Monday, November 30, 2009

32 months!

baby girl!
You are 32 months today...
we'll be planning your THIRD birthday party before we know it.

We've decided everyday with you is a new adventure...
a simple day of doing things around the house
or running errands turns into songs,
questions about everything,
and more and more reasons to love every little
thing about you!

You're quite independent and are sure
to let me know how you feel about things.
When I told you to do something the other day
you said, "no mommy. but thanks though."

You know what you like...and what you don't!
Tonight at dinner you couldn't get enough of
garlic bread -
but you just ate the top gooey, garlic part
leaving the crusts.
When daddy asked you to finish them you said
"Nooo, I can't eat crusts daddy, they're scary."
I don't eat my crusts either baby.

You are so excited about Christmas and today
helped daddy work in the yard and get the decorations out.
Poppa has told you about Santa's little birds out
watching and you can spot them a mile away
"mommy, there's santa's birds!"

Just a couple more weeks until your very first
dance recital and we BOTH can't wait!
You love dancing with all of your heart and have
a perfect point.
Mommy is so proud of you and everything you do.

Daddy and I love you oh so much.
You make us laugh everyday...
You are the smartest little girl I've
ever met and I'm astounded at your
vocabulary - very Fancy Nancy!

This close to three is so exciting but
also makes mommy's heart ache a bit.
I know you'll always be my princess baby
but time just flies a bit too quick lately.

Thank you for being our daughter -
our little miracle,
mommy's little curly haired pixie
and daddy's forever treasure...
love you Luce!

Thanksgiving was the perfect mix of
deliciousness, laughter and

Thanks mom & dad

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

mystery date

Last weekend my mom, sister and I went to see MJ's
"This is It" - SO good!
Blake was with Lucy for the afternoon and
he said they just went and hung out at Red Butte
for awhile.
He let her run and play and I was glad
they had fun but didn't think too much about it.

A few days later though, when I was uploading pictures
I noticed all of these mysterious pictures I knew I
hadn't taken.
They were all taken by Blake
on their outing!

I thought it was so cute that he got her
all ready, put a bow in her hair which he NEVER does
(it was a USC bow he picked out in California)
and thought to bring the camera and take a bunch of cute shots.

Blake is such a good daddy, and I'm so grateful
for all he does for us.

notice the bow - Lucy still represents even though
Blake's ashamed of how they're doing this season

Friday, November 13, 2009

princesses on ice

Wednesday night was Disney Princesses on Ice!
This is our year two of the ice show
and the princess one is so far the favorite.

When we went to Disneyland my parents bought Lucy
a set of princess play dolls and she is obsessed with
them and calls them "her girls".
I want to play with my girls - let's go see my girls!

We told Lucy she could choose the restaurant
for her night out but every time we asked where she wanted
to go she said, "to see my girls."
So we opted for Red Iguana - she loves the salsa
and then headed over to the show...

beauty & the beast - our fave

my princess

Monday, November 2, 2009

tricks or treats

Well lucky for all of us...
Lucy loved Halloween!

Trick or treating was her favorite thing
this year and if we let her she would have
trick or treated all across town.
Luckily, she got three opportunities to fill her treat bag ~
Friday morning (when Lucy and I made plans to stay home)
Blake called and said they were having a "little"
halloween thing at his work and I should bring Lucy down.
I was expecting a few kids and not too much
but as we drove down to Gateway - Lucy in full costume -
we noticed TONS of kids filing into the Fidelity building
and I'm so glad we went.
They went all out with candy, games, balloons
and Blake loved getting to walk Lucy around his work
(she just loved the treats!)

On Saturday my cousin Alisa and Crosby invited
us for trick or treating at Foothill Village.
I was dealing with an "almost" cold and
didn't know if I felt up to it ~ but yet again the costume came out
and Foothill did not disappoint.
Tons of candy for Lucy ~ tons of people watching for me!

After a nap and our second wind Blake took Lucy
through our neighborhood and then we walked
down to my parents house (have I said yet how happy I am we moved?!)
for the annual Halloween party!

Family, fun, food ~
and the only regret is not having our video camera catching
Lucy's sugar-fueled-non-stop-dance-laugh-run-screech-entertainment.

So much fun to experience the holidays with our bug!

at daddy's office

on a candy mission at foothill

our pixie

Caitlin & Brinton always have the best costumes

but my parents did pretty well this year
as Bonnie & Clyde - thanks again mom for such a
perfect party

til next halloween!