Wednesday, December 31, 2008

fresh start

happy new year! (almost)

New year's (or new year's eve rather) has been one of my least favorite holidays.  But starting January 1 I do like the idea of a clean slate.  A new calendar to put events of the coming year, a clean house because the tree and all of the decor is put away, and a new state of mind that maybe some goals can be achieved or at least attempted.  You can group me in with the 80% plus people who don't stick with their resolutions after about 12 hours but it's still fun to have a crisp new notebook and jot some thoughts/hopes for the new year.  Some of mine I'll share...

try not to worry as much about Lucy (at least a little)
get back into decorating even though I'm still in my same house that hasn't sold
start learning about the birds in our yard
maybe cook dinner sometimes
be outside more (at least once spring arrives)
replace diet coke with water (at least a few times a day)
watch more movies with blake instead of bravo alone in my room
limit the drama and just enjoy!

Today I read an article about Lake Superior State University's annual List of Words to Be Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.  I don't know why but most of the struck me so funny and I agree with a lot of them.  Some of the best:

staycation (this word depressed me the first time I heard it)
not so much
it's that time of year again
and the emoticon for heart <3

cheers to a new year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

21 months!

Whoa baby girl!  Today almost came and went before I posted your "happy 21 months".  I guess with all of the excitement of the holidays your 30th of the month milestone almost passed by.  But tonight after you went night-night I was reading in bed and thinking of how you are growing up so fast lately.  How you seemed older tonight when you went to bed than when I first saw you this morning.  That's when it hit me "21 months!".

Baby girl we love you so much!  Earlier tonight we played in your new kitchen and you fed me an ice cream cone and fries from you food playset - just what I like!  You bustle around your toys like you mean business and every time I tried to put the little baking dish in the stove you took it out and put in your shoes.  Silly girl!  

Daddy's new trick with you is to ask you questions and have you give a number response "Lucy how old are you" "one!" you say.  "Lucy how many dogs do you have?" "two".  "How many Christmases is this for you, new years for you, etc.?" "two, two, two".  

This week with all of your new moving and toddling around you gave us a scare.  The other day after we put you down for your nap I came upstairs and heard you banging on your door!  You are getting so big you climbed out of your crib (or as you say, "jumping, jumping").  I freaked out and started to cry.  But once I knew you were okay and not hurt I wanted to cry because you are such a little girl now.  But that is what you are supposed to be and I'm so proud of how amazing you are - even if you are starting to make my heart race!  (Just try and climb out of it now that daddy lowered it).

As daddy always says to you: you're beautiful, you're smart, you're funny, you're pretty, you're intelligent, you're sweet....he could go on and on all night about his bug.  Love you pumpkin pie!

neither of you thought this was as funny as I did - sorry Luce & Wedge!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas...

...was great!  We had such a nice morning but I can't believe how fast it comes and goes.  We woke the buggy up shortly after 8 and she was very excited to see that Santa had come.  Elmo was a hit as was the peanut butter Christmas trees in her stocking.  She got a baby doll with a stroller, cradle and car seat.  She liked the equipment but not so much on the baby.  After our morning at home we headed to my parents' house.  It's always so cozy Christmas morning at their house and luckily Santa made his way there too.  Lucy got a kitchen set, groceries, shopping cart, 5 million pieces of play food and tons of other things.  She wasn't that interested in all of the darling outfits but she did like her snowy hat and the most darling scarf ever!  Lucy kind of had a roller coaster of emotions that day.  I think it was a little overwhelming and I will admit that we're getting closer to the "two's"  I won't call them terrible just yet but just a little "moody".  We gave her space while we opened our gifts and then after some time alone with her kitchen she was ready for round two. 
After my parents we went to my great aunt Beth's house.  And there is where we got our best Christmas gift - Lucy walked!!  When we first arrived there were just a few of us; normally it's a full house.   Well Lucy was standing by my chair and then without thinking just toddled over to the center of the room.  She sat down and all of us cheered and clapped!  Lucy immediately turned onto her tummy flat on the floor and was quiet as could be.  I don't know if she was embarrassed, scared or what but when I picked her up her bottom lip popped out and she started to cry a little.  My sweet little drama girl!  We were all so proud and I'm so happy Blake and I both, along with my parents and a few other witnesses were all in the room when it happened.  I always knew this day would come but we've waited quite awhile.  Since then she's taken a few steps now and then on her own and she's walking all over the house holding onto her new baby stroller.  She's going to be running within weeks I'm sure!!  I couldn't have asked for anything more exciting!
The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent at my Nani's house.  We had a yummy dinner and got to spend some relaxing fun time with family.  I tried to sing along with my cousins and sister to Mama Mia and we all had numerous laughing attacks!  Lucy loves to be with the cousins - they are so good to her.  
Our Christmas day is always so busy but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Luckily we were tucked in our warm house before the giant snow storm hit - thankful for a wonderful holiday with family.

"oh wow"

my mom got all of us "puffy's" so we had to have a puffy pose!

little miss working in the kitchen

happy new year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I love... snow angels

...the snow "squint" (similar to her sun "squint")

...the Dean Martin version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" - I've never really listened to the lyrics until this season but it's a cute song "put some records on while I pour".  Steer clear from the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey version, oh and the Dolly Parton/Rod Stewart version (yes, it really exists)

...the Soup Kitchen's tomato soup, yum!

