Saturday, May 31, 2008

While Blake's away...

Lucy's new "ohhh" face - she really does say "oohhh" while she pulls it. We think it started because of her teeth aching which is sad but still so cute! Now she just knows it makes me laugh so she'll do it all the time.

Blake has been in Columbus, OH all week for work and I have to say Lucy and I managed pretty well. I kind of was dreading him leaving because I usually am scared staying alone in our house but this is the first time our little family unit has been apart from each other since Lucy came home from the hospital and I guess watching a 14 month old (yes, 14 months yesterday baby girl!) alone is enough to wear me out by the end of the night that I can't stay awake to be scared.
Our solo week started off with another dr. appointment. Lucy's pediatrician referred her to see an endocrinologist a couple of months ago. On her last blood work one of her growth hormone levels was a little low and since we have such a great pediatrician he took the proactive approach and suggested they take a look at her. I of course was nervous and dreading the appointment and even more freaked out when her original end of July appointment was bumped up to this week due to a cancellation. I took my mom for support and to help manage the squirmy worm. We met a great doctor who reiterated to us that Lucy only started out over a pound and due to her IUGR might not catch up for awhile. She said she looks very healthy and she has no concerns. She also explained that there may have been an error with her slightly low reading of growth hormone and that we shouldn't be worried. She said their office will just track her and make sure as she grows everything still looks great so we don't go back until Lucy is two. What a relief! Once again, Lucy shows us she's absolutely perfect and we just need to get over her petiteness and know she's a HEALTHY, GROWING girl who has come so far. Of course, since she did so well my mom and I had to take her to Babinski's for some goodies because her appointment went so amazingly well.

yes, lucky for me our week consisted of some sleeping-in-late mornings

The next day of our week Lucy and I had a long-awaited playdate with my cousin Lis and her scrumptious boy Crosby. We met at Sugarhouse park for a long chat-fest and so the kiddies could check each other out. Lucy munched on her animal crackers while keeping her eye on Crosby and he was cute and happy and then the perfect weather sent him into a snooze. These two are going to be such fun friends and I can't wait for our family gathering in Panguitch in a couple of weeks so we can get these two in the pool.

Lucy showing off her bruiser side

Lis and Croz

Now either these kiddies were really tired or we're getting the stink-eye for not sharing our onion rings, fried zuchini and lime slushees with them...yama hama

That night my sister Caitlin came over and saw a new side of Lucy. Oh my goodness! Lucy is really the perfect baby and never fusses, never wakes up in the night and never causes me much grief. But her dracula (top pointers) teeth are coming in and it is not a fun time. We thought Lucy would be all about a girls night with dinner, movie and chatting but she wasn't so we tried our best to make her happy and at the end of the night she finally settled in for a cuddle with Caitlin. I think she finally loves her aunt.

Getting ready for our shopping date - unfortunately for me Lucy has decided she doesn't really like wearing bows anymore. I had a long convo with her and told her that's really not an option so she can pull them out all she wants but I'll keep clippin' them back in!

The rest of the week we did some shopping, planting, playing, kissing, trying to take steps and laughing and snuggling in bed. Last night we went to my parents and lounged in their yard and took advantage of the perfect weather.

sink bath!

Lovely squint Luce! Caitlin must be getting a badge in babysitting because she's been all about helping with Luce this week. These are new summer jams from our shopping trip because the thought of her wearing footed pajamas on a warm night was making me sad.

I think we fared pretty well while Blake was away. But this bug girl misses her daddy and I think we'll all three be happy to reunite when he comes home in a few hours!!!

This is a smile - not a cry face. I've tried to teach Lucy to blow kisses, say mommy and various other tricks but the only one she's really picked up lately has been "the shimmy" every day we have our music on and I kept showing her how to shimmy and she picked it up so fast and she will do it ALL the time. I need to get video of it but this is her laughing after a major shimmy session to the song "Werewolves of London" love my girl!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I love...

this girl...

this monkey...

this girl & her monkey...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Out in the yard...

Last year at this time Blake and I had a pretty set schedule every day. I would visit Lucy in the NICU a couple of times during the day before work and at lunch time. Then in the evenings we would meet at home for dinner while the NICU was closed for shift change and then head up to spend the rest of our evenings there. I don't think we ever complained but it was always bittersweet at night. We were so happy to go and see our bug and hold and cuddle her but it was always sad when we had to say goodnight and make the quiet drive home. Our one major hobby was put on hold last year because Lucy was in the NICU and we didn't care much about anything but her. So our evening and weekend activity of gardening, designing and yard work was put on hold. I think we planted a few flowers but not much else was done. Before last year we spent so much time, energy and money on our yard. One season we even got a letter from the mayor of Woods Cross complimenting our yard. Maybe everyone else on our street got one too but we were so proud it stayed on our fridge until Halloween!

our lovely, working mess

So now that things are back to normal we are able to resume our hobby we love so much! Being in the yard is so therapeutic for us. We love going to nurseries together, sketching plans and walking around in the evening inspecting all of our work. Blake works so hard in the yard. I do better at buying and potting - I could be out potting for hours it's so relaxing. But I have good ideas and we both usually have a similar style. The maintenance part is hard for me but Blake will usually take care of it. (I don't know anyone other than my dad who enjoys pulling weeds - I dare you to find one in his yard!) We were excited to introduce Lucy to our hobby but she seems to just like the shopping part. I took her to J & L Nursery today and even though it was a scorcher and she squinted the whole time she giggled and reached for new plants to touch. But tonight once Blake and I got ready to work she didn't like that she wasn't the center of attention and glared down the new flowers I was doting on. I'm sure after a season or two she'll come around. Maybe next year we'll have a garden area just for her to work in.

last week while I prepped some beds she was happy to be with her books

this morning at the nursery

someone doesn't like flowers

These two pots above were Blake creations or "visions" as he called them. I am so excited to show him what I buy at the nursery and he is so excited to surprise me with his creations. Yay for having something in common!

everything is right with the world when she's with daddy

What's in a name?

