Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Tonight I had my first experience volunteering with the Parent Support Group at the NICU.  I started the application process months ago and it took some time to complete everything but I think I had been putting it off for even longer on my own out of fear.  I think I was just nervous that I'd have major flashbacks and be a blubbering mess.  That's okay if I'm like that in private but not when I'm supposed to be "supporting" parents who are actually going through the process right now.  

Anyway, I went and it was such a good experience.  No blubbering at all!  I shared Lucy's story and our NICU experience with the group and listened and offered answers to the parents.  The Wednesday night meeting is a chance for parents to get out of the unit, listen to a topic  and share their story along with other parents.  Our role as volunteers is to share our story, listen and offer support.  Obviously everything shared is confidential but I can say there are some very small babies in the NICU and some families who have spent many days out there.  I can only feel grateful that we are past that point in our lives.  I hope that I will be able to help someone at some point during volunteering as much as I was helped and supported during our experience.

Even though the NICU unit is vastly different at the new IMC than it was at LDS the smell of the soap is the same and walking into the unit so many memories came flooding back.  I noticed the same sign-in clipboard on the counter and a few familiar nurses starting the night shift.  I came home and couldn't help from racing up the stairs to take a peek at my sleeping bug, all snug in her bed, and I felt so happy I don't have to leave her at nights at the NICU anymore.  Then I let the blubbering start... :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

I love...

(I haven't done one of these for awhile)

I love...Lucy's independence. Even though it can be scary (she's a speed demon on the stairs) and frustrating ("no, no, no") it is still so fun to see her becoming her own person. She has a very strong personality and I love it!

I love...dark nail polish. Now that summer is winding down the dark plums, browns, reds and black can come out onto my toes.

I love...Janie and Jack. Yes, I love this store and just found out it's coming to Fashion Place. This is not good for my wallet but at least I can see everything in person and if I just HAVE to have something I won't have to pay shipping. Oh Lucy loves this store too!

I love...eating at the kitchen table. This might sounds strange but I have recently realized how much I like it. Pre-Lucy, Blake and I ate like zombies in front of the tv and up until recently we still ate like that. But now that Lucy is eating big girl meals we are eating at the table. Having some music on and conversation beats the droning of the tv.

I love...The Hills! I know, I just bad-mouthed tv but only during dinner :). The Hills is probably the most glossed-over, contrived "reality" show out there but I cannot get enough. I've watched from day one and am so excited the new season has started. Blake secretly loves it too so it's one of a few we agree on.

I love...husbands who make breakfast on the weekend.

I love...the snort face! Out of the blue a few weeks ago Lucy was looking at me and suddenly scrunched up her nose and started snorting. Thinking about it now, maybe I should have taken offense but it is the funniest, cutest little trick she has. Her tiny lips and nose all scrunch together and then she'll just snort. It's hard to catch on camera but this is the gist of it.

I I know I've mentioned this numerous times but it's so comforting to get on this site and realize for Lucy's birth weight and circumstances that her weight and size is normal for her. There are so many other tiny kiddos out there who are just as healthy - just lovely and petite!

I love...San Diego. It's not exotic or anyplace new but I love taking trips to San Diego. There is so much to do and it's such a fun getaway. Lately I've been planning trips to SD in my head and have been wishing we actually had one in the works. I guess it's because many years during the fall we've had a Southern California trip planned close to our anniversary (Palm Springs, San Diego, Dis). Maybe we'll be able to go sometime next year and visit San Diego and have Lucy visit SeaWorld - she would love it!

I love...kiddie cones!!

And it looks like someone else REALLY loves them too!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The cutest gap ever and Elmo...

This scrumptious girl is driving us nuts with her cuteness!  Her two top teeth are in for good now and we discovered Lucy has this darling gap right between her two front teeth.  It is so adorable and seems to fit her personality just perfect!

I tried to get her to show me her full on new smile but none of these captured it just right - still super cute

Oh, Elmo!  I've never been a big fan of characters but somehow all kids seem to discover Elmo.  Lucy loves him so much and last week my mom took her on a special Toys R Us trip to get a Tickle me Elmo - I have to admit he is cute and starting to grow on me!  We found the baby one at Target so now she has a portable one too.

munch, munch girl!

Tickle me Elmo is a lot of fun but I'll draw the line when Lucy wants character clothes :)

The hikers

Last Sunday my dad, Blake and Lucy attempted to hike to Dog Lake up Millcreek Canyon.  Well, since it was a perfect day everyone else in the valley must have had the same idea because they said it was packed!  So they found another shorter hike and the report I got was that Lucy did great.  I was worried about...her getting too cold, getting too hot, slipping through the leg holes of the pack, sun burn, bug bites, getting car sick (or pack sick), Blake seeing a snake and getting so scared and running so fast that Lucy would fall out of the pack, etc., etc., etc.  But luckily none of that happened so I might just let them take her again in a couple of weeks!
dad and a hiking bug

sleepy girl with grandpa after their first hike


(*disclaimer: you may start to bop in your seat, get up and dance, or fall in love with some cute musicians upon watching this youtube!)

