Wednesday, January 11, 2012

trending now

On my yahoo home page they have a "Trending Now" sidebar with what I expect is supposed to be happening, searched or popular topics. Sometimes I think they're fake and yahoo just stuck some random thing in there. Because today...Herniated Disc Surgery. Really? I mean, I've had one but I really hope that's not a trend. So anyway, jumbled thoughts and all this is my personal trending now post.

Kindle Fire: Okay, I got one for Christmas and it's been the best gift ever. I have been so bad at reading the past year or so. There are so many books I want to read but I'm lazy and never make the time. I guess by not having to turn a page it's really made things easy for me and I've read three books since Christmas. Going along with this trend is the Hunger Games series. Leave it to me to be a year or two behind the trends but I started these after Christmas and I really like them. I've avoided them because of the futuristic/science fiction-y idea but they've been great.

Zumba: My cousin Alisa and I bought gym memberships on living social. She's a superstar and goes to every class but surprisingly I've got hooked on a few classes too. It really helps when it takes 2 1/2 minutes from my driveway to a parking spot to get to the gym but I really actually enjoy it once I'm there. My favorite is our Zumba class. Who knew I would have so much fun and not dread going to an hour long class which turns me lobster face red and a sweating mess. A lot of it has to do with the instructor...he's amazing! At the end of a long day it's so therapeutic to dance around with a bunch of strangers (and my cousin) to a latin-themed Pump up the Jam.

Downton Abbey: Last weekend my cute friend Stacy mentioned this PBS series on her blog. Stacy has really amazing taste so I knew this could be worth watching. Then on Sunday there was an article in the Tribune about the second series starting and how it was even better than the first. Well, in just a few days I'm almost finished with the first season and I have all of the second season set up to record on the dvr. I LOVE it!! The costumes and sets are spectacular and the different story lines draw you right in. This is highly recommended! The episodes are on Netflix but I've been streaming them from amazon for guessed it, on my Kindle! Thanks Stace...

Bathroom cell phone pictures: Even though it hasn't been that much of a winter yet. There are still some long days. When the crafts are done, one too many episodes of Caillou have been watched the next best thing is to put on a little makeup and take pictures.

Noel Gallagher: The first gift I ever gave Blake was an Oasis cd. Then Wonderwall became our song. Well, the Oasis brothers have broken up but lucky for us we're still going strong. Noel Gallagher has started his own band and he really brought us back in with this song. Romance! So as I start packing for a mini vacay retreat with my bestie I'll leave you with the video. This one will be 'trending' for awhile!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

holiday recap

Happy Holidays...from the Suk!

Christmas this year flew by but it was still pretty fabulous even if it still seems like a blur. This year we hosted Christmas Eve with the Schrecks. I worried about squeezing everyone into my dining "area" but it worked...nice and cozy. Blake and I wanted to get all theme-y and we did more of a southern bbq Christmas. Well, Sugarhouse BBQ did more of a southern bbq Christmas!

To go along with our down south theme we had our own little hootenanny! Janet brought her guitar and we all sang along. Lucy was in performance heaven...and Blake pretty much was too.

Baby Everett! This is Lucy's first and only cousin. And our first and only nephew. We love him so much and he was dressed very dapper for the night.

And lucky for us we'll get another little boy cousin in late spring. Clint and Abby are expecting their first and we love him already!

everyone's favorite...uncle Kyle

After the festivities we did our Eve pajamas, new Christmas book, note and treats for Santa, and Lucy did a lot of "oh dear, I hope I get my American Girl doll".

Christmas eve jitters!

And the sigh of relief Christmas morning that he came...

and delivered!

Out of nowhere Lucy came up with the name Annison for her new AG doll. And she's now a part of our family. Seriously, I'm putting a seatbelt on this doll every time we leave in the car and kissing her good night. Lucy's pretty vocal about NOT wanting siblings but she sure loves this new addition.

After presents at home we raced over to my mom's to open presents. We got showered with amazing gifts (a Kindle fire to help with my resolution of reading more books and less "updates") had a delicious breakfast and spent time lounging before continuing on with our day.

Trying on her new rock star jacket and looking a little holi-dazed...

And unfortunately that's all that was captured on camera. But the rest of our day was a good mix of food, family and togetherness.

Moving right along - Lucy plans to pull out Valentine's decor this weekend!