Tuesday, October 30, 2007

7 month birthday and jack-o-lantern

Lucy is 7 months old today. Her new tricks are rolling over and a giggle-almost-laugh. She loves to be read to and has really started loving toys. She likes to be entertained or rather she likes to entertain and she demands an audience. Lucy slept in her big girl crib over the weekend and did amazing. But I'm too sad to have her leave our room so she's staying in her bassinet - at least until the weekend. Lucy is the most beautiful amazing person in our world and we love every second with her. Happy 7 months bug girl!

pumpkin carving night

I hope the bug will forgive me for this but how could I resist pumpkin girl!

our jack

ready for Halloween!

Blake said I traumatized Lucy with the pumpkin so I had to cuddle her with a story after. When Blake brought Lucy to me I heard him say "don't worry, I won't let mom put you back in that pumpkin." Sad. Grandma Worthen had cute gifts for Lucy's 7 month b-day and first Halloween. She gave Lucy the books Autumn Walk and Mouse's First Halloween. What a fun way to spend a rainy almost-halloween evening!

A big horn sheep loves Lucy

On Sunday we thought we'd try and rise (a little) above the yucky inversion and take Lucy on her first zoo day. Blake and I both haven't been to the zoo for years and it was fun to scoot the bug around and show her some animals.

It was perfect zoo day weather and we felt lucky we could squeeze another outside day in before our winter lock down. Lucy was a little more interested in people watching than zoo watching but it was fun to see our healthy, beautiful girl enjoying the day.

These penguins made us sad for Seaworld - so we're taking Lucy next year.

moms & babies

In the picture at the top of the post Lucy doesn't look to keen on the big horn sheep. But he came running up to the side of her stroller and sat right next to her. After awhile she stopped crying and just looked at him. We determined then her favorite zoo animal of the day was the big horn sheep so we got one for her to take home. As you can see, that night she cuddled her new friend!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lucy's first play date

I have been friends with Annie since 7th grade. We were in French class together and soon became good friends. I moved during junior high but Annie and I remained friends and would try to see each other or at least chat on the phone. I remember Annie and I were both obsessed with Wayne's World from SNL and saw the movie together and laughed non-stop.
Annie and I have continued to keep in touch over the years and she was one of the first people I called when I was pregnant. She was pregnant too at the time and was able to give me some good advice. Her sweet boy Elliott was born a couple of months before Lucy. Elliott is the most handsome, intelligent, sweet boy ever. He's also going to be one "good sized" linebacker when he grows up! Obviously Lucy is tiny and Elliott is on the far other end of the spectrum. But I think these two will grow to be good friends as Annie and I have.
Last week Lucy and I went out to visit Annie and Elliott and had such a fun time. Annie and I can pick up and talk for hours about anything and it was a fun play date for all four of us. Annie took some great shots of Lucy (she's an amazing photographer) and I got to read books with Elliott. We had a wonderful afternoon.

This was taken over the summer. Lucy has grown quite a bit since then but the size difference is about the same. Not adjusting Lucy's age, these two are about two months apart!

Annie took this great shot of Lucy. I'm in the background reading with Elliott. We need to take another side by side shot of these two.

Photo credit to Annie - she is so talented.

Witchy poo!

As I've mentioned, I love all things Halloween. That is why I was so easily intrigued by going to Witchapalooza at Gardner Village. Every year I hear about this event and have always wanted to get a group of some of my favorite girls and go. Well, it was very fun and festive and all of us being together and laughing hysterical - more at each other than the show - made it a "ghouls" night to remember!
I hate to make everything so sappy but driving home from this night I thought how much I love the women in my life. So many people have been there for me this past year and being with this group of women, laughing and knowing each of them would do (and have done) anything for me is such wonderful feeling. I love you girls!

Some of my favorite witches in the world!

vc girls and some of my best friends

wanting wizards!!!

Sabrina and Caitlin. I'm stealing Sabrina to be my best friend.

Cute Lis - you can't see her tummy but Baby B is there too. We have to wait and see that sweet boy in February.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pumpkin patch!

I love fall, halloween, crisp air, comfy sweaters, warm candle light, rustling leaves, orange, cooler nights, pumpkin bread, corn stalks, down comforter time and full harvest moons.

This time of year is my favorite and everyone knows I would be happy if it could be autumn all year long. I would love to have my house decorated in fall and halloween all year but Blake can only handle pumpkins and gourds for so long. We are having a great fall-time with this bug girl and I just know she will love this time of year as much as I do.

This past Sunday we went with my family to get Lucy's first pumpkin and have some fun at the pumpkin patch. We had a great time and it was a beautiful day. And it makes me happy our family is so easily entertained! :)
Caitlin spooked!

Lucy's pumpkin for grandma & grandpa's house

Caitlin & Brinton got Lucy this cute "daddy's little pumpkin" onesie - a perfect outfit for the patch!