On Monday I finally was reunited with my sweet boyfriend Jack Johnson.  He's quite lovely and can always make me dance and smile!  Yes, Blake, my cousins Haylie, Aspen and Meg all went to the Jack show and it was great.  This is the 3rd time I've seen Jack play and it's always super.  He's such the summer-outdoor show performer and we've been counting down for this one for awhile.  We decided Lucy would have more fun with a sleep over at gaga and poppa's (we're trying this name out for my dad - I think she'll get it before grandpa) so we were baby-free which allowed more dancing opportunities :)
Two opening bands played, Neil Halstead (which Blake and I loved and are now searching for his stuff) and Rogue Wave (Meg and I thought they were fun).  We had really good seats and although I was eager for Jack to come on I was hoping he would be delayed a bit so my sister could make it in time.  She was flying in from being stranded in Washington (long story, hopefully she'll blog about because I'm sure I'll find some humorous parts of her tale) and our friend Sabrina picked her up and then they raced to she show.  They got there half way through Jack's set but in my opinion any Jack is worth it!
So this show kind of started to set the sun on summer.  I think it's our last outdoor show of the year but I know we'll see him again soon.  I'm so glad my cute cousins went with us and I love them because they dance with me and point out all of the good people watching opportunities!  

1 - Jack covering Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion".  This was so cool and I think my cousins and me were the only ones who knew the lyrics.
2 - Zack Gill - he may have to share boyfriend duties with Jack.  He plays in his band (ALO Animal Liberation Orchestra) and plays piano and accordion with Jack.  He has the most delicious dance moves and is cu-ute!  He played one of his songs with Jack (posted above from another show).
3 - an almost full moon
4 - hearing the opening sounds of "Flake".  This was Jack Johnson's first big hit and it's still my favorite song.  
5 - Blake.  He likes Jack too and he doesn't care that I have a huge crush on him.  He doesn't care that I dance through the whole show when I don't have the best moves.  And he is a good sport about being surrounded with girls (cousins, sister, friends).  And he never makes me stand in the concession lines!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall must-haves!!

Last night I did feel a tiny nip in the air and I know autumn is just about to creep up on us. I think I'm ready for it too. This time of year not only makes me start to get excited for all of the sights, sounds and smells of fall but for that new beginning of a school year, fall fashions and a cozy move inside. I've always been in love with school supplies and back to school shopping and although Lucy's not really in that stage yet we still can play along. When Target's school supplies first came out (weeks ago!) we stocked up on notepads, pens, crayons and a pencil pouch for her supplies. I came super close to ordering her a backpack (I know, crazy, it would have been about as tall as her!) but I held off. I think she will be getting a lunch box though - I can justify that one. Anyway, if you can't go "back to school shopping" or don't really have a need for supplies I think everyone owes it to themselves for a little fall treat. Here are some of my must-haves for fall...(hopefully Blake stopped reading the blog!)

I love when pottery barn brings out its fall/halloween stuff. Wouldn't this treat basket be so cute on a buffet table? One please!

I'm not that cool of a makeup person but I do love Smashbox - I have a pale peach color from this new line but I think this color looks yummy for fall.

In my dreams I would get this bag for my anniversary, but i don't think it'll happen.

but while I'm dreaming if I was sleeping in this bedding I don't think I'd be too sad when I woke up! Oh how I love orange.

i couldn't resist these so they're waiting in my closet for a crisp day

and this is waiting in Lucy's closet!!!

these crayons are the best because they're great for little hands - she hasn't completely figured them out yet - she still wants to eat them but we have gotten a few scribbles out of her

baby driving moccasins - oh a definite must-have!

this will probably stay on Lucy's wish list but i can just picture her in it with her pretty hair...sigh!

one day I might realize Lucy doesn't really like or need hair accessories - but in the meantime she does need this one!

So, what's on your fall must-have list?!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

NICU Reunion

Today we raced home from Boise to be able to attend the NICU reunion.  The reunion is for graduates of the LDS Hospital NICU and the new IMC NICU.  Last year we didn't attend the reunion because Lucy had only been home for a couple of months and we didn't want to risk her being around so many kids yet.  But this year we had kind of been counting down to go and visit friends  and graduates from our NICU days.  We were so happy to see two of Lucy's three primary nurses.  It is so amazing to think how important these nurses were (and still) are to our lives.  Every day for 2 1/2 months we would walk into the NICU and be comforted to know who Lucy was with.  These women helped me get comfortable picking up my own daughter from her isolette and shared tears and laughter with us for many days.  The reunion was such a happy event.  We saw kids of all ages running and playing and just being normal kids.  It's so nice to see so much success and happiness (and loudness :)) in one room!  There were many other nurses, therapists and other staff we were happy to see.  After having such a long NICU stay we pretty much got acquainted with everyone at one time or another.  

