Wednesday, July 30, 2008

16 months!

Gulp...oh my goodness the time is going fast.  It seems like Lucy just turned one and now she's well into toddler hood.  Oh this baby girl makes us so happy.  Lucy is getting closer each day to walking but she's not in too much of a hurry because she has so many quick moving techniques to get her around the house just fine now.  She's starting to pull up and want to climb the stairs so...that's fun.  I guess I am a bit delayed in "baby proofing" the house.  I just assumed Lucy would understand what not to touch but after crashing down a picture frame the other day, getting into the dog dish and her love of pulling every single cd (of a few hundred) off of its shelf I've had to make some rearrangements.  Unfortunately Lucy has heard "no" a bit much lately and has turned it into a song.  While she's playing and getting into mischief she sings in her cute voice "no, no, no, no...." it sounds so cute and happy so she must not fully understand it's meaning.  I guess it's hard to when I have a hard time stifling a smile or laugh when I say it. 
Lucy's vocabulary is increasing weekly and even though she doesn't know all of the words she's communicating really well.  It is so fun to understand each other and have little exchanges through out the day.  

The bug's appetite has been huge lately and that has been another area to get used to.  She still has a couple of bottles a day (usually morning and night) but she eats these full little girl meals now. Before I would start her with a few small bites but now I have to prepare a full plate for her.  I cut everything up and arrange it on her little plate as fast as I can because she's usually shrieking with excitement for what's to come. She chews her little bites so cute and any second when the rest of those darn teeth finally poke through she'll be chewing a lot more.  

This week we're solo again.  Blake had to travel to Kentucky for his new job training so we have been entertaining ourselves.  Blake called this morning to talk to his little bug and she's becoming more interested in talking on the phone.  He misses his bug girl so much and we miss him too!  I wanted to get pictures of Lucy this morning on her actual 16 months first thing when she woke up.  So here is my precious girl who we love so much...sleepy head!

Lucy loves these pink curlers - of course not to go into her hair but in her mouth.  She always seems to find one out of no where.

once she finds one it always goes right in her mouth like a cigar.  what a bug!  happy 16 months baby girl!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our 24th

Our 24th of July holiday got an early start.  The night before we went to Nana Schreck's apartment so the bug could get her swim on.  Blake and Lucy pretty much had the pool to themselves while Janet, Bob, Kyle and I watched.  The pool was a perfect temp for Luce and we had dinner and a nice visit.  

Blake had to work on the 24th so I set the alarm, picked up our sidekick (Caitlin) and off we went to the sweltering 24th of July parade.  Yama-to-the-hama - it was HOT!!  I knew it would be warm but this was a scorcher.  We sat at the intersection near the gift basket shop my mom works at and my family had a good set up of drinks, umbrellas and seats but still it was too hot.  Caitlin, my mom and me took turns taking Lucy up close to the parade and she loved the floats and the bands but even she got too warm to enjoy it so we packed it up.  

That evening got much cooler at my great aunt Beth's bbq.  There was a big group and we had a lot of fun.  Lucy met another Lucy (so cute!) and she loved watching all of the big kids run around and play while she snacked on watermelon and guacamole dip.  

It was a fun holiday and I'm sad to say I feel the summer starting to wind down.  I love the fall more than any other season so I can't say I'm sad to see it coming but about this time in the summer you know you're on the downhill slope.  So we'll have to get in all of the swims, popsicles and barefoot days we can.

nana and the bug

the Schreck's and Lucy after her swim-time

Lis and Croz at the parade - next year let's watch inside with the A/C

these girls need a slurpee

I've never seen such competitiveness for tug-of-war!

This miss is ready to walk - with piggies and all!

Finally!  This girl got some painted pigs - I'm so proud of this pedicure - I got it done in just under a minute!

This bug loves a party but by the end of the night and the last of the fireworks she was so ready for beddy.  Love you Luce.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fancy Lucy!!

There are endless reasons why I love this little girl so much...
but one of them is her girly, pink, cuteness!!

Tuesday morning I woke up this pink bug and started to get her ready for grandma's.
We both felt like it was a fancy day and one of the fun reasons of having
a little princess is never having to have a reason to get all pink, fancy and frilly!

checking out the frilly anklets - a change from summer sandals and bare pigs

Miss fancy pants!  Love this girl so much!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adventurers we're not...(Lucy and me anyway)

So Blake has been off of work for about a week (for those of you who were confused about the last post, yes, Blake does have another job).  He was offered a great job from Fidelity and after a lot of thought (and many pros and cons lists) he decided to give his notice at Morgan Stanley and start a new adventure with Fidelity.  He's excited and anxious to start his new job next Monday and Lucy and I are excited it's so close (Gateway) so we can finally meet him for lunch!

Anyway...with this time off Blake stated he didn't want it to be wasted away in our family room watching the O.C. dvd's (even though that's always a fine choice of activity) but he wanted to do some fun activities.  So Lucy got all dolled up in something from her mid-summer line with an appropriate bow and the two of us were all geared up for some major shopping with fun lunches.  But our hopes were crashed when Blake said outdoor activities.  Now, I love my back yard and I like drives through nature but I'm not too keen on camping, hiking, bugs and dirt.  Blake said he wanted the three of us to eventually camp for one night this summer and to gear up we'd spend one morning leisurely in the canyon and another day extending the outside time and we'd try fishing.  

