Wednesday, June 17, 2009

yep, she's two

this face describes our general mood around here lately...
packing, cleaning and moving is tough.

but it's that much worse with a two year old with 
and who has given up sleep.

Lucy has been up past 11 or 12 the past four nights.
she's stopped taking naps.
and this morning I walked into my room and she 
was jumping on my bed shaking our her sippy of milk -
it was flying everywhere and I said "Lucy-stop!"
and she let out some type of growling "nooooo"
and yes, it kind of scared me.

oh well.
it's normal - i hope.
and i think she along with Suki (who's been hiding and whining)
sense that something is going on.
but if all goes as planned we should be moved and settled 
in about a week.

for the most part she's still our happy, sweet girl.
I promise.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We have two weeks left to 
pack up all of our house and we've
yet to find our new digs.
We have a garage full of boxes and we're trying
to weed out some stuff so I don't carry around
my 11th grade English papers for another 15 years.

So what do you do with a time crunch and 
stress stomach aches??

Figure out your scanner and reminisce through
old pictures of course!

I only talk to one person from this pictures still (other than
Blake) but I had to include it -
look how hard I'm rocking the pyramid hair?!

And Blake, puttin' on the ritz!
It's sad to think how excited he was about this outfit.

Back to packing!
(and I think we'll hang on to these)

Friday, June 5, 2009

emotional roller coaster

So after 11 months on the market it looks like our house (our home, our normal, our comfort) has sold.  We were just a couple of weeks away from giving up and taking it off of the market and then bam! two offers in one weekend.  So I have to tell myself it was meant to be.
Nothing was ever wrong with our house or our neighborhood or Woods Cross but we always knew we'd be short-timers.  While we have loved our time here we've always known we'd like to settle in Salt Lake.  I love old homes (when they've been renovated by someone else) and tree-lined streets.  Our doctors, jobs, restaurants and families are in Salt Lake and we usually drive in many times during the week.  So you'd think I'd be thrilled that this finally happened.  But of course I can't make things that easy.  This past week everything has happened so quick, too quick.  I've cried, wondered, made lists, gotten myself sick and cried some more over this move.  
Part of it is our memories.  This is the house we brought Lucy home to, the house we had built for us, put in all of our own yard, became close friends with our next door neighbors, celebrated holidays and milestones.  The four walls of my bedroom held me in when I cried myself to sleep most nights during my pregnancy.  Our back patio is where Blake and I have had some of our best conversations late into the night.  And Lucy's darling room is where she can sit forever as long as we're reading her books or looking out her window from the glider.  The other part of this being so hard is we're not quite sure where we're going to live - amazingly, that is the easier of the two for me to handle right now.
We aren't rushing into anything so we're going to find a house to rent for a year or so and then hopefully move into our permanent home.  That part will work itself out soon, I'm sure.  Leaving this house is the hard part.  But like Blake has told me, no matter where we would have lived our memories would have happened.  This home is just a shell that contained everything but it didn't really affect the outcome of anything.  We will always have our memories and moments long after we've left this house.  
I've started packing today and I woke up with an attempt at a better attitude - "time to clear out and start fresh!" "this is our new exciting adventure" and "the most important thing is that the three of us (and the dogs) are together".  And yes, we ASKED for this.  It was our decision to move.  We're fortunate that we've owned this home, we're not losing it and we're not experiencing the hardships so many people are dealing with right now.  So I'll try to embrace it and be excited.  It will be an adjustment but I have to believe it is for the best.  
So if you see me and I'm teary it's just because I'm sad about leaving my backyard birds or my walk-in closet.  And if you're not a fan of helping people move just keep an eye on your caller id - it might be us! 

zoo pass

The great thing about a Hogle Zoo pass is that you can always go again.
It's so nice to just pop in for an hour or two first thing in the morning
before the crowds arrive and the animals go to sleep.
This past Monday we saw most everything at the 
zoo and enjoyed a lovely morning with 
Team Lis and Croz!

We tried Lucy's wagon out and they both did pretty well -
but these two are movers and shakers and feel
better about outings if they can walk around and explore
things on their own.

this guy put on quite a show

Lis & Luce

the zoo has a new Madagascar exhibit and this is one of the guests - a fossa -
apparently it is the largest mammal on Madagascar.  
Too cat-like for me - I was a little creeped out.

staring at a tortoise

we LOVE carousels!

on her "bug"

Let us know if you're up for a zoo visit.  We have a pass and snacks!
p.s. we are done with the "small animal exhibits" for awhile so we'll 
wait outside. :)