...presents wrapped, cards out and a lot of the "to-do" list crossed off

...cute play friends.  This is Lucy's little friend Brayden and he is ADORABLE - and yes, Lucy is VERY jealous of his gorgeous locks.  These two hung out last weekend at a holiday party and his parents Brady and Stacy and Blake and I were just there to chaperone!

...Santa freak outs!  The whole time in line Lucy was chanting "santa, santa" we asked what she was going to ask him for and she said "elmo, elmo".  Her full paparazzi was there for the event (gammy, poppa, brinton and aunt cake (caitlin)) with all of our cameras ready.  Well when I walked towards Santa she started squirming and saying "no" and what did the best mom ever do?  Plopped her right on his lap!  I think this is the age for Santa freak outs!

...knowing that my family is warm and healthy.  Something none of us should take for granted.

...knowing our San Diego/Sea World trip has been rescheduled!  The way I feel about this cold and snow already will make our getaway in February so much sweeter - let's just hope for no illness, injury etc.

...the smell of our Christmas tree and its gold lights, so cozy at night

...these cute cousins and buddies

Croz and Lucy have had these matching sweaters since spring and Lis and I decided it was time for a photo shoot (and pancakes!).  I must say these two are darling and they play very well together.  

Such a fun, fun afternoon.

...getting Christmas cards and updates/pictures in the mail.  It is so fun to see and hear what everyone is up to.

...our family get-togethers and traditions traditions for the three of us

...this girl, again and again, this girl.  Here she is waiting for her first Trax ride.  Lucy and I met Blake down town to see the Christmas lights at the Salt Lake Temple.  She was so bundled and so cute but she kind of hates these new mittens I got her.

...that Blake understands and hugs me when I break into sobs after getting off of Trax because I feel sad for the homeless guy with holes in his shoes.  And of course on the packed train he was the only one who got up and moved and offered me his seat.  

...that a lot of people are genuinely good 

Blake has yet to capture the people in the picture and the cool scenery (pink & white) lights in the background :)

Blake and I have been together for like, 47 years or something and this was the first time we've ever been to see temple lights together, and we're not even scrooges or anything.

I two besties, more than anything.

Friday, December 12, 2008

busy day

Yesterday was Lucy's visit back to the Neonatal Follow up Clinic.  Every time these come around I get so panicked about going and every time I leave so uplifted, happy, relieved and grateful for the service.  Luckily this visit Blake was able to attend; it's so much better to have both of us there to listen and at this point to help entertain Lucy.  It's a very long day.  Yesterday we were there just over four hours and Lucy was seen by: pediatrician, neurologist, speech, physical therapist, nutritionist and psychologist.  Not to brag (but I kind of think I deserve to) but all the way around Lucy got stellar reports.  Yes she's small - we just need to get over it.  She's healthy, eating and growing.  Her speech is above average which we already knew but she tested at 24 months.  The psychologist warned us that we have a very intelligent little girl that does not like to be bored and needs to be challenged.  My big concern is that Lucy isn't walking but all of the doctors (including PT) concluded that Lucy will walk when she wants.  She's fully capable but extremely cautious.  Her gross motor has always been delayed so they expect walking to be delayed.  And all doctors said we should want that to be delayed if anything because every other area she is ahead.  

I love this clinic.  I think it is such a wonderful program for parents of preemies.  The doctors are such specialists in their fields and they work so well with the parents.  The one doctor who I always love to see is the pediatrician.  He is one of the most amazing men I've ever met.  He is so impressed with Lucy and has told us how remarkable she is and how amazed he is with her.  He looked back over her NICU report and again was surprised to remember how she didn't have any issues.  He just beams when working with her and he has such a soft, respectful approach.  He speaks to Lucy quietly but using adult words and I swear she understands him.  Something about him and the words he was saying about Lucy brought tears to both of our eyes - it's really hard to explain.

We don't go back for about a year - the clinic visits are spaced further apart as the kids get older.  Again, I'm sure I sound like a bragging mom but when you get to hear such amazing reports about your child (which most we already knew) you kind of have to share!  

Later that evening we got to celebrate my mom's birthday.  All of us went to Bombay House for dinner and we were all too busy sampling pretty much everything on the menu that I didn't get any pictures.  We went back to my parents' house after dinner for presents and cake.  I tried to get Lucy to pose by her pink tree in her room but she was too busy to sit still.

or maybe she was in a trap with uncle Coleman!
Coleman is Lucy's climbing pal and maybe this would be an easy way to carry her up the mountain.

On a quest...

Any good quest starts with some chicken curry!  So before we set out to find "the" tree we went to Mi La Cai.  And yes, Blake has recruited a fan, the two of them could eat this every day.

Our snuggle snow bunny!  She already had gone with her gammy and papa to pick their tree so she knew what to expect.  She had so much fun playing with the snow and looking at countless trees until we found the one...


happy holidays!!

