Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 2nd birthday Lucy!!!

Oh baby girl.
I love you so much and I'm so excited for your second birthday.  At times
it seems like just months since you were in the hospital and we'd have to 
kiss you good night and leave you. Thinking about it now I cannot even imagine how we 
were able to do that night after night.  But I guess because at that point all 
we knew is that you had to grow big and strong and healthy.  We also didn't know what we were missing yet.  We didn't know about this funny, beautiful, perfect daughter.  
We didn't know how much she'd make us laugh - her beautiful voice - her loving personality.
No, all we knew is that we loved you more than life and that we'd do 
anything for you.

Your first year at home was every emotion all rolled into one.  
We had so many fun adventures and you and your sweet personality
was shown.  After your first birthday we rolled into your 2nd year and wow -
what an amazing time we had!!
You are my best friend Lucy bug.  You have taught me so much
about myself and you have allowed me to be the person I truly am.
You inspire me to better myself and give me the courage to do what I want.
You have amazed me with all of your talents.
You are a perfect little walker (we knew it would eventually happen!) you have 
a beautiful little singing voice (much better than mine), you have dance moves like nobody's 
business and I must say, you are brilliant.

You are a non-stop - laugh-a-minute entertainer.  You love everyone 
so much with your big heart.  You could give daddy and me kisses back and forth all night
before we tuck  you in.  You love your puppies and so sweetly say 
"hi, guys" in the morning when you see them.  
Lucy you are so blessed with a loving family and extended family who love you 
so, so much.

You have come so far since your tiny little perfect beginning.  I know you have a huge, long, 
healthy lifetime ahead of you sweetie pie - but what you've done for yourself, me and all of our family so far in your first two years is amazing.  

So I know you'll continue to make us laugh with your faces,
 make me yell when you throw your 
food, make my heart melt when I see your sweet, perfect face and 
make daddy and I continue to strive to be better parents.

Thanks for being a good traveler, a little fashionista, 
an Elmo loving bug.  You love to snuggle in for Tinkerbell movie, 
you get excited for nice linens in nice hotels, you give me an air kiss for a treat
and you do all of these things with your sweet smile.

We've had such a fun year with you bugalicious.
And we have many more exciting things I'm
sure just around the corner.
Thank you for being our daughter -
we love you so much Lucy and hope
you have a happy, happy 

Here's to another healthy, happy year!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elmo Cake!

On Saturday we started off a week of birthday festivities for Lucy.  Her actual birthday is on the 30th but we got started with her first party on Saturday.  All week when asked what she wanted for her birthday Lucy repeated, "Elmo cake - Elmo cake".  By the end of the week when I asked what she wanted for breakfast it turned to "Ernie, Zoey or Cookie cake" - she does love her Sesame Street!

We had a fun party - with Elmo cake of course and pizza (Elmo's favorite meal).  It was so funny to watch Lucy march around and get so excited for her guests, gifts, balloons and cake!  

my almost (tomorrow!) 2 year old

she was more interested in entertaining her guests!

fancy luce

Elmo cake was delish!

Lucy got a golf set and my brother spent time putting it together just so he could see if she'd fit INSIDE of the bag - and of course she did

table & chairs from gammy & poppa

her two new rides 

at the end of a long-fun day I realized we never got a family picture - so while we were 
sitting in the dark (doing our little part for Earth Hour) we snapped this.  
I love our little family and am so thankful for my Lucy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

happy birthday caitlin!

My little sister Caitlin is turning 22 today!
  She is one of my best friends and one of my favorite people ever.  We have a lot more
 in common than we did 10 years ago (or even 5)
and I love that we are so close even though we're 9 years apart.

Caitlin said after her birthday last year (21 in Vegas) all birthdays will be boring.
That's a happy thought!
So I thought I'd give her a bonus present post (don't worry - you're still getting a real gift).
Here's to you Caitlin (Cait, Pudge, Tweet) - love you!

Caitlin is:
passionate, hangry, beautiful, driven, intense, intelligent,
funny, enthusiastic, skinny, stubborn, a super aunt, 
stylish, complex, an activist, a good dancer, moody,
an amazing writer and loyal friend.

Caitlin loves:
Sublime, chocolate cake, cute clothes, doing well in school,
cheeseburgers, high heels, the movie Garden State, her family,
all things beachy, good dining experiences, 
Lucy, My Fair Lady, singing along to everything, 
Brinton and her pups.

What I love about Caitlin:
her prince valiant haircut she had as a little girl, her shared excitement for
a morning mocha, a two second glance we can exchange that says 100 words, 
her confidence, watching her interact with Lucy,
how she was my nurse when I had mono at 19, her food texts and pics
watching her sing one of the Applebee's birthday songs or "go bananas".

I love you, happy birthday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pat's!

We had an early start to the St. Patrick festivities by attending the parade on Saturday. It is an odd parade but pretty fun. The sun was shining and around St. Patrick's day you can really start thinking about spring - we sure are. Erin-go-bragh!


Lucy's "handlers"

"I love a parade!"

my lil' shamrock!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

first hair cut

I have a love/hate relationship with Lucy's hair - probably because I feel the same about my own.  I've had some really good cuts and some nightmares.  Curly hair can be tough to deal with and especially when it is super fine like Lucy's is now.  Her curls look perfect and darling after her shampoo and a little product but after an hour or so it's frizz city in the back.  So, I decided to take her for her first cut and let's hope this little shape up will make it easier for thick, flowing curls to come in.  Let's hope.