Outdoor activity #1 - Millcreek Canyon: I love this canyon because it's close and you walk like two minutes to a picnic table by water.  Usually we'll go up here a few times in the summer and Blake will make a gourmet breakfast or picnic lunch.  This particular morning we just picked up breakfast and took our cute boys (Suki and Wedge) and pretty much had our picnic site to ourselves.  The morning was nice and cool, pretty water and we both got to relax and read the paper while listening to bug girl chat away.  So it seemed to be a success.  But then a couple of hours later while driving home in the canyon I spotted a giant snake slithering across the sunny road.  Before I could tell Blake he hit it (in half!).  I was screaming and covering my eyes and plugging my ears (why do we plug our ears??!) and Blake gave a heeby-jeeby noise and we sped down the canyon 70 mph.  Blake and I both hate snakes more than anything in the world and he was the one speeding down the canyon saying "never mind, I don't want to be outdoors."

Outdoor activity #2 - Smith & Morehouse: We decided to give it another shot.  This time we packed an actual lunch, brought the fishing pole, blankets, camp chairs, everything we could think of for a half day in the mountains.  The drive up was beautiful and by the time we got to Smith & Morehouse to fish there were quite a few good spots people had left.  So Blake hiked down to the lake and unloaded all 17 pieces of our gear.  Lucy and I got our magazines, books, drinks, snacks, sunscreen and shades and found a spot we could sit and eat and visit and watch dad fish.  Well, flash forward NINE minutes later and Blake is hauling all of our stuff back to the car and saying "I can't hang out with you two outside - we're not doing this again!".  The problem with this time were giant ants everywhere and they were getting by Lucy which freaked me out because Lord knows what kind of bites or rash she could get from them and I was all itchy just seeing them climb onto our blankets so after hearing me say "ew, ew, sick, Blake, ew" he was dunzo and we were on our way home.  

So after those two misadventures I told Blake he should take a solo fishing trip because I really did feel bad that he didn't get the experience he wanted.  Lucy and I (and really Blake too) just do better in hotels.  I wish it was different and maybe one day it will be but if we're being honest... 

Instead of throwing a fit and wandering into the woods for a few days alone Blake booked us a night at the Marriott Mountainside Resort in Park City.  We went up yesterday afternoon and enjoyed cool, clear air, a yummy dinner, some outdoor time (the Alpine slide counts) and a nice hotel bed with Lucy-approved linens.  

We're having such a fun summer and I'm so happy Blake chose to spend these days off with his two girls - even if we're not that adventurous!

Millcreek Canyon

you can see it in her eyes - she knows something is lurking (or slithering, rather)

look, we're outdoorsy!

hopefully Lucy will grow up to be a better outdoor girl with her dad

Wedge & Suk - they even miss their A/C and bedding

Smith & Morehouse

love the summer squint

we want hotels!

Park City

Lucy loves to dive into nice linens

this pic is a little dark but she looks so cute and is getting ready to swim.  We left the camera in the room while we swam so no swim pics.

giggling for tortillas and guac!


lounging pool side in the evening.  I rode the Alpine slide and then switched off and Blake rode the Alpine coaster - it was too scary for me.  I love the slide but it's not the same when you ride the tram solo and have no one to race down the mountain.  Oh well, it was still fun!

bug and daddy 

a cool treat

my scrumptious girl!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This week Blake quit his job and we put our house up for sale. The summer was rolling along too smoothly so we thought we'd shake things up a bit - all in one week! The good news is we're really excited about both things and since Blake has some time off before he starts his new job we get to play a little like a real summer break. He's only off for a couple of weeks and I still have to put in my two days a week but other than that it's just like the summer before 12th grade - except now we have a child.

Woo hoo! Summer time!

Memory Lane...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"you could be a part-time model"

Caitlin let us borrow the Flight of the Conchords dvd this past weekend and this part just makes me laugh so hard. This clip is funny but a lot of their "live versions" on youtube are super hysterical too. Check it out...

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Grand Ol' Fourth!

This 4th of July was so much FuN!  Brinton and Caitlin hosted the festivities in their back yard and brought back many long-lost traditions.  When my grandpa Ferguson was alive the 4th was one of our most beloved and celebrated holidays.  But for the past few years it hasn't been the same and I'm so happy that Brinton and Caitlin brought it back in such great style - I just hope they know that we're expecting that they have this holiday covered from here on out!

Everyone had such a great time and so much food, fun and laughter is really what family is all about...
These pics are a little out of order...this was near the end of the night.  Cousins waiting for s'more s'mores.  

waiting for fireworks to start in Caitlin's cute back yard

me and miss byu (in two months!)

Lucy's snuggle pal - sweet Meg

the midst of the out of control water fight!

Brinton giving uncle Tracy a bit of apple-bobbing assistance


bug a boo

if you've ever seen my dad have a laughing attack you know it's the best ever - it looks like he's crying here but he just got soaked before bobbing and he's starting his infamous laugh attack


everyone is on the hunt for more water or victims

Lucy (or goose as Caitlin calls her) cooling off in the pool

Donning our hats and flags before the big march ~ my grandpa started this tradition and he'd blast patriotic music from the patio and we'd march around their gazebo.  Caitlin started up the music and we started our march - and since my grandma lives just two doors down from Caitlin we ALL marched down to her house and around the gazebo just like old times for Grandpa!

junior miss

gossip girls

host with the most - thanks for grilling Brinton