(the final tree pic will be posted soon - we had light/star drama...)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Las Vegas Oasis

Well I cried almost all of the way to the airport after we dropped Lucy off at her gammy and poppa's but once we finally got on the plane and were on our way I was okay.  

It's not really that cool to take pictures of us and Las Vegas (without our buggy) so I don't really have any to share.  We did have an AMAZING time though!  This was our first solo getaway since before I was pregnant and I was afraid I'd be sad the whole trip but we were fine (it helped our situation that every time we talked to Lucy she answered the phone saying "bye".  Thanks Luce).  We stayed at the Mirage, gambled and didn't win but I guess I was due for a losing streak, ate an absurdly over-priced mediocre dinner, saw three celebs (Ron Jeremy (porn star who everyone knows from mainstream media, VHI, etc. but apparently everyone thinks I'm creepy for knowing who he is) and Russell Brand (I don't know why myself or anyone even knows who he is but "Forgetting Sara Marshall" is really funny) and Giovanni Ribisi (blake spotted him, I really don't know his film credits). Anyway...

The main purpose of this getaway was to see Oasis.  They played at the Palms and the show was so, so great.  Oasis was at the beginning of our relationship.  When we first started dating we were really into them when no one else was and Wonderwall became our song.   Blake even had part of the song engraved inside my engagement ring.  He's still mildly obsessed with them and I really like them but am not too into their new stuff.  We were afraid the concert would be full of Vegas posers but ALL of the die hard fans came out for this show.  Blake's youngest brother Kyle was there in GA floor and his older brother Brad sat with us in some pretty supremo seats.  The energy of the show was amazing.  The venue is really intimate and the sound was good.  I'm kind of in love with them again.

We finished the trip with some Christmas shopping and Sephora shopping for me, In N Out and just laughing with each other at the oddest sights and situations.  We missed our baby girl so much (and so much more than she missed us) but it was fun to be together and just hang out for the weekend.  Gammy and poppa took Lucy to Zoo Lights and to pick out their Christmas tree and I'm afraid if she had been awake when we picked her up late last night she wouldn't have come home with us.  

Blake is REALLY into ratings and rankings and after this show he said it was his #1 favorite concert thus far.  I'm so glad I got to share it with you...

Here's a snippet of a song for you blake someone posted from Saturday.

Matt Costa and Ryan Adams opened the show.  I had heard some of Matt Costa's stuff before because he plays with Jack Johnson but I didn't know him too well.  I am really surprised he is touring with Oasis because it's an odd pairing but good for me because I really liked his set and this song has been in my head ever since we got home...(my new musician crush!)

Friday, December 5, 2008

breakfast in bed

For Christmas Blake and I decided to give each other a little weekend getaway to Vegas.  We fly out this weekend and we are going to see the band Oasis in concert (yay!).  It all sounds great and I'm sure it will be but I have been struggling this week knowing that I'm leaving my Lucy.  She's staying at gammy's and poppa's and I know they will have such a great weekend together.  It's just the fact that I'll be away from her that makes me sad.  I'm sure once we get there I'll be fine but I haven't been the most enthused traveller-to-be.  I'm sure when we drop her off she'll be pushing us out the door knowing the fun is about to begin but until then I've had to get in my Lucy time.

I brought Lucy into our room this morning and delivered her a tray of breakfast in bed.  She kept saying "oh wow" and that wasn't because I had made some gourmet meal.  She just knew this wasn't our routine and was intrigued.  We ate our toast, snuggled, read some stories and then turned on cartoons.  It's just so nice to have some lounge time with my baby girl.  I hope I don't call and pester her too much while we're away for 48 hours! 

Countdown to Christmas

We don't have snow (and that's just fine with me) but it really is the countdown to Christmas.  We haven't bought our tree yet but we did do some decorating and have been listening to Christmas music this week so we're easing into the season.  At Gammy's house, Lucy got her own pink tree (pics to come soon) to keep in her room there.  And this week Lucy's Nana came over and brought her a tree to decorate along with a fun snow globe and Christmas book.  This is sure to be a fun Christmas season with our bug!

decorating with nana

so happy for early gifts!

Her Guy!

Lucy has quite a variety of toys.  Some we like better than others (because some are quieter than others) and some have had a lot of good use.  Almost too much use.  I think all of us around here are very anxious to see what new toys Santa will bring so we can retire some of the ones we've had our fill of.  One of those toys that won't be going anywhere soon is Lucy's "guy".  Yes, with her cute dolls, interesting puzzles and soft snuggly plush she's a little obsessed with her guy.  This creepy toy came in a Happy Meal over the summer.  I guess he's supposed to be the wizard from the Wizard of Oz (if that show isn't creepy enough) from the Madame Alexander fast food toy collection.  Lucy has carried this guy around for a long time and she LOVES him.  No, like seriously loves him.  When she sees him she exclaims "ohhhh, guuuuy!" and always kisses him on that creepster mouth.  I'm not about to take away anything she loves that much - even when I feel like he's watching me from across the room.  But let's hope something Santa brings will end this obsession.

Lucy and her guy first thing in the morning - she talks to him some mornings the entire ride to gammy's

giving snuggles to her guy