Sunday, May 23, 2010 we come!

road trip!
So the back story...we had just been to Disneyland last October but Lucy's recent
love/obsession with the princesses really warranted a discussion to head back to the Mouse.
I bought Blake tickets to a Dodgers game for his birthday and that prompted
some major trip planning.
Lucy is one lucky girl...
and I'm pretty lucky too that Blake doesn't mind doing the same vacation over again.

Vegas baby.
We drove this trip and probably spent as much as 3 round trip tickets would
have cost in gas, hotel, portable dvd player and snacks. But at least we
know we can make the drive and road trips can make for good conversations
that you can't tune out with the tv...

We checked-in early, swam, had a yummy dinner and then were in jammies by 8 to watch the
Survivor finale (we know how to party it up in Vegas!)

Day two we made it to Anaheim and Lucy was back in the pool - this time in a perfect
mini pool with slides

We checked out the Grand Californian hotel (hopefully the next place we'll stay)
and had dinner and shopped Downtown Disney

We had 2-day park hoppers and let me tell you, May is the best time to go to
the parks. Almost everything was a walk-on. We did most everything in Disneyland by the
afternoon and it gave us an opportunity to wander around and take in all of the magic of
the park. Oh, and I forgot to mention we were about 6th in line in the morning to enter the
park and got to be there for the countdown and rope drop...and I cried...
But mine were tears of joy...not tears of fright like Lucy...during "It's a Small World"
she got over it pretty quick

our princess

I should probably be a bit alarmed Lucy willingly went with this
creepy Pinocchio and danced in the street parade

Princess Tianna was darling and had the cutest Louisiana accent

On day two in California Adventure we had dinner reservations at Ariel's Grotto
with the princesses. Lucy's favorite is Cinderella and Blake and I both were crossing our fingers
Cinderella would be there. Lucy must carry pixie dust on her because all of the faves
came out to dinner...

Lucy literally squealed when Cinderella came to visit

After two days at Disney you need some down time so the last
few days of our trip we spent in Newport Beach. We had beautiful
weather, saw a Dodgers game, finally tried Pinkberry, did some shopping
on Balboa Island and ate at Blake's favorite restaurant Wilma's Patio.

go Dodgers!

It was wonderful.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lucy & Ariel

We really like Disneyland!

Weather is beautiful, rides are walk-ons, we dined with Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora & time ever!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

March for Luce!

Thank you.
We love you all so much who donated and/or participated with us in this years'
March for Babies!
We had over 40 amazing, supportive, cute, wonderful teammates making this year our
biggest team ever. We also raised the most money ever - over $3,000.
Thank you.

The day was memorable...beautiful weather, smiling friends and family, fun activities.
This by far has been the best walk yet.

darling Greta waiting for the walk to get started

yeah, we're Team Lucy Bug!

our team, and Blake and I both individually all raised $1,000 putting us
into the exclusive $1,000 club - visors and all.
Blake really did amazing this year with fundraising
(I'm sorry if he called and harassed you)
and it means so much that he actively participates with me in this cause

Can I just gush did I get so lucky to have such
amazing friends & fam

waiting to bounce

the poster for MFB 2010

love you, thank you all


So this post is over a week late but I guess it's okay because my sister has been sunning it up in CA this last week to celebrate. Caitlin graduated in December but she "walked" last Friday at the University of Utah with a Sociology degree and Criminal Justice certificate. We are all so proud of her! When Caitlin got engaged we all put in our two cents about school and marriage and blah, blah, blah - I guess what the baby of the family has to endure. But Caitlin proved us all wrong and managed to work full time and go to school full time (usually with 4.0's) and graduate in speedy time. It took me much longer and I never came close to her stellar grades.

Way to go bash sister!

(you're next Blake, right?!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 q's

So I have this friend...
I met Kennan at a work party when Blake worked for Morgan Stanley. Blake had talked about this guy Trevan and said he was so cool. Well sure enough, when I met Trevan and Kennan they were definitely the cool kids.

It took a few years but after blog stalking Kennan and then running into her at fashion place mall a few times we made double date plans and since then I feel really sad if I go more than a couple of weeks without seeing her (and Trevan and their darling kids Jude & Greta).

Kennan is a friend I wished I'd have had forever - she makes everything fun and makes everyone laugh. I admire her confidence and directness. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she's quite a few years younger than I am but she's very wise and I've gone to her for anything from mothering advice to ironing advice!

Kennan had this amazing idea for a blog to introduce all of us blog stalkers. Her new blog is

Check it out - it's so interesting to meet so many people in a friendly non-stalker-ish sort of way. Leave it to Kennan to get people to open up and tell strangers your deepest thoughts :)

You don't need to know her (or me) to play - just check out her blog - leave a comment or email her and she'll profile you.

I know there's just a handful of you out there who read my blog but I know who you are and I really think you should play.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

kind & generous


That pretty much sums up what I've been thinking the past couple of days. I have been so overwhelmed at the generosity, work and love of friends, family & strangers this past weekend and it has been such a wonderful example to teach Lucy. I know she's only three but when this much good work is being done you have to try and get across the importance.

On Friday Lucy and I had the privilege to go to my dad's work and accept a donation to our March for Babies team for $300! They have a new gifting program and my dad happened to talk to the right person at the right time and we were bestowed this great gift.
Lucy and I brought cookies and all of our appreciation and got to visit Poppa at work and accept our check.
Thank you dad and thank you United Stationers!
My dad really works with some great people and we're so lucky we got to thank them in person.

These two...what can I say?
My aunt Kim came up with the fabulous idea of a bake sale to help raise money for Team Lucy Bug! Kim and my cousin Alisa worked, baked, packaged, made posters, spread the word and did a million other little things to make this a BOOMING SUCCESS!!
Kim & Alisa make delicious goodies on their own and they got some wonderful additions from my great aunt Beth, my mom, sister, other cousins and family; everyone contributed in one way or the other. Cupcakes, pies, fudge, cookies, cinnamon rolls...
you name it - it was there!
Oh, and I...brought bottled water.

the cold & rain didn't stop people from getting their treats!

every detail was perfect - packaging, cute baskets, a raffle,
we're talking pros here!

We were hoping to make a couple hundred dollars but after a
drumroll on the lawn we heard the incredible total $778.!!!!!

Thank you ~ thank you to everyone who helped in any way, who bought a treat
or even drove by and waved! Thank you to the sneaky ones who only took $5. in treats and left almost ten times that amount. Thank you for the laminated signs that the rain couldn't ruin. And thank you forever to Kim & Alisa who may have done
so amazing that everyone is looking forward to next year's sale...

I'll say it again and again, I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have the BEST friends & family ever!

p.s. Go Team Lucy Bug! We've made our goal!