Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i'm bragging

I don't think bragging is a good trait to have - but I guess I have it.
I can't help myself though - every day (well, some days more than others)
I am in awe of this little girl.
Maybe her skillz are normal and I just am not around many kids
but either way - she entertains and impresses me like nothing else.
So her counting and alphabet skills have
surprised me - she picks up on everything so quick.
But this past weekend on vacation I was sitting on the balcony with my
coffee and magazine - Lucy wanders out and says
"hi mom, coffee?"
like she's literally asking to have her own cup.
I tell her "no buggy" but lift her up on the chair next to me as she
eyes my UsWeekly.
I fully expect her to start chatting about the latest celeb gossip
and weigh in on the Jon & Kate drama
but instead she stares at me and starts counting -
in Spanish!
"uno, dos, tres" - yeah, I don't know any Spanish so I don't know the rest -
but she did - all the way until ten!
I asked her how she learned that and she answered "Dora" -
yeah I promise she doesn't watch that much tv.
It's almost scary how well she communicates with me.
She really almost has no baby left in her. In the morning we wake up and I ask
what she wants for breakfast - she puts her index finger to her chin and says, "hmmm,
stwawbewwies, eggies, cake".
Some of her favorite books she'll pretend she's reading the words but she can tell me the
story - "Zoey is sad - Elmo is cwy-ing". It is so sweet to see how intently she studies the pages and figures out what is happening and she's so happy to share with me.
But I think the very best is how she can convey her emotions. The other morning on our trip
I pulled her out of the crib she was sleeping in because I heard her stirring.
It was about five in the morning and she snuggled in with me face to face.
She touched my face and gave me kisses and just smiled,
then with her sleepy eyes and scratchy morning voice she said,
"mommy, I happy"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We started off our summer early with a trip down south for the long weekend. Blake's younger brother Clint and his girlfriend (now wife) Abby got married in Las Vegas and it gave us a really good excuse to go to a warmer locale!
We decided to beat the holiday traffic and leave on Thursday. Nothing too eventful
happened in St. George except pool time, lounge time and too much money spent at the Gymboree outlet
(this is the trip that made me realize I do have an addiction buying clothes for Lucy -
an addiction that Blake does not support).
yes, we lounged

Lucy has an addiction too - rocks. Everywhere we go she seems to find
a pile of rocks and they end up in her pockets, in my purse or all over the back seat.

It was cute for a minute but now they are taking up a lot of space and she's starting to take them from our flower pots on the patio. Blake spends a lot of time arrange them "just so".

We arrived in Las Vegas on Friday and had a full day of pool time and then some shopping (H&M kids' department - OMG!)and eating al fresco. We went to Town Square in Las Vegas. It's away from the strip and they had a darling little toddler/kid land outside. Lucy could've spent hours there -but after awhile my swine-flu paranoia set in and we headed back to our hotel.

in her "vegas" outfit - she looks too old for my liking in this pic

running through the hedge maze at dark

Saturday we did some more of the same and then headed to the Hilton for the wedding. Abby is such a sweet girl and I'm happy she's now legally a part of the family.

congratulations to the newlyweds!

blake & brothers (kyle, clint, brad)

yeah, she won't even get to attempt to catch a boquet for about 25 years!

It was a fun weekend getaway and I didn't even get that bad of a sunburn. Lucy was such a good girl - even though she constantly was chanting "wanna walk awound".
Viva las vegas and viva summer time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

living traditions

trying new yummy food - check

dancing barefooot to some good tunes - check

not so discreet people watching - check

yep, she is my daughter!

(living traditions, slc, city & county bldg)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

our time

So we've had our Mac for almost a year and I probably should have taken
the free classes or at least the online tutorials to use it to full capacity.
Oh well, I didn't.
The point is Lucy and I discovered Photo Booth on the 
Mac today - and well it pretty much was our dream come true.
We had our itunes going (specifically MGMT - Kids) and had a photo/video shoot - 
and a lot of laughs.
Who knew how much fun it was to play with a 
two-year old in front of a camera?!
I love her.

p.s. we'll spare you from our dance video
p.p.s. Blake got Lucy ready this morning - he doesn't do bows

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's day

It was a beautiful day.
We started our mother's day at Tuscany for brunch with my mom and dad.
Lucy did pretty well as long as she could eat her meal from the 
dessert table (and occasionally eavesdrop on nearby tables).

Then we went to visit my Nani and Blake delivered to me the best
mother's day present ever...

Four generations: Beverly, Wendie, Codi & Lucy.
I love my mom and grandma so much and I'm so happy they're
such a big part of Lucy's life.

We were home early to spend the afternoon 
napping, reading and playing in the yard.  
Well, that's what Lucy and I did while Blake worked in the yard :)

I love this little girl more than anything -
I am so proud and blessed to be your mom 
little bug.
Thank you for being the 
best thing that will ever happen to me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

it's pool time

I just wish we had a bigger pool so I could join her!

(and yes, Lucy has swimsuits but she tends to do her own thing these days!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the cool kids

These kids are too cool for school.
And apparently too cool to pose for any pictures for their moms. 
Oh well, we had a fun 
play date in our back yard last week.

I say "play" date but these two were both busy 
mowing lawns, watering flowers and
digging ditches in the sand.
So maybe it was a play date for Lis and me!

Thanks for coming over Croz and Lis!
We love spending lazy days outside with you two - 
next stop is the zoo in a wagon -
can't wait!