Cookie Cutters seemed to be the best option.  A fun car/plane/truck to sit in and choice of dvd to focus on other than the snip, snip around her ears.  It was over with before I had a chance to get emotional and cry and they even gave me a little baggy with one of her curls.  A sucker, balloon and a few pics of miss "I'm getting tired of the camera" and we were out the door!  The stylist did this cute little style on the top which for some reason makes her look older and maybe now I'll have a little cry! :)

my almost two year old...sigh

Monday, March 9, 2009

EI Graduate!

Today Lucy had her final visit from early intervention!  We had our final IFSP interview, signed exit papers and Lucy graduated from this very beneficial program.  She is testing at her age or above her age in all categories early intervention evaluates and there is no more need for services.  

I'm so proud of Lucy for how far she has come - and so exciting that she graduated before her 2nd birthday!  Early Intervention is a great program offered by the state for premature babies and also babies who have some special needs and need some "early intervention".  In Lucy's case all of her delays were gross motor and could be contributed to her being so early and her small size - she was able to conquer everything just with time and the work we spent at home.  But the PT's and staff of EI always had helpful information and the peace of mind knowing someone on the outside was keeping up with Lucy's progress was so reassuring.  Unfortunately, we've heard that many programs like EI are being faced with major budget cuts and some kids will miss out on these much needed services.  After benefiting from these services we will do everything we can to show support for funding for these programs.

This morning was a happy morning and kind of emotional too.  Lucy seemed to know how proud I was of her and she kept dancing around and singing - what a little show off.  Every graduation deserves a gift so I dug into the birthday stash and pulled out a surprise for Lucy - congratulations Luce!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time to March!

It's March (finally) and that means it's time to start thinking about the big March for Babies!  Last year was our first time participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies and I can say it was one of the best experiences I've ever had.  Getting involved with a cause that has hit so close to home was a first for us and to know that our team did such amazing work and impacted the March of Dimes organization was so exciting.  

Last year we had over 30 walkers and raised over $2,600.  We did an outstanding job - especially it being our first year.  This year I am on a committee to help support other family teams and I can tell you after becoming more knowledgeable of the March of Dimes organization I realize how important they are for not only premature babies like Lucy, but for full term babies as well.  MOD has been the leader in promoting newborn screening tests in states all across the country.  

This year we understand that people may not be able to give as much or at all to charities but we still very much believe in the cause of March of Dimes and know that every little bit helps.  A donation of $5. or $10. dollars still impacts the organization and will help ALL babies have a chance at a long and healthy life.  Our team goal this year is $1,500.  - to represent Lucy's birth weight of 1 pound 5 ounces.  If you would like to support Team Lucy Bug! in the March for Babies walk you can make an online donation at our team website or you can click on my March for Babies badge on the right sidebar.  If you are interested in joining and walking with our team, the day of the march is Saturday April 25th at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley.  The walk begins at 10:00 am.  You can join our team at the link listed above to create your own profile, set a personal goal and receive pledges.  

Thank you for supporting our team.  We are so blessed with Lucy and her health and all of the many effects of prematurity that she dodged.  But we still endured 79 days of her being in the NICU and many uncertain, scary nights that no parent should have to go through.  If we can do anything to help prevent premature births, to help those grieving for babies lost and to promote funding for research for all babies to be born healthy - we will support this cause.

March for Babies 2008 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

23 months!

Happy 23 months baby girl!  February is kind of weird because we'll never get a 30th to acknowledge your actual milestone.  So give or take a day, you're 23 months.  The bigger story is that you are one month away from TWO!!!  

You are doing all sorts of crazy and amazing things lately.  First of all, you know how to work the system.  Anytime you do something naughty or something you know you shouldn't you look at me and literally pucker your lips for a kiss!  Honestly, who can get mad with those cute lips puckered?!  Speaking of doing naughty things (your Gammy would disagree) but you are proving that you're a normal, developing toddler and pushing your limits.  Dumping the dogs' water dish, throwing plates, sippies and any food you don't like from your high chair, ripping pages in books and having mini meltdowns if you don't get something you want right now!
Most of the time I know you are doing this just to have fun but other times I see that mischievous grin right before you do something and when you look for a reaction I know it's not so innocent!

You are very attached to your two stuffed friends Elmo and Zoey.  They go everywhere we go and if we don't have them then it's not fun for everyone.  You don't really like the doll babies you got for Christmas but Elmo and Zoey take their place with rides in your stroller and being fed by you.  You are also counting to ten with a little help once we reach 7 and we're starting to work on colors and letters.  A lot of these are inside activitites and we can't wait for the nice, warmer days of spring because I think we're all starting to go stir crazy in this house.  You will have so much fun this spring exploring and playing outside!

Just yesterday I was at the hospital for my volunteering in the NICU and I still can't get over how far you have come.  Even though the unit is at the new hospital, the smell of the soap we used every visit is so strong and brings back so many memories.  Yesterday some volunteers were mentioning how they missed kangaroo care with their babies because that was such a powerful bonding experience.  I haven't thought much about kangaroo care but driving home I replayed those evenings in my head.  Just the three of us sitting and sometimes not even speaking.  I would hold you against my chest and even with the beeps of the machines and the oxygen and wires it would seem (most nights) like the most comfortable place because I was holding you.  Last night before you went to bed you climbed into my lap and let me hold and snuggle you and even though it was only for about three minutes it was the best part of my day!  
I love you hunny so, so much!  You have a big birthday coming up and I can't wait to see what other fun things you do until then.  Love, mommy

This week we went to your favorite cousin's first birthday party!  Even though you're about a year apart you and Croz measure up pretty close in size so he makes a pretty good play date.  Happy 1st birthday Crosby - we love you!!