Brinton attacked!

daddy's little pumpkin

witchy woman

So at the time this seemed funny, now...kind of creepy

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, Lucy's first vacay was a success! We left last Thursday for Moab and had a great little getaway. We were able to try out the new car and the new baby :) We stayed for only two nights but Lucy proved to us we could have stayed longer if we wanted. The weather was perfect for us but a tad chilly for Lucy to do much swimming. We did manage to get her in for one quick dip. In the evening we sat by the hot tub with our feet in and Lucy on our laps and she loved it! We didn't put her feet in but she was happy to be outside and listen to all of the night sounds and suck on her hand - her new passion. On Friday we went to Arches and it was beautiful. There was a lot of in and out of the car for each arch stop and Lucy figured out pretty quick she preferred being out of the car rather than in.

Lucy decided this trip she loves being a "show stopper"! EVERYWHERE we went EVERYONE was interested in Lucy. The Germans in the pool loved her and wanted to know her whole story. She smiled as Blake explained her prematurity and size to the German woman and then she relayed the story in German to her husband. After some back and forth they told us Lucy was darling - in German and then in English. At Arches people would stop us and tell us how beautiful she was and everyone loved her cute bows and jacket - she would just smile on cue and bat her eyelashes. An older couple from Michigan stopped us and asked us how old Lucy was and we proceeded to tell her story - they were so interested and sweet. The woman almost was in tears when Lucy smiled at her and she thanked us for getting to look at her! They were so thoughtful and as we got in the car the woman was still calling out "God bless you Lucy". At breakfast, in shops, at the hotel, Lucy was the show stopper!

Lucy was so great the entire trip and only had a couple of freak-outs but those were our fault because she got off of her schedule. Blake and I are so excited for our trips in the future with Lucy. We realized how everything is new and different when you are experiencing it with a child and we also realized we might have to be more social with European strangers who want a look at the bug - that's okay, we love you bug girl!
eavesdropping on Germans

first swim with dad

snuggling by the hot tub - no pig dipping for Lucy though
happy girl
waiting for breakfast at Jailhouse Cafe
our family picture, minus our daughter's face
dad and bug
Dead Horse Point

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what a good girl...

Lucy had a doctor appointment this morning and it went very well. We haven't seen her pediatrician for almost 6 weeks and even though I was interested to see how she's doing I still get very nervous before appointments. I guess because 95% of my prenatal appointments sucked. But Lucy had a great appointment and we all left with smiles - yes our tough little girl had tears in her eyes from crying a bit after her shots but she could still manage to smile on our way out the door.

with daddy, waiting for shots

Lucy's weight is 7 lb 5 0z and she grew almost 2" since our last visit. She's now just over 21" long - that is a few inches shy of a foot longer than her birth length. The doctor said Lucy is doing great and he's very pleased with her progress. He reminded us she'll always be a slow grower but he was so happy with how healthy she is and how well she's doing developmentally. Everyone knows I'm a list maker and so after 6 weeks I had quite a list of questions. Lucy's doctor is so great and reassuring. He answered every question in detail and was honest and open with us. I'm paranoid about everything and so I had to ask the doctor what was the hard little bump I felt just above Lucy's bum, "Codi, that's her tail bone" he said. I kind of knew that already and my mom had already told me that's what it was but it was still on my list - just to make sure!

Lucy also had her 6 month shots today and luckily I had Blake there to hold and comfort her. She also had her first dose of the flu shot. Beginning next month Lucy will also start receiving the Synagis shot. This is to help protect her from getting RSV this winter. Most preemies and some full term babies with lung problems get the shot throughout the winter. We've realized our time is dwindling to be out and about with Lucy so we're leaving tomorrow for a little Moab getaway but soon after that we will probably not be leaving much. We just cannot risk her getting sick - and it is not the cold weather but the germs that will make her sick. Our outings will be very limited this winter and we will just have to make sure friends and family do not visit if they are sick or have been around anyone else who has been sick - co-workers, friends, people at church, etc.. Lucy's doctor really stressed the importance of this today and we heard it in the NICU all of the time. One little cold virus on someone who is around her (even if they don't feel sick) could potentially send her back to the hospital.

Snuggles and kisses for my brave girl

So our tough little girl did great today and had a super appointment. When I asked her doctor at the end of the visit "do you really think she's doing well" he said "of course, but more importantly how do you think she is doing?". That's what I love so much about her doctor - he knows that us as parents know Lucy best and he makes us feel like good parents every time we leave.

little bandaids for baby thighs

cute baby girl, i love you

Monday, October 8, 2007

My new mom car!

Okay, so I've really never NOT had a mom car: Buick Regal, Ford Contour, Subaru Outback. But this car was bought with first of all safety in mind and secondly how easy it will be to get the Bug in and out of it - along with all of her gear. So it really is a mom car!

Sweet Blake gave up his most prized possession, (after Lucy and the dogs) his Legacy so Lucy and I could drive around in style and safety. We decided Blake's car wasn't really practical for us at this point because I cannot learn to drive a stick shift and we need a little extra space now. We kept my wagon (I still love it) and now we have a nice new Subaru Tribeca. Blake worked his smooth talking moves and got us a good deal. Now, we're done with the car stuff and all happy - well Blake will be once he gets over his car loss!
Getting comfy in her new ride

I promise, we will never get a mini van

Lucy was dunzo after this night - two hours at the car dealership and then she woke up to find herself in (gasp!) Walmart at 10:00 pm - sorry bug

bunny feet