these fun family activities. No way is Alaska cooler than that!

This was Calah's first experiencing bobbing and maybe she's already decided on Alaska for next summer :)

Haylie couldn't resist my harassing chants to participate.

We finished out the night with some fireworks and dessert. Lucy declared she loves 4th of July and Halloween (!!) best. Now onto Halloween costume planning...