Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recap

On Christmas Eve Lucy was ready to get things rolling -
we had a busy week leading up to Christmas
and we got in most everything we had planned to.
We did numerous drives on Christmas Street
and Bible Street, watched some Christmas movies,
frosted sugar cookies (pre-made, frosting kit, best idea ever!),
went to Zoolights! and a few nights before the big day Lucy
got a phone call from Santa.
So by the time the Eve arrived she was ready!

We spent Christmas Eve with Blake's family
with a yummy dinner, gift exchange and some
Beatles rock band.
Then we headed home to open jammies and
a Christmas book and Lucy left out cupcakes, milk and a note
for Santa.
Christmas morning we asked Lucy if she thought
Santa had been here -
she climbed up the steps saying
"he came, he came"
when she got into the living room though I think she
thought Santa would be sitting on the chair eating cupcakes.
She looked around a bit and then we tried
to explain he didn't stay and hang out - he had to move on to
other houses.
She got over it as soon as she saw the doll house Santa
left her - and she hasn't stopped playing with it since!

We had a wonderful Christmas.
We all got spoiled by my parents and spent
the morning there with family and sweet rolls.
We visited other family throughout the day
and ended up back at my mom's for dinner.
It's always a busy day but I love
that we get to visit and see everyone
and Lucy is so fun to watch enjoy the holiday.
I guess I was too busy enjoying
the day because I only took a handful
of pictures...but I'm pretty sure
Blake has about six hours of video footage!

A month ago Blake starting talking about his gift to me.
He said I've always wanted it and that there would
be no way for me to top what he was giving.
I really wasn't into that challenge but
I was intrigued with the gift...
I thought jewelry, a hot tub (only thing I could think of saying
I've ALWAYS wanted) maybe a spa day??
Well I opened my gift and it was a candle we had
bought on one of our best trips ever to Palm Springs.
So he booked, planned, and made all of the arrangements
for just the TWO of us to head back to
one of our favorite places ever and yes at least a few times
a month I always dream and talk of going back.
So we fly out next week for four glorious days of
mid-seventy degree weather, no inversion,
spa treatments (me), golf (blake),
dinners out, a convertible rental car,
and did I already say WARM SUN!!!

The last visit to La Quinta was over 3 years ago (Lucy came too but
we didn't know it at the time!) -
there are over 50 pools at the resort so I think
I counted about 8 steps to walk from our Casita door to a full size pool.
It's glorious and I couldn't be more excited!

I'm just trying to get over my guilt of Lucy staying home.
I'll miss her so much but I know she'll be
having a fab time with my parents.

So...I'll have to just try to enjoy myself
lying poolside with a slushy drink!!

Thanks Blake - we're going to have the most FuN!

HaPPy NeW yEAr!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

my sugar plum

Well, she put on quite the show!!

My sweet baby girl did such an AMAZING job
in her Christmas recital and made us all SO proud ~

Not an ounce of fear and she would have been
pretty thrilled to have a few more numbers
in the show.

Out of 40+ girls I think she was the star of the show ~
well she was our STAR for sure!

we're so proud!

Lucy is such a lucky little girl...
she has the most wonderful family
who loves and supports her
(and us!)
thank you all (17 cheering fans!) for coming -
it meant so much to us.

We love you so much baby girl...
you have us beaming with pride.

let's be festive

Lucky for us Blake took Friday off so we had a few jam-packed
days of holiday festivities.
It's the time of year to bundle up and freeze
and do activities just to see the look on
your baby girl's face.
Since Lucy is all about the holidays
this year it's hard to let anything pass us by...
even when it's 11 degrees.

Wednesday night we went to the live nativity
"Nativity in the Glen" near our house.
It was super packed with people and so cold it kind of hurt
but really worth it.
There were live animals Lucy got to see and the glen
was aglow with paper lanterns.

Thursday we ventured south for Thanksgiving Point.
I had the dumb idea that maybe In N Out
crowds may have died down by now but I was wrong.
The Draper location had a 50+ car line in the drive-thru
and people were lined up 20 feet deep out the door...
and the outside temp gauge on our car read 10 degrees.
Really people?!
Anyway, the lights at Thanksgiving Point are so worth the drive.
Lucy could barely blink she didn't want to miss a thing
and I loved being warm and cozy inside our car.

My favorite part was the reindeer at the water tower.
We had to get out of the car for this and we
only lasted a few minutes before running inside
for warmth and hot chocolate.

Warm & cozy in the car

Friday we spent the day Christmas shopping -
not for us but for the three individuals we picked
to buy for our family charity project.
Lucy picked an angel off an angel tree -
a little 2 year old girl who was asking for shoes, socks,
pajamas and a baby doll.
It was kind of hard explaining to Lucy
that the gift was not for her but eventually
she seemed okay about it and was so proud
to help deliver the gifts back to the drop-off site.
Blake and I picked two individuals who get services
through the Utah Association for Intellectual Disabilities.
This organization provides services for adults who are intellectually
disabled but are not qualified to receive
most government aid.
Shopping together as a family for
this cause was so special and rewarding for all three
of us and each year we will continue to find
organizations we can do our part to help.

Saturday morning was THE day...Lucy's dance recital-
but that of course deserves its own stay tuned!
After the morning's events we decided we were
cutting it close for Lucy to still visit with Santa.
We headed to Trolley Square and with my parents
watched our baby girl turn into such a BIG
girl right before our eyes.
Not a flinch of fear or apprehension - she just marched
up into Santa's sleigh and let him
know she'd like...
a pretty dress
a bracelet
a pretty necklace
and pretty shoes!

We wrapped up our busy day with dinner at
spaghetti factory...
I can do without the snow but I do
love this wonderful time of year...
especially with these two.