Monday, August 27, 2012

summer recap

All summer I kept adding pictures to this blog post with the intent to write a witty recap of what happened.  But with instagram, busy/lazy schedules and the thought that I had plenty more weeks of summer to come back and finish - that blog post never published.  Instead of hoping to remember most of this summer in our heads I decided to squish it all together into one giant post.  A bunch of pictures, not much witty commentary but something to capture a lot of this amazing summer.  
In May I decided we were going to make the most of this summer.  I wanted to see and do a lot of new things and have a schedule.  Summer and schedule usually don't go hand in hand but for me everything has a schedule.  Oh we had plenty of lazy, unscheduled days...movies, backyard picnics, pool days at Steiner.  But things run better for us (and my head) if there is a rough outline and some highlighted "must-do's".

I took some ideas from blogs, other friends and pinterest and came up with a type of summer school for Lucy.  I made 12 weeks of themes on little cards and some ideas of activities, movies, field trips, books, learning lesson/craft, snacks, etc to go along with the theme.  On Sunday night I picked the theme (depending on what else we had going on and what I felt like doing) and then Monday morning it would be waiting for Lucy when she woke up on the fridge.  It was pretty much my best idea of the summer!  

We had the BEST time at summer school.
Sometimes friends would join us but most of the time is was the two of us.  Exploring, talking, learning (a little), and getting the most out of our city and the summer.  

Space week took us to the planetarium - we visited the great salt lake during water week - wheeler farm is FREE and we saw a baby calf just hours after it was born during farm animals - the state capitol is empty during the summer and we discussed (5 year old version) the upcoming election (Obama 2012!) during USA week - saw a cool pop-up book exhibit while visiting the city library
...and so much more!

It's amazing if you take a little time to look around how many cool things there are to do in the city.  So many of them are free or you can find coupons.  Some of the places Lucy liked best and will do again is wheeler farm, the capitol and the peace gardens.  I think we'll both be fine to not go back to the living planet aquarium...

Aside from going to 'school' this summer we did a lot of bbq's with friends and family, art classes, swim lessons, concerts and plenty of lounging in our backyard.

arts festival downtown

the best hair-do's have some sprinkler water added in

we'll wait an hour to eat outside at Ruth's diner

a grand ole 4th!

Ringo Starr & his All Star Band with mom, dad, Sabrina & Caitlin - Blake & I saw Keane

flower girl

as many Sundays as possible at the pool with Caitlin - popcorn and fruizls are a must

Our little hiker has earned her 'water backpack' - she wants one every time we see them at Costco.  Lucy and Blake hiked to Dog Lake twice and Lake Mary once - I didn't hike anything.

 Payson Scottish Festival

swim lessons (where I went a little tiger mom...)

Blake enjoying his summer - flip flops and dress pants...

and when it's like 95 degrees for the 30th day in a row you just snuggle in an a/c house

children's art exhibit @ the city library

The last week or so we've taken it easy and enjoyed our time before school.  Lucy's favorite thing is to explore any garden or park that has a hint of magical to it.  She's her most creative and happiest to explore and look for fairies or Alice's rabbit hole.  

We added a sort of reading 'nook' to her play room.  Her playroom is the biggest bedroom in our house but she still needed more space.  I cleared out a few things of one side of her closet, did some scrapbook paper 'wallpaper' found a cute lantern on sale at PB kids and there you have it...a reading nook!  And it looks much more fabulous in person...and at night.

And this is it...the official end of summer.
It was the absolute best yet and I spent it with so many people I love and laugh with...
and my two favorites (forever) - I love our little family of three so, so much.

School starts in 2 days and even though there were a few moments where I thought the calendar would never move...I'm not sure if I'm ready.  

But she is and I'm so excited for her.