Sunday, October 24, 2010

october orange

Can you stand another fall/halloween/pumpkin post?!
If not, come back next month!

Last weekend (when we had glorious weather - I dread winter) we visited the pumpkin patch to get our carving pumpkins. Lucy was more interested in the hay maze and told me
"we already have pumpkins on the porch." Silly girl, there are decorating pumpkins and pumpkins to become jack o' lanterns.

With all of the cute fall backdrops we've had this is usually the face I get.

Last Sunday we hosted our last outdoor dinner of the season. Yummy pumpkin curry and pumpkin chili with s'mores and a fire to wrap up the night.
It's so awesome that I "host" dinner parties and usually just provide the drinks.
Blake did some amazing dinners and grilled up a storm this summer but I can fill a drink tub with ice and beverages like nobody's business!

This Friday my parents took Lucy for the evening to Red Butte's Garden After Dark. I was going to throw her in jeans and a hoodie but my mom said everyone will be in costume so we threw together a Minnie.

Since Lucy was having a sleepover Blake and I went out on a real date. Now we make sure to go out as often as we can but usually our date nights are Sunday matinees. So how cool was I eating dinner at 9:30 at night! We saw The Town which was super violent but surprisingly I really enjoyed. But with Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck...

Since we've been talking Halloween in this house since early September I think Lucy thinks I'm making it up. But finally THIS is the week. Enjoy yours!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

a witchy breakfast

Bacon, witches, eggies, skeletons, waffles and spiders!
On Friday not only did we have breakfast with all things spooky but with two of our sweetest friends Angie and Dakota. This was our second year at Gardner Village and their Breakfast with a Witch event and again it did not disappoint.

Every time Angie and I manage to meet up I wonder why we don't have a weekly date. She is the sweetest friend, great listener and we have so much in common. Kota and Lucy have so much fun together so it's high time we schedule more outings.

The weather was gorgeous Friday and as usual Gardner Village was dressed up equal parts spooky and cute!

Standing in line for over thirty minutes for glitter eyes? Uh, of course!

thanks again girls - see you soon!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Who knew?!
Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point was so much fun that we spent three hours of our Saturday enjoying the fall fun.

The pumpkin princess theme was Lucy's fave of course.

pumpkin tetherball solo... :(

Lucy was a champ at duck races.

And yelling "all aboard" with a shake of her hips.

We watched the piggies race.

It was such a fun day. We're trying to take advantage of as many fall activities as possible. Yesterday my parents took Lucy to the harvest events at Wheeler Farm and had a great time (weekdays are probably best) and Friday we have a breakfast with a witch date!
Love October!

fall wedding

Last week our good friends Sabrina and Nick 'tied the knot' and we were lucky enough to be a part of their fabulous festivities. Sabrina invited Lucy to be a flower girl and we've been gearing up all summer for the big day. Lucy and the other darling flower girl did a great job and the wedding was a beautiful event.
Fall weddings are by far my favorite and Sabrina picked amazing colors and her dress was gorgeous. A perfect fall evening.

Sabrina is one of my sister Caitlin's best friends and she's been apart of our family for many years - Caitlin and Brinton were both in the wedding party.

happy couple

my wedding dates

Lucy did great with her flower (leaf) girl role during the ceremony and in these pictures above is still looking pretty angelic but once the wedding party pictures started...well I just pray for Sabrina that Lucy didn't ruin ALL of them. She was rolling around, sticking out her tongue and mouthing off to me in the distance - charming.

Seriously! Sabrina is so pretty - she is the sweetest most hysterical girl ever and she was so calm and happy all day. We love Nick too!
(can you see Lucy's face?!)

Lucy danced the rest of the evening away and as always we forgot about her earlier attitude and thought she was darling once again.

Is this not the cutest family picture you've EVER seen?!

We asked Brinton to attempt to get a decent shot of us and he took this and said "that's a good one". Uhh, Brinton! I know we're not professional wedding models like you and Caitlin (they seriously are) but I know we can do better than this!

~ Best wishes to Sabrina and Nick ~

Friday, October 8, 2010

fall project

So it seems it took a couple of weeks to get my fall decor just how I wanted it (and to find all of my pumpkins) and now it's time to decorate for Halloween...I obviously love it but last weekend when I had scheduled Halloween to make it's debut I just wasn't ready to take everything down and put stuff up. So I worked outside on a little project. I picked up this table at Emilie Jayne a couple of weeks ago. On Wednesday mornings I now have an hour to myself. Lucy is in dance again and this class is not parent-friendly. I can't believe I still haven't blogged about her sophomore year of dance but it's kind of hard when I'm not there and when I ask what she learned (2 minutes after I pick her up) she says she forgot. So I usually have just enough time to grab some coffee and do a couple of drive by's of some shops.

I had been looking for a little table or cabinet to fit in a corner in my kitchen and maybe hold my summer dishes. This piece didn't have as much storage space as I'd hoped for but it was cute and it would work. I had a hard time deciding on a paint color though.

I went with this "harvest" something from Sherwin-Williams. I like the color a lot but I'm not sure how it looks with the walls in my kitchen. It kind of clashes when the day time natural light comes in but that's the beauty of a piece like this - if it really bugs me I can change the color again.

I added a cute knob from Anthropologie. They have great hardware and a lot of it was on clearance a couple weeks ago. The weird, flashy stuff was on clearance and usually those pieces are more interesting.

Once I decorated it up a bit I think it fits the space better. It looks cozier in the evening...but everything looks better in lamp-light!

While I worked on this Blake did some yard clean-up and we started to dump our pots. It's sad that it's time to "winterize" because we've really enjoyed our first outdoor season in this house. But I'm kind of excited to work on some inside projects and experience our first winter/holidays in this house.