Also, we were lucky enough to see two of Lucy's other podmates, Molly and Jackson.  Molly was born two days after Lucy and they spent a lot of their NICU time in the same pod side by side.  They shared Natasha as a primary nurse and Molly's mom Leslie and I became good friends in the NICU and still keep in touch.  Jackson was born almost two months before Lucy and they were in the same pod for many weeks too.  Jackson's parents are very sweet and we spent many Wednesday evenings chatting with them after the parent support meetings.  It was so fun to see these three kids together who have come so far and grown so much and see such looks of happiness on all of the parents faces.  

Everyone who knows me knows how I can talk about the NICU experience for hours.  It was so awful and scary in some ways but still so empowering and life changing in others.  I became a different person from that experience and it was so heartwarming to come full circle tonight.  Lucy didn't look so tiny tonight and everyone commented on what a BIG girl she has become.  They still could see the feistiness in her that they saw at just over a pound and the hugs and smiles made me realize this is a reunion we have to attend every year.

Lucy with her primary nurse Natasha.  Natasha can be blamed for starting my bow obsession with Lucy.  Whenever she had Lucy she would pull out Lucy's secret bow collection and most days would have her sporting "double bows"!  We love you Natasha!

Lucy's nurse Donna is such a sweet lady.  She would leave care notes for Lucy (for other nurses to know what Lucy liked (and didn't like - always the little diva)) and would call her the little "championette"!

Lucy and Molly - the little podmates reunited!  I can't even believe how big Molly is now.  She was bigger than Lucy to begin with but they were both 30 weekers.

NICU grads - class of 2007!  Molly (with mom Leslie), the bug (pretending to be shy) and me, cute Jackson (with mom Sarah)


On Thursday we drove up to Boise to attend my cousin Guy's wedding.  We spent a lot of time laughing, swimming, snacking and sleeping...a perfect way to spend a couple of days!!  The wedding was very nice and it was so good to see family members we haven't seen in quite awhile.  I guess I was too busy doing everything listed above to take many pictures.  Looking at them now it's once again a Lucy photo shoot...oh well.  It was a very fun getaway!

snuggling in her punk princess jams!

on the streets of downtown Boise after the rehearsal dinner.  I haven't been to Boise in quite awhile and their downtown was surprisingly very alive and happening!  We wanted to hit up some clubs but the bug was ready for night night.

BaTHiNg bEaUTy!  really can I be this girl for a day?!  She swims, is snuggled by everyone, fed pizza and juice by the pool and then naps for three hours!!  Well, I guess I did pretty much the same thing that day while Blake was out golfing but no one snuggled me and I fed myself the pizza!

our happy traveler

this is how I find my bug after leaving her alone!

my cousin Meg is the best little friend to Lucy - she makes Lucy so happy 

and honestly, Brinton is really the best uncle ever. who else will walk this little girl all over town, swim with her, feed her bananas and he never gets tired of any of it!  I hope my sister let's him be Mr. Mom when they have kids because Brinton's the BEST!!

okay so we saw tons of family this weekend and now I feel bad we didn't get more pics!  This little cutie is McKay, he is my oldest cousin Blair's youngest.  They live in Alabama and he is just the sweetest little boy ever.  He kept asking to "hold baby Lucy" he would pet her arm and give her so many cute kisses!  Hopefully 70 more years won't go by until we see these fun cousins again!

"Americano got the sleepy eye..."

Last week Lucy went to her first concert!!  Blake and I (and the rest of the family) were so excited for this Lucy "first".  Music is such a big part of our family and it was quite fitting that James Taylor was Lucy's first concert.  We've seen James many times and he always delivers a great show.  My family went with our cousins and aunt and uncle and had some sweet lawn seats with plenty of room to boogy.  It was a perfect summer night for a concert and the best part of the night was the first intro of drums to Mexico my favorite song - Lucy and all of us girls got on our bare feet and danced.  Lucy was the best concert kid ever!  She danced, clapped and made everyone within our general area take their eyes off the show and onto her - my little hammy!!  Thanks fam for a great night and for sharing in the first of Lucy's many concerts!!

the fam - don't be jealous of our sweet dance moves, okay?

the real show stopper

too much fun with us!!!

it's kind of sad how neglected this girl is... :)

sweet baby James!!