Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm in a nesting mood.
And I'm not pregnant - believe you me.

Every January I think everyone is wiped out from the holidays, picked up the last of the tree needles and is dying for something fresh and new. Since spring is still eons away the next best thing (for me) is to spruce up the house, paint a wall or buy a dozen too many clear glass jars from Taipan.
I love all things home stuff. I love decorating magazines, paint chips and looking the aisles of TJMaxx for really cheap but somewhat luxurious bedding. And lately this obsession with homes and decorating and "nesting" has hit an all time high. I explained to Blake it must be because it's been about 19 months since I've really felt in my home. We put our house up for sale in July of 2008. Our realtor advised getting rid of a lot of decor, a lot of toys and pretty much making our home a house. When you are in the mentality of selling it's hard to get excited about painting a bathroom or buying anything for the yard. And from 11 months on the market we've been renters for 8 months. I'm really not complaining. We're grateful for warmth, shelter and it's been nice to live in someone else's house and take a break from the responsibility of being a homeowner. But we're both more than ready to be back in that role and all of the work it entails.

One thing that really can make a home/decorating lover salivate is a Nancy Meyers film. Can you remember the rooms in Something's Gotta Give ~ The Holiday ~
the nursery in Father of the Bride II?
Yes, well it's all pretty delicious!
That was my main reason for wanting to see her new movie It's Complicated.
The movie ended up being as wonderful as the decor (you really have to see it - and if you want someone to go I'll be happy to see it again!)

here's the kitchen...

and the cozy English cottage in The Holiday

Yes, I'm ready to paint, put away and nest a little cottage of my own.

p.s. I also have this sudden obsession with The Container Store - I've never been very organized but after an hour or so on their website I WANT to be organized. I want everything to have a place and a cute little name tag: flour, safety pins, light bulbs!
If anyone is feeling organize-y and adventurous I'd be up for renting a mini van and driving to the nearest storefront (California) and stocking up or containers galore!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've sucked at blogging lately. Even though this month of
January has drug on like no other we've found ourselves pretty busy
but just not busy in the way to want to post pictures and add witty commentary.

We're very eager for spring around here - I know we have a ways to go
but we need sun and green grass -
and I really need to stop watching so much tv.
Blake and I have been watching HGTV bleary-eyed late into the night.
We'll watch episode after episode of House Hunters and when they
say, "did they pick house one, two or three" we both (a little too)
enthusiastically shout out our choices.
I've even got him hooked on MTV's Teen Mom -
the season finale was the other night and we both got a little emotional
(blake doesn't read this so I can share).
Let me clarify that all of this viewing is done after Lucy is
down for nigh-night...
although she did throw a fit about going to bed on Monday
night and got to see the 'rose ceremony' on the Bachelor.
We just really need an extra 40+ degrees and daylight savings!

Other than that we've been doing our own house hunting -
close to thirty homes in a few weeks.
I've been doing a lot of work on the family team committee for March for Babies
with a group of great women.
I've started about four books and haven't finished one (another fault of the tv).
We've been amazed at watching both the devasation in Haiti and
also the compassion and outpouring of love for this country.
We donated what we could and both picked which celeb we'd want
to answer the phone during the Help for Haiti telethon.

This bugalicious has continued to be our entertainment and ray of sunshine! Lucy loves dance more than anything and Wednesdays are pretty much the best part of her/our week. She wakes up knowing it's dance day and we have breakfast, clean up and get dance gear on. After dance we usually have a lunch out and usually throw in some shopping, lucky for me Lucy loves Target as much as I do.

Lucy has also been doing a great job with her potty work. We're not quite ready for night time success or extended shopping trips without diapers but she's doing it her way and it seems to work for all of us. She's getting to be such a big girl.

And it kind of makes me sad... Yesterday after our errands we drove home and drove by a school. Lucy asked "who's that guy?" I told him he was a crossing guard for kids coming home from school. She said, "I want to go to school" and I told her she'd go soon enough and talked about all the fun things she'd get to do and learn. Then she said, "I'll go to school, and then I'll say goodbye to you".

Break my heart.

I immediately teared up under my sunglasses and decided I don't need to think about that now...because obviously I can't handle that thought.

So, that's about it for now...

(those 3 of you who read the blog probably are regretting saying "update already", huh? Not really worth it). But we are looking forward for February ~ Valentine's ~ Superbowl (for the snacking) ~ Olympics ~ birthday planning for Lucy! ~ one month closer to spring ~ anything else exciting!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

love you la quinta

This was our view for the past four days
from our casita at La Quinta Resort...
I'm so ready to go back.

75-80 degree temps.
Al fresco dinners under the stars.
Crushed-citrus massage (me).
Unlimited golf (blake).
Red Mustang convertible (I cringed a little at first but it was SO fun!)
Sleeping in.
Getting ready for the day = swimsuit and bag of magazines.
Vitamin D overload.
It was blissful.

Yes, this was steps from our front door and yes we
were virtually the only ones there.

Up under the umbrellas was our destination
for morning coffee and paper (yes, we live the senior living lifestyle).

We missed Lucy and I was worried about
not enjoying myself with her not there but after our
first phone call home we were over it.
The first thing she said on the phone was
"I'm not coming to your house - I'm staying at Gammy's"
Well, alright then - see you in a few days!

No, we missed her but it was so nice to know
she didn't miss us and had a blast with my
parents and family.
Thank you, thank you Mom & Dad for
letting Lucy stay (and the dogs).
If we would've been away from her
any longer we would have had to send for her -
I missed my girl.

We didn't fly home until late Monday night (I mean really late -
our flight was first delayed two hours, which then turned into almost
four, then it took forever to land
because it was too gross and inversion-y for
the pilot to see - oh and I hate flying anyway)
so...since we had to check out of paradise around noon we
had some hours to spend before we left.

We got to the beach in time for sunset.

I'm usually not one to gush
about Blake (that's saved for Luce) but
seriously, I couldn't be luckier to have him.
He is my best friend and we
had such a fun time together.
He makes me laugh like crazy - all the time.
I love that he planned all of this for us
because he knew we needed it.
He does so much for us and I
couldn't have a better match.
It was so fun spending the first day of 2010 -
just the two of us. This year we will celebrate 10!
years of marriage ~ and I truly couldn't be happier
(love you).

We have a lot to look forward to
this year and I'm so happy and
excited for new adventures with my
favorite two.

Until next time...