Monday, July 27, 2009

island park, id

Okay, so family reunions really don't stink.  But this message was scrawled
in my cousins cabin and we all found it quite funny.
We had a GREAT family reunion in Island Park, ID this past weekend.
We've never had a family reunion on my mom's side 
of the family so this was the first of hopefully many more gatherings.
We totaled 24 (which is not a lot compared to some families) but we 
were only missing three family members - not too shabby.
I dreaded the 4+ hour car drive but that was nothing 
compared to some of the distances: Washington, DC, Alabama, 
Las Vegas and Boise.
We spent our extended weekend at Mack's Inn and it was...rustic.
The cabins are pretty dated and it took some of us 
awhile to get used to no tv, wi-fi and starbucks (blake)
but surprisingly we made do just fine.
I love my family so much and we all seemed 
to have a fun time and laughed, ate, relaxed  and played too much.

Floating the river, campfires, naps, Yellowstone,
smoked ribs, mosquitos, "not a bite" fishing trips,
sunburns, blake's breakfast making skills,
s'mores, exploring walks, moose sightings,
good laughs.

This is ~extreme picture overload~
so unless you're family you will probably get bored quick.
But the trip was too fun not to document...

our view

gammy let Lucy pick out her "puffalo"

some of us eating pizza in West Yellowstone
(sorry mom - cut out again)

mama buffalo & baby - just strolling by

Yellowstone lake

Amber, Bonita and Spencer - s'morin it up!

Sandy, Ella, Lucy and Amber - sunset strolls

Haylie - once again making my dreams come true with any pose I ask of her!

dock girls

our family pic of the trip - and I doubt this will be the xmas card pic

moose & baby we saw during our float trip down the Snake river

and then we got stuck

these two are getting annoying with every picture
they're in being cute (and xmas card worthy)

before her cliff dive

see, family reunions don't stink!
Hopefully we'll see you again Mack's!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

shaved ice?

yes, please!
Shaved ice is pretty much the best thing around 
and I've found the best place to go for your fix.
is open for business and it is delicious!
Our friends Annie and Ross are quite the entrepreneurs and
have opened shop in the south end of the valley.

Lucy and I went out on Monday first to meet Annie's 
new baby Wyatt - he's a dream!
And then we were lucky enough to get
a shaved ice for the drive home.
Lucy went for straight lemon-lime and I went for pink lemonade ~
with buried treasure (vanilla ice cream on bottom with cream on top).
Yes, it's delish!
So stop by their cute blue trailer if you're in the area 
and even if you're not ~
make the drive out to South Jordan.
It'll be worth it ~ I promise!

Monday, July 20, 2009

one headlight

Last night we went to Red Butte to see The Wallflowers concert!  This was Lucy's second concert and she has as much fun as we did.  
Red Butte is such a great place for concerts (we saw Death Cab there last week)
and we knew Lucy had to go to this show.
When you get to lounge outside, bring in your own treats & drinks,
see zillions of dragonflies buzzing by and (eventually)
feel the cool of the canyon winds, it really
can't be beat.

Jakob Dylan is very attractive and I love his voice.  But after the show
I did some bio checking and found out he's now 40 and has 4 kids - 
wow, everyone is getting older.

I guess that's why it was such a family friendly show.  Honestly, 
I've never seen so many kids at a concert.  And not just 
skulky teenagers - tons and tons of toddlers.  
So Lucy fit in well but I think she was the only 
one with her own personal dance stage.

Blake took Lucy up to be front-row-joe and they 
waved at Jakob and he nodded and smiled back -
oh my little concert girl!

Then it was my turn to get in on the up close action 
so Lucy and I were right up front dancing the night away.

yes, we could do this every weekend...

Monday, July 13, 2009

i love...

summer edition...

snow cones, shaved ice, slushees
(preferably any lime flavor)

Lucy asking to go to a 'dance party'

our new backyard and how it's shady, 
cozy, quiet and perfect for talks

when Lucy calls me Codi - it just sounds funny

eating outside

somewhat of a tan

beverages taking on a whole new importance

Lucy's love and appreciation of a pedicure

geraniums - this is my first year potting them and my mom and grandma are right -
 they really are the best

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - pure summer trash tv, but why
did it have to end so soon

our Dis trip is close enough to start really getting excited

Us Weekly in the mail - a little gift each week

Lucy going outside and saying "Nice day! Nice day mom!" you have to 
hear it to appreciate the cuteness

canyon drives

my dad on the 4th of july at 8pm okay 8:30

flip flop tan lines - on all of us

Blake's willingness to bbq - a lot

seeing my brother - home for a week from Alaska and then off to 

summer concerts - two this week: tonight Death Cab
and Sunday Wallflowers

hope you're enjoying yours!!


Ni Hao - Super!

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan is pretty much the best thing around according to 
Lucy these days.  I think she's pretty cute too 
so imagine our joy when we encountered a full end-cap of 
Kai-Lan merchandise at Target today.

I was a little embarrassed that Lucy almost
had tears of joys when she saw the FOUR different
Kai-Lan dolls and the small Rintoo's and Tolee's (her sidekicks) -
because then it was really obvious to staring shoppers 
that we enjoy our fair share of episodes.
(yes, she was saying "i love 'em, i love 'em" and "thanks mommy" and
we hadn't even bought anything yet)

But how can you resist her?!
(Lucy and Kai-Lan!)

Thanks Target -
for suckering me in yet again.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Panguitch Reunion

treasure hunts - squeeky cheese - porch games -
balloons at dawn and dusk - naps - family -
lions club breakfast - small town people - beautiful weather -
cousins - cookies - texas twisters - cool evening sweatshirts -
lawn picnics - 30+ minute wait at Henry's Drive Inn - 
guitar jams - sun burns - 
country roads - motorcycle parade - easy conversation -

always the same ~ always fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's only taken about 10 days but I think we all feel pretty settled 
in our new place.  Saying goodbye to our house in Woods Cross
was sad but surprisingly we haven't missed it much since 
we've been here. 

A lot of the things I thought we'd miss at our old home we 
can still do here - only better.
Our evening talks on the patio are not spent swatting mosquitoes
but are cooled off by all of the huge trees surrounding us.

We've been welcomed with cookies and waves and Blake 
and Lucy have already walked over to my parents' house once -
yes, we're that close.

So I think for now we're very, very pleased with this being home.

come over for a visit - she's not as intimidating as she looks!