The other day Blake asked me if I was glad we picked the name Lucy for Lucy? Um, there really is no other name we could have ever picked! I've never known someone whose name fit them so well. Of course she's Lucy! While I was pregnant we had a couple of names we liked but as soon as we found out she was a girl we were pretty definite on Lucy. Every now and again I'd throw a new idea at Blake but before I could get it out he said "I don't like it, I love Lucy". I secretly knew all along we'd pick the name but of course you have to go through a bunch of other choices just to see how they roll off the tongue.

Anyway, today a few days after our name conversation I got a catalog in the mail from a very cute (but super pricey) baby/kids bedding and room decor company In the catalog they have styles of rooms/bedding and each style has a certain name. The names have a brief description and halfway through I came across the "Lucy" line. It reads:

"Lucy is a charmer. She has a mega-watt smile,

has never met a stranger, and she can talk her Dad into

(just about) anything. But the best thing about Lucy?

She's truly gracious, inside and out."

Oh my goodness! I had to tape that up on the fridge and I almost bought a $60. pillow from the line!

p.s. they also have a Blake line from the catalog:

"Blake radiates magic. Rooms light up when he walks in.

He's into a little bit of everything - baseball, drama, math government -

and has friends from all walks of life. It doesn't matter what

town he's in, someone always says hi to Blake."

Uh, maybe on a good day?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

13 Months!

Well time is flying by, April 30th came and went before I could post a Lucy update. We've had so much going on lately (and it's mostly been fun things) so today I noticed we're a little bit into May and I haven't devoted much of Lucy update for awhile.
Baby girl is growing up so quick! I love it but it makes me a little heart-achy too. This past week my mom and I were talking about how she's just not a baby anymore. She has such a personality and mind of her own that we're really seeing this little girl come out.
Lucy had her 1 year shots/appointment this past week. Everything looks great and her doctor doesn't need to see her for 2 months! We've been having monthly weight-checks/synagis shots/peace of mind visits since she's been born. Her shots went as well as expected and Dr. Fox was so impressed that Lucy has about 6 words in her vocabulary. He told me the average for a one year old is 1-2 and after I said she had 6 he said, "oh, so she's a little genius?!" Yeah, pretty much!
Lucy is doing the army/belly crawl and speeding around like crazy. It's like her little body can't quite keep up with her desire to chase the dogs, her toys or anything she shouldn't have. She is standing without our help but with the help of a table or ottoman so she can push her belly up against it. She's teasing us, making us laugh like crazy and wanting to taste every morsel of food we are eating. She finally got her two bottom toothens and they are as cute as I knew they would. Lucy is loving outside and likes to pick the grass and of course wants to eat it. Yesterday Blake took her to the park while I was at a baby shower and she swung in the swing and of course my wild child LOVED it! It's probably good I wasn't there for her first time. It was such a nice evening tonight we decided to take her back so she could show me her swinging skills. Of course Blake pushed her higher than I was comfortable with so I was panicky but they just laughed their heads off at me as always.

Lucy's been having some great play-dates lately. Thanks to the Jazz sticking in the playoffs we've been watching the games at my aunt Sandy and uncle Tracy's house. We pretty much waltz in, drop off the Bug with Sandy and one of the girls and then Blake and I plop downstairs eating their snacks while they babysit our Bug and bring us drinks! Like Blake said, "it's pretty much my dream come true". Sandy and the girls (Haylie, Aspen & Meg) are so cute with Lucy and I'm so happy we're all so close and can have so much fun together. Lucy knows she's center stage there and puts on a performance for the always captive audience.
Last week we went and saw Lucy's boy (who's a) friend Elliott. These two pretty much checked each other out for awhile and then Elliott delivered each of his toys one by one to Lucy and she played with them. My friend Annie is such a good mom and it made me tired watching her chase after Elliott who is such a little man and is walking all over the place. It was good for Lucy to check out Elliott's moves - I think she thought his walking was pretty cool - especially because he could get into everything!

Lucy and Elliott - and their binks

Lucy's other play-date friend is saying farewell yet again on Monday. My brother Coleman leaves for Alaska until the end of summer. When Lucy is at my mom's on Tuesdays and Thursdays and when we see them on the weekends Coleman and Lucy always have such a fun time. He's so gentle with her but also likes to help her in her crawling/standing training. Coleman is such a good uncle and Lucy loves him so much. We're sad he's leaving us again but we wish him a safe, fun adventure and maybe, just maybe after Alaska he can stick around home for a full year!

So that's Lucy in the past week. Have I mentioned I love this toad more than anything?! She is so funny and beautiful and smart and I know I'm being an obnoxious mom but I guess that's just who I am now.

Our new neighbors...

We never use our front door to enter our house; we always use the garage so I guess that's my excuse as to why I didn't notice the daily progress on our new neighbors' house built on top of our front porch light.

The other day I noticed a bird flying back and forth quite close to our window and it made me nervous that it would fly into the house. I walked onto the front porch and discovered this cute little house.
We're nervous that eggs are sitting in there or will be sitting in there so we're not turning on the porch light because we're afraid we'll cook something. We're both too short to see if anything actually is up there so for now we'll let them be and I might stick one of my feeders closer to the porch so they can have food nearby - kind of like giving